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Sandra's Heart Tale - Part One


Sandra's Heart Tale - Part One
(Base on true life story)

©Amah's Heart.

Alot of people have different life tale, I have read many and never thought I will one day tell mine here for others to read.

I have held back for so long and Just felt is time to let my pain out.
I will start right from when it all began.

I came from a loving home, my parents were awesome when it comes to caring for us.

I'm the first child and have younger siblings. A sister Lucia and two brothers.

My parents were young and love each other before getting married.
After two years of getting married they had me.

Initially, my mother was also in another relationship before meeting my Dad.

She had a very close friend whom she tells every secret about herself.

My mother values her friendship with Viva as she is fondly called.
She tells her everything, her pain and when she is happy.

Viva knows my Mom's ex boyfriend Palo and also knows my Dad.

After my Mom met my Dad and they later got married, she did not quit her previous relationship with Palo.

She continued seeing the other man secretly without my Dad knowing.

The only person that knows every of my mom's movement was Viva....her best friend.

My mom trusted her with her soul and can swear with everything in her that Viva was on her side and can never leak her secret.

Viva assured my Mom continuesly that all her secrets was very safe with her.

My mom believed her wholeheartedly.

Viva has never disappointed her before, so there was no reason to have doubt.

We had a happy home, Dad was very caring and mom later stopped her etxra marital affair.

She warned the other man off, and told him that she was a married woman and needs to focus on her new family.

She ended the relationship with Palo after she became pregnant of me.

she knew it was time to call it quit.
Despite the other man persisted and still wanted my Mom but she was determined.

She ended the relationship and focused only on my Dad.

She later had me, after sometime she also had my three other siblings. Lucia my sister and my two little brothers which made us two girls and two boys.

It was a blessed family and my parents were happy.

Viva usually visit to spend time us.

She will ask my Mom whenever my Dad is away "why she quit her relationship with Palo who was doing far better than my Dad?
Viva said it would have been better if she ended up with Palo than with my Dad.

Although my Dad was doing well and makes sure we don't lack anything but he wasn't like Palo who was far richer.

Viva gave different reasons why my mom shouldn't have called it quit with Palo but my mom told her that she made a mistake to even continue seeing Palo after she got married and also cheating on my Dad.

That immediately she found out she was pregnant for my Dad, she have to end things with Palo and focus.

She told Viva that my Dad is a good man and doesn't deserve such.

She felt guilty with what she did but will never be with any other man except my Dad.

Viva teased my Mom that if she doesn't want Palo then she will go and take over.

My mom asked her to do whatever she wants but count her out.
Viva saw that she couldn't convince my Mom and finally let her be.

My Dad cared for us as a father will do.

We kept growing as one family and there was peace and unity.
But suddenly and gradually my Dad changed.

He changed towards my Mom which was unlike him.

He no longer sleep on the same bed with my Mom or even eat the food she prepares.

If my Mom sleeps in their room my Dad will rather go to the sitting room and sleep.

If my Mom cooks he won't taste the food. He makes sure he provides everything in the house and gives my mom money for food but he stopped eating anything she makes.

He will rather ask me or Lucia to make something for him to eat and whenever I or my sister cook he will eat but won't touch my mom's food.

It was shocking for my Mom because she couldn't figure out what she did wrong to warrant such ill treatment from my Dad.

My mother kept wondering what could be the problem, what made my Dad to suddenly change towards her.

she could not lay hands of what was happening. She tried to talk to my father to know where she went wrong but my father said all was well that he has no issue with her.

My mother kept asking him what she might have done wrong but my Dad will say he was fine and there was no problem.

Obviously there was a problem but my Dad refused to tell my Mom or even admit it.

He got worse as the day goes, he started going out and won't return back on time. Sometime he will come back the following day.

My Mom also confides in her best friend, Viva who suggested my Mom leaves my Dad alone for sometime, probably he will come around when he is ready.

Finally my mom left the bed room for him because each time she sleeps in the room my father won't sleep there.

So she started sharing room with I and my sister while the boys had their own room.

Our once loving family was gradually dividing and yet none of us knows exactly what was the main problem or the reason my Dad was misbehaving all of a sudden.

©Amah's Heart.  Author of TOPE'S HEART TALE

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