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That Val Episode 2


That Val Episode 2

 ®️El victor

I breathed softly as my memory ran riot with intense excruciating pains flashes, I braved up and picked up my pen then started writing.

We were just four in the room, as we were all novice to the nightlife in campus.
The school was just starting barely two weeks and we were told we will be four in the room, we anticipated for the owner of the remaining bulk to arrive as we formed three sisters.

Life in the campus was boring as you could barely see what is fun, the serene environment and captivating Campus community buildings were enchanting.
We had our first lecture and we were barely ten as I did the head counts, our course representative for all courses were elected.
I was always on phone with mom and dad as I sucked in boredom "hope you are taking your books and prayers seriously? Don't give the devil room" my mother's advised one of those days I called her.

Drunk with excitement and freedom as I went on sight-seeing, as weeks came crawling by I had knew places in the campus that any fresher will boast of knowing.
As the weeks crept pass students started appearing, the number of people in campus were surpassing a community.

Kiki one of my room mates showed off all her assets, it was barely four weeks when she had different boys coming to visit her.
She stayed out night long talking with each one of them as faces changes.
The other of my room mate Ella was simply fine, she is not as attractive like Kiki so she keep to herself.

I was thinking Kiki is something else when our new room mate showed on the fourth week, with make-up on her face that preached her model life.
I hate to admit she was naked, her mini-skirt was barely covering her laps and the singlet she wore showed off her shoulder and ample of her br*asts.
I thought I have seen it all until she started attending lectures without br*.

I was left alone as Ella got herself a boyfriend that she bragged about, he is cute and his name was John.
Ella didn't let us rest in the room 'cause of her boyfriend, it was always John did this and that.
"Jenny, which day you wan get your own boyfriend?" Cynthia the 300level student that is my room mate asked mockingly.

I was worried as I kept nursing my pains of not having a boyfriend as others in my room, the time they will be on call with their boyfriends I will be on call with my parents.
Not like what you think am extremely beautiful that is why I was nick named "fine face" in my department, I was not addressed by any other name except that.

I began to feel inferior with the kinds of clothes I wore around campus, girls were dressing to kill as you could make their pants outline and bra outline.
I pitied the hot-blooded male in the campus as they were tempted every now and then.

There was this night that I was deserted in my room as everyone of them went to their boyfriends house,  they called it sleep over according to them it was on Friday I supposed.
Cynthia was the first to arrive on Saturday looking infuriated she barely answered my greetings when she angrily reached for her towel and disappeared from the room to the restroom.

Her phone was ringing when she came back from the bathroom, she stood naked in the centre of the room and picked her ringing phone up from the bed, when she saw the caller ID she hissed and ended the call abruptly throwing her phone back on the bed.
The caller still called and this time she answered "see see, Jude. I will not visit you again, look at what you have in between your legs. See no call me again oh! Before thunder go strike you" Cynthia yelled angrily at the caller and ended the call.

The Month of January crept away and February surfaced slowly.

I cry, that val!


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