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Sandra's Heart Tale - Part Six


Sandra's Heart Tale - Part Six
(Base on true life story)

©Amah's Heart.

It later turned out that I had fever.
I try to concentrate on my studies and to remain focus. It was hard intially after I cut off every form of communication with my man.
My second semester exams was over and I went to my father's place to spend the holiday.

As usuall its was not a comfort zone for me, I do what am suppose to do and will always remain in my room because I had nothing to discuss with my step mother.

I always feel much better when my dad is around.

Am an adult so she could not make me do what I don't want to do.

I made sure i help with house chores. Tidy up things and put the house in order whenever I'm around.

After a month of staying there, I told my father that I want to visit my Mom and spend time with her.
I went over to my mom's place, she was happy to have me around.
I assisted her with her buisness and will always stay in her store to help out in attending to customers.

I forgot about my past relationship, and felt alive again while with Mom.

My Mom was still hoping that my step Dad will come around someday.

Even though my brothers said he still spend time outside the town but returns back within the week.
They said Viva even visited the house one day and was with my step dad all through the weekend before leaving.

My Mom did not think much about that, she trust Viva so much and knew that her dear friend can't disappoint her.

I was wondering why Viva will visit my step Dad but had never come to visit my Mom since my mother moved out of my dad's house.

I try not to put negative ideas on my mom's head because at the end Viva can never do wrong in her eyes.

She still believe that her whole secrets was revealed to my step Dad through someone else but never from Viva.

Viva will always find means to convince my mom that she was trust worthy but deep down I know she wasn't what she seem to be.

My brothers comes around and we will all have a great moment before they leave.

One day, my brothers visited my Mom.

They came with a disturbing news that my Mom found unbelievable.

My brothers said my step Dad finally brought in another woman to the house who moved in with her luggages.

"Who is the woman? did she knows that Dad is still married to Mom? Why did she move in with her things. Is she young or elderly???

I have many questions running through my head and I kept asking my brothers without even waiting for an answer.

My brothers shocked us futher by saying.

"Is Aunty Viva. Yes... the woman that moved into the house is Aunty Viva and she shares the same bedroom with Dad. They act like they are already married.

I couldn't control my anger on hearing that. I was boiling inside.

Viva did not only destroy my mom's life by betraying her to my Dad she had the gut to start having an affair with her best friend's husband.

What a world, at least this will open my mom's eyes to the kind of friend Viva was.

I just couldn't keep calm.
I got dressed and wanted to go over to my step dad's house to give Viva a piece of my mind.

She is a snake in a green grass. She was the cause of all our predicament but kept acting nice all this years.

As I try to go my Mom stopped me from going.

She asked me to calm down and not get involve until she confirmed from Viva first if she is capable of doing such.

She wanted to call Viva first to know if the news was true because it sounds unbelievable to her ears.

She said maybe my brother was mistaking my dad's new woman for Viva.

Viva has been her friend for years, she can not do such a thing.

My brothers were very sure of what they were saying but my Mom decided to confirm from her dear best friend first before she could believe.

She picked up her phone and started calling Viva.

She called severally but Viva refused to answer.

She waited till evening and began calling her again but still Viva did not answer my mom's call.

My Mom patiently waited till the following day and decided to go over to the house so that she can be sure.

Since Viva refused to pick my mom's calls, the only option was for my Mom to go to the house and see things for herself.

She asked me to stay back and watch her store that she needs to handle things all by herself. she was sure the woman in the house is not Viva.

I stayed back while my Mom went there.

When she got to the house, she was shock to see that my brothers were right.

Viva was actually the new madam of the house.

My Mom quickly confronted her and Viva started calling my Mom names.

Viva called Mom a naive, stupid prostitute. She called my Mom different names and told my Mom she was the new madam of the house and nothing will change that.

My Mom angrily slapped her across the face and Viva slapped my Mom right back and a heavy fight broke out between the supposed best friends.

My brothers rushed to them and began to seperate the fight.

My step dad came in and started pushing my Mom out of the house.

While Viva was jubilating and laughing sarcastically while my step Dad maltreat my Mom.

My step dad threaten to get my Mom arrested if she ever step her foot into the house again.

He warned her never to come close to the house that as she can see he has moved on and forgotten everything about her.

He moved on long time ago, years back and Viva has been his eyes and ears given him enough reason to hate her.

Viva was in his life and there is nothing my Mom or anyone can do about it.

Viva kept laughing at my Mom as my step Dad pushed her out of the gate.

My Mom returned home and kept crying.

She could not stop crying.

I try to console her, she was going through a serious emotional pain.
She said all this years she has been suffering in her marriage and never knew that her best friend was the architect of it all.

She didn't know Viva was behind all her misfortune and sadness and yet she was pretending to care about her and kept assuring her that all her secrets were safe.
I was boiling angrily after hearing how my Mom was maltreated. I really wanted to go over there and deal with Viva by myself but my Mom asked me not to go.

I obeyed but my hope was that I will meet Viva on the road one day and give her the insult of her Life for all the trouble and pain she made my Mom go through.

My Mom trained us all well, she was a good woman and has a soft heart.

Her only mistake was in the beginning when she met with Palo and I was conceived but after then my Mom remained faithful and loved my step Dad with everything in her.

Viva was always asking and wanting to know everything happening in my mom's Life.

Since my Mom doesn't keep numerous friend, she trusted Viva and will always pour out her heart to her.

She will always update Viva on every new development.
She trusted Viva so much and never thought Viva only wanted her downfall.

As I watch my Mom weep bitterly for days, my heart was shattered. I wish she didn't trust Viva the way she did or take her as a best friend.

It hurts so badly but I'm glad that my Mom has confirmed the truth.
Seeing is believing and she has seen and believed The sad truth.
Lucia returned from school and saw Viva in the house as the new madam.

She was already told about what was going on and did not take it lightly.

Lucia insulted Viva. when my step dad came back from work, Viva told him that Lucia insulted her.

My sister was very angry as she continued talking back at Viva. My step dad slapped Lucia twice across the face.

After slapping her he warned her that next time she insult his new wife he will throw her out of the house.

Viva was smiling as my Dad threatens to throw Lucia out if she ever say or do anything bad to her.

It was sad moment for my Mom who was really heart broken and for us because my mother has a good heart and trust too much.

While she was trying to recover from the whole shock and trauma that Viva caused, I was helping out in her store while waiting till when a new semester will start and also trying to get used to the fact that my step dad's new wife is my Mom best friend.

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