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Sandra's Heart Tale - Part Ten


Sandra's Heart Tale - Part Ten
(Base on true life story)

©Amah's Heart.

He started avoiding my calls, if he manages to answer the call he will speak for few minutes before saying he will call me back but will never do so.
I was not happy the way things were going, I was seriously disturbed with everything going on.
I asked him about what I heard if it was true or not but he told me he was busy and don't have my time that he will get back to me when he is free.
He said if he doesn't call back I should know that he was stressed and need to rest so I don't need to call him but he will get back to me whenever he can.
This was unlike Joba, telling me that he was stressed and I should not call.
He has never done that before.
I knew then that something was wrong. It means it was all true. Joba and his baby mama were living together.
I noticed he started calling during his break at work or whenever he was driving out alone. He will call and ask of his son and few other questions before going off.
He no longer call whenever he is home.
Joba was no more the same man I married, he was acting like a total stranger and treating me bad.
I decided not to complain or become a nagging wife.
I continued to be my usual self by caring and loving him despite all odds.
Sometimes I will call a whole day and he won't take any of my calls.
I will still send him a message and at the end of every message I'm sending to him I will add "I love you"
I will always let him know that I still love and care for him which I truly do.
He will read every message but won't reply back.
I send him message every morning when he doesn't answer my calls and also at night before I sleep.
Joba calls anytime he feels like calling. Sometimes he doesn't at all and I won't bother him on why he didn't, instead I will do the calling or still send him a loving message.
One day the embassy sent a message that his son should be taken for medical check-up because his Visa was almost ready.
I was surprised that he only filed for only his son.
He kept telling me in the past that he was trying get every necessary documents ready for us to join him.
He assured me then that our visas will soon be ready that I should be patient
But now only his son was asked to go for medicals. I wasn't even included.
I asked him about it, that I thought he filed at the same time for me and his boy how come the boy was called and I wasn't.
He told me that it happens sometimes. Even though is the same time he filed for our visas that the embassy may not call us to come at the same time
After the explanation, I believed him hoping that my turn to proceed will still come.
He asked one of his family members, his sister precisely to take his son for medical check-up just as the embassy instructed.
He did not involve me again. Anything he wants to do he will tell the sister instead of me.
So it was actually the sister that was in charge of everything concerning the boy.
I was shut off. So I decided not to force myself into the matter.
I just kept cool and was watching them in silent.
His son was given a Visa and his traveling documents were set.
I later asked him when the boy will be coming over to join him since he has been confirmed by the embassy.
Joba told me that within two months one of his cousin who is also based abroad will be bringing his son along.
Within the two months, Just like Joba said, his cousin traveled with the little boy and I was left all alone.
I was already used to the little boy and felt so lonely when he was gone to join his father and his biological mother abroad.
The house felt so empty and quiet. I decided to go to my mother in law's house to stay.
Joba's Mom was very nice and accomodating. She likes me right from time and doesn't hide it and I love her dearly too.
After spending almost two weeks, I returned back to my home and stayed.
I was thinking of what next to do now that I was alone. Joba's son has traveled and I don't have a child of my own to care for.
I thought of enrolling in the catering school but I really do not want to disobey my husband because he made it clear that I shouldn't do that.
Ever since he mentioned about me going to a nursing school he never did again.
I waited patiently for whatever he will approve of me doing for the main time before I will probably Join him abroad.
Joba did not give me any go ahead. He wanted me to stay at home so I obeyed.
My husband's birthday came, I made sure I was the first person to wish him a happy birthday.
I stayed awake most part of the night so that my timing will correspond with his 12am.
After sending the message, I stayed awake because it was already day at my side but still night at his. I waited till five hours because I know he will probably be asleep before I called him.
But my husband did not answer my calls, I waited extra two hours and kept trying to reach him but he refused to take my calls or even acknowledge the message all through the day.
That same evening, I later saw a birthday post that he was tagged in.
It was from his baby mama who made the loving birthday post and tagged him on Facebook. She also attached a recent picture of she and my husband loved up together. they were both putting on the same type of cloths, they made uniform for their selves. and were cuddled up in each other's arms.
One of his cousin also posted the same picture of my husband with his baby mama on her WhatsApp status. She attached Love emojis to the picture.
I was really heart broken and didn't want to believe what was staring right at my face.
It was shocking and unbelievable.
I screenshot his baby's Mama's Facebook post and forward it to him.
I asked him what was going on and what exactly was the meaning of everything that was happening including the Facebook post.
He read as usual but did not reply me. Instead he decided to block me.
I felt broken and couldn't take it anymore.
I have tried to endure and play the good wife but I just couldn't continue living like this anymore.
I cried until I couldn't cry again. This time I had to talk to my Mom.
Nobody knew what was going on before, his Mom, his family members and also mine doesn't know.
All this while I have tried to endure and keep the sadness away from everybody but i just couldn't take it anymore so I decided to talk to my Mom.
I also told his own Mother and his sister who was my friend.
His family were very angry with him.
His mother was really disappointed and she quickly called him while I was still there.
She called him expressing her disappointment, she shouted at him and while she was still talking Joba ended the call.
He hanged up the phone while his mom was still talking to him.
His sister sent him a message, condemning his ill behavior which was a big embarrassment.
None of his family approved of his bad attitude.
I was so devastated as I went back to my place the following day.
Joba stopped sending me upkeep money.
After I sent him the screenshot of him and his baby mama he quickly blocked me on Facebook, he blocked me on Whatsapp and also calls.
Every means I can reach him Joba blocked me off which was why I decided to run to his Mom and he still hang up on the mother while she was still talking.
I felt helpless as I returned and try to think of what to do.
My Mom said she was going to call him.
When she did with her phone, Joba picked and said he was busy at work but he will call my Mom back later.
I was hoping he will.
Joining him abroad was unrealistic, no hope in that area.
Doing nursing was just a scope, he didn't have plans for me to join him.
He has blocked me and has stopped sending me money for upkeep.
Basically, I'm back to loosing hope and trying to make sense of what exactly was going on.
No skill, no job or even a child to make me hopeful.
I was a loving and obedient wife but that didn't make any difference to him.
I should have rounded up with my catering school by now and even open a food vendor shop that will not only fetch me money but also keep me busy but obeying my husband's every order has caused me many things.
I still love my husband and really want things to work out soon but my marriage is almost hitting the rock and my only hope right now is God.
I know I will survive this and Joba will come to his senses, I'm not loosing hope yet.
And this isn't like my mother or anybody i maybe referenced to.
Their life race is totally different from mine and none of us on this side of the road planned for a failed marriage.
Like I said earlier, I'm still hopeful that all this situation will turn around for my good.

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