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Sandra's Heart Tale - Part Three


Sandra's Heart Tale - Part Three
(Base on true life story)

©Amah's Heart.

My Mom couldn't bear seeing me in tears she decided to talk to my sister instead.

When Lucia returned home from her first semester break, My mother confined in her and told her the truth about who my real father was. And also told her she doesn't know if Dad is aware because from his behavior he seems to know something. My mother said she will rather die in silence than to admit such to my dad.

Lucia was shock and pleaded with my mom to tell me. That is was only fair for me to know the truth than to be going through unknown trauma.

My kid sister was deeply hurt cause she had also spoken to our dad about me not going to school but was ignored as well.

Few days later after my mom spoke to her, Lucia decided that she will reveal the secret to me.

Since my Mom was afraid of opening up to me, my sister was determined to tell me everything that I needed to know.

Lucia came to me and began to explained everything that she was told. She even mentioned that probably my dad also knows everything that might be his reason for punishing me and making me to remain at home.
I was really devastated, it was just too much to take in.

I cried and couldn't control myself.

I had to leave home and stayed in church for some days. I Could not bear to look at my mother to the face. I was very angry with her for what she caused me and kept it away from me all this while.

My Mom called severally but I refused to take any of her calls nor reply her messages
Even Lucia was calling but I didn't answer it I only reply to her message and told her exactly where was.

I asked her not to bother coming to see me because I needed enough time to clear my head and they all decided to let me be.

My dad was not aware when all this was happening in the house. Perhaps they told him am spending some days in church and to him that was not really a problem since his love towards me was not genuine.

I guess my presence always irritate him. He probably saw me as a product of my mother infidelity.

After 3days of staying in church on the forth day I returned home.
My mom kept begging me to forgive her. It was hard for me but I had to, because she is my mother and will always be my mother and I love her for loving me.

It was really a very sad period for me.

I later told my mom that I will forgive her on the condition that she takes me to my real fatther and she accepted.

She started making arrangements. She summoned courage to contact Palo.

And they agreed on when to meet.
My step father was never aware of what was going on. We acted as if nothing happened and he was still in his silent way.

Finally the day came when I had to meet my real father. We made arrangements both my mum and i.

We traveled to the state where my real father was based since he was not in the same state with us.

My mum communicated with him and he sent an address where we will meet him.

Lucia was the only person who knew about our trip.

Though hurt but I was excited to meet my father.

When we got there, we didn't go to his house instead we meet at one restaurant. He was so excited to see me with tears in his eyes he hugged me so tight I could not hold myself but to cry.

And he could not get his hands off me but after sometime we were all seated. And he order for food and drink.

I saw how relieved my mum was as we sat round the table eating.

Meeting my father for the first time was like I knew him for years already cause I felt that special love and indeed we look almost alike just that his black in complexion while am fair like my mother.

Most people use to tell me I look like my mum but I saw my dad I realised I only have her colour but I look like my father.

After we were done eating, my father start by apologising for not been by me all this while and told me he had attempted many times to get in contact with me but my mum refused him from doing so.

my mum made us to know that she had no intention of doing so and made it clear that her only reason was that she never wanted to destroy his home and as well as hers but the way things were moving she could no longer keep it a secret from me cause I was asking alot of questions that needed an answer and also going through difficult times.

my father asked what I was doing at the moment according to him I must have been done with my university studies. But to his greatest surprise I wasn't. I have not even started yet.

I explained to him how I have been home all this while because my step father had no money for me to further my studies.

I never told him that my kid sister is in a higher institute studying business administration.

My father could not blame anyone but himself because I was indeed his responsibility and he failed in that aspect.

I also blame my mom for not telling him because his well to do, he work in a big company and also had lesser responsibility since him and his wife had no kid yet.

So he promised to resume his responsibility to me, And he said if I ever need anything I should not hesitate to tell him.

He later took my mum and I to the bus station and we took a bus back home.

Its was long journey so we arrived home late.

On arriving home, we met my step dad in the sitting room watching football, I greeted him before heading straight to our room and my mum did the same too.

After sometime my mum went and joined my step father in the sitting room thinking he will ask her where we were coming from
am sure she already have answer in her mind just Incase he ask her anything but my Dad didn't ask, he was busy with his football match so my mum left him and retire to our room.

Throughout the night I could not sleep, I was happy that finally I met my father. He assured me that I will be going to the university soon. I had a beautiful night after a long time of sleepless nights.

Lucia was also happy for me and kept it a secret from her father.

My real dad always called to check on me and send me money most often.

My step father was still not aware that my I was communicating with my father.

My kid sister's break ended and she went back to school.

I used some of the money my father usually send to me and registered for a computer class while waiting for a new academic year to begin.

I attended computer class for 3months.

Sometimes my father will drive down to my town and give me a call and I will joined him and spent few hours with him in a fast food or any hangout park before going home.

Finally I was done with my computer class and the time came for me to apply for university, I bought the form and did every necessary thing that was required.
its was like a dream come true when I got an admission to study my preferred course in the university.

I was so excited.I was so happy and my mother was happy for me too.

she told my step father that she can't allow me to stay home anymore that she is going to take care of my education all by herself.

That she intend opening a buisness that will help her do what she needed to do to be able to pay my fees.

We all kept the real fact away from my step dad.

My step father listened to every word she said but didn't reply.

Viva later asked my Mom how I managed to get into school and cleared all my fees.

My Mom told her everything, how Palo took the responsibility of taking care of me and my education.

My Mom asked her never to reveal it to anyone, especially my Dad and she promised my Mom that all her secrets are safe.
My step father's attitude started getting more worst. sometimes he will stay a week without coming home.

that did not trouble my mum any more, all her concerned was on her children.

She was happy that I was finally in school, Lucia too although she was far ahead of me and my two kid brothers who were still in secondary School.

My dad (Palo) gave me some money to look for a good hostel where I will live.

I left the house one early morning when my step father was off for work. Went in search for a good hostel where I will live. I did not succeed that day.

The next day I went and my kid sister came to join me, we saw a good place were I could stay. I pay for it and everything was put in place.

My father (Palo) bought everything I needed before I moved in.

My hostel wasn't far from the school, I had everything because Palo made sure of that.
I focused on my studies with a big smile on my face.

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