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Sandra's Heart Tale - Part Four


Sandra's Heart Tale - Part Four
(Base on true life story)

©Amah's Heart.

While in school, my daddy came to take me home for weekend. When I got to his house I greeted my step mother she didn't respond.

My dad took me to my room, I wasn't comfortable at all because of my dad's wife.

I don't want to cause misunderstanding between them or make them to start exchanging words.

My dad came to my room and saw how uncomfortable I look, he asked me to feel at home.That I should relax my mind.

he went to the kitchen to get me something to eat, I ate and remained in my room. I don't want to come out and my dad's wife will see me and start feeling bad.

The next day which was Saturday I got up early in the morning and start by cleaning the whole house.

I did what I was suppose to do even before she came out of their room.

I went to the kitchen too and clean everywhere after washing the dirty plates that we used the previous day.

My step Mom came to the kitchen that morning and met me cleaning the whole place.

I greeted her cheerfully but she did not respond again for the second time.

I felt bad with her cold attitude towards me. I wish she can be a little friendly, I wish she can respond to my greetings or even be a little nice.

But she wasn't, and did not hide her coldness toward me.

I try to please her during the day but she doesn't look pleased.

She was just quiet all through. I over heard her and my daddy exchanging word in their room. I could not hear what exactly they were saying but I guess its was about me.

It makes me more uncomfortable, it was obvious that I wasn't welcomed in their home.
I could not wait for Sunday to come for me to leave.

I didn't really know what I could do in order to get along with my father's wife.

I understand it may all be because she doesn't have a child and don't feel pleased that my Dad had me in the past and decided to bring me home.

My presence probably reminded her a whole lots of things or make her feel like it was her fault that she has not been able to conceive.
None of this was my intention, I really wish she can see that I only meant well and nothing more.

Since I can't force her to like me I decided to wait patiently for the next day which was Sunday to arrive so that I will be out of the house and back to school.

Finally sunday came, my Dad dropped me at the park and I travel back to my base.

I Continue attending my classes until another semester break came.

Lucia and I traveled back home for the holiday.

We had good time at home with mum and my kid brothers.

Viva was no longer coming to the house like before, she relocated to another town but she usually calls my Mom on phone to know what is happening around her and my Mom will quickly update her on everything going on.

As the festive holiday was ongoing, my step Dad decided to travel out to another town but he didn't inform us where exactly he was going to spend the Christmas
We had a great festive period that Christmas. My step dad wasn't part because he hardly stay home.

Things keep getting worst with him and my Mom.

After the festive period was over, my step dad was back to staying home and keeping to himself as usual.

One day, my step dad called my mum one evening that he wanted to talk.

He said he wanted to talk to my Mom and I and he also asked Lucia to join us.

My mum knew he was up to something, is been over several years of living like strangers in the same house and then suddenly my step Dad wants to talk.

We were seated in the living room, my mum, my step father, Lucia and I. While the boys were sleeping already in their rooms.
So when we were all seated quietly waiting for whatever he was about to say.

my step father looked at my mum and asked her all of a sudden.
"Tell me, who is the father of this girl?

He asked my Mom while pointing at me.

My Mom looked at me but didn't say anything. She remained mute without answering the question.
Since my Mom didn't reply him, my step Dad turned to me and asked.

"Who is your father??

I was speechless too and did not respond to his question.

He smiled sarcastically and said.
"Okay....since none of you want to answer my question...I will help two of you out.

He looked at my Mom with fire in his eyes and then back to me before saying.

'' two of you take me for a fool, you thought I don't know what has been going on. Before you take a step I'm already ahead. Whatever you do in secret will still be revealed to me. I have my ears everywhere around you...

He looked at me and started pointing a finger straight at me while he continued to talk.

