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That Val Episode 1


That Val Episode 1

 ®️El victor

I sat beside my window side and reminisced on the day that brought ruin to me, so much ruin that I regretted all what I did then. I exhaled softly patting my pen on the white sheet of paper that laid on my reading table. I decided to title my story 'That Val'.

It was on that val I lost my innocency.

It was on that val I faced the worse regret of my life.

It was on that val I felt rejected by the world.

It was on that Val I lost all the friends I came to know.

I had an admission into the prestigious federal university of my state as a virgin, I wasn't the kind of virgin that have not acknowledged the touch of the opposite s*x, far from it.

I had a boyfriend whose name is Samuel, we did a lot of stuffs like kissing and romance.
He had even gone as far as inserting  his middle finger inside my p*ssy.

We did all these to quench our youthful urge, we would have done more if my mother don't regularly check my hymen every Month end.
Samuel had tried as much as to persuade me to give in to love making for once that am big enough to decide whether to keep my virginity or not against my mother wishes, I was just in my SSS2.

We clung to ourselves, he kissed me from my lips down to my below, we reaped off each other clothes and remained on our undies.
We were at it kissing and pleasuring each other all of a sudden, Samuel brought out his massive d*ck and shifted my p*nt to insert it.

I crawled away from his body, my body was on fire dying to have his sweet cucumber inside me, but I was more scared of my mother reaction during her Monthly inspection.
Samuel tried as much as to convince me to allow him passage into the pot of pleasure between my legs but I resisted, he was so vexed.

"See Jenny, I am tired of this relationship. You can't even give me s*x, what am even gaining from you? You can't even dress properly am just managing you. It is over between us" he yelled at me that day, I begged Samuel for days to change his mind but he insisted on the condition. Even if his breakup words shattered my heart, I still dearly love Samuel.

After we broke up, I couldn't get myself another boyfriend 'cause of my dress code.
You could barely see my toes whenever am outside the house, I always wore clothes that are not of my size and I came to get use to them since my mother bought only such wears for me.

Boys were always disoriented from approaching me 'cause of my dressing, they all believed that am the serious type of girl with God and books, that am no fun.
My self-esteem was getting low as I embraced my fate, I got an admission into the university after my SS3.

my mother payed and booked hostel space for me conniving with the students affairs to make sure am allocated to hostels that are only just girls,
Few hostels in the campus are for male and female which my mother looked at them in disdain "christianize house of brothel" my mother spat one of those days she visited me on campus.
Someone parked inside the room I was allocated and everything changed, we were not allowed to squat 'cause the administrators were strictly against it.

I cry! That Val.


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