",I know you have been communicating with your real father, whose name is Palo... your mother's side cock. Yes...are you surprised? I know everything that you thought you can hide away from me. Your mother lied to me that she is the one sending you to school and paying your expensive fees, I laughed within me because she actually took me for a fool and thought I believed her. I did my findings like I have always done and it came to my notice that is actually your father that is taking responsibility of your school. Yes... don't be shock because I'm not done yet. You even visited him from school and he also pays your accomodation fee in school aside your school dues. My point is simple and clear, since you finally met your father and he is taking care of you there is no needs of living under same roof with me. Go and continue to live with your father, you no longer belong here. Pack your things and live my house, I don't want to house another man's child under my roof. As for your mother... whatever she wants to do with her life is all her business. I'm not responsible for her upkeep or wellbeing anymore. I have already washed my hands off her long time ago. If she decides to stay here then is her business and if she decides to leave is best choice for her because I will never be responsible for her wellbeing. Infact is better I don't see her at all because her presence means nothing to me. You people thought you can keep doing hide and seek for me. I have my eyes and ears around you and whatever you do will be revealed to me...

After the whole talk, we quietly walked out of his sight without having anything further to say.
My Mom was surprised that my Dad knew all her secrets.

She began to wonder how he got to know so much.

It occurs to her immediately that it was only Viva, her best friend that she told all her secrets and Viva has always assured and swear to keep all safe.

My mother have always updated Viva about everything because she trust her dear best friend so much.
But now, she wasn't sure anymore. She was deeply worried on how all the old and latest information got to my Dad.

Everything she shared with Viva that was meant to be kept as secret was right in front of my step dad.

My Mom had her doubt that Viva is not capable of betraying her.

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So she decided to pressure Lucia if she updated my dad by chance or whatever means.

Lucia said she can never do such, she was not the one.

I know Lucia was telling the truth, she is definitely not the one that leaked what supposed to be a secret to my dad.

My Mom after asking Lucia, decided to call Viva just to confirm.

She put it on speaker and began to speak to her.

After asking her, Viva screamed in shock.

"How is that even possible?? Who could have done such? You trust me with so much. How can you even think I will go behind your back to tell your husband all your secrets? I have never failed you all this years and will never start now. I'm feeling disappointed that you of all people will think I will betray your trust. You are my best friend and we are not just starting today... we have been friends for many years. I value our friendship and your secrets remain safe with me. I can never ever do such. He probably heard it from somewhere but not from me. I don't speak to your husband, we have nothing to talk about. I was only close to him back then because I was trying to help you mend your home. But ever since I relocated to another town, distance has become a barrier. My two kids are grown so I'm focusing on my own happiness and that is all that matters at this moment. I didn't do such and will never reveal your secrets to anyone. Trust me...

Viva kept talking, denying ever doing such. she told my Mom that the world is too small, perhaps Palo discussed with someone who knows my step father and it gets to his ears.

that she could not do such a thing.
My mother believed her, she felt convinced that Viva was actually saying the truth

Within me I was not convince. I had my doubts on Viva.

My mother never told anyone of her secrets except Viva, she has no other friend that she trust so much like Viva.

Aside me and Lucia who knew about the ongoing thing about my real Dad, Viva was the first to know even before us.

Palo (my Dad) can't stoop low and start involving in petty gossips when all he has wanted to do was to protect me by all means.

Viva was my only target in mind but because my mother believed her every word I try not to push.
Since my step dad wanted me out of the house, one of the options was to travel down to my dad's town and move in.

My Dad will be happy to have me but what of his wife?

I spent only one weekend there and she made it unbearable for me.

As I began to pack my bags, I have so many thoughts running through my mind.

I wasn't too worried at same time I was because a man I once took as my father just kicked me out of the only home that I have come to know.

As I looked over at my Mom, she was still wondering how my Dad got all her secrets right in his palm.

She has refused to believe that Viva will ever do such.

Within my mind, even as i pack my bags I knew Viva maybe the betrayal despite she sounds convincing over the phone.

Well, the secret is out already, how it got out nobody is sure.

now, the question remains "where do I go from here?

There's only one place on my mind and is definitely not my hostel.

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