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Sandra's Heart Tale - Part Five


Sandra's Heart Tale - Part Five
(Base on true life story)

©Amah's Heart.

The holiday break was almost coming to an end when I packed my belongings to my father's house.

It was not a problem, my father was happy to receive me and helped me unpack my things.

His wife was still her usual self but I did not intend to stay this time.

His place was the only option I had at that moment.

After packing in my belongings that day, the following day I picked few of my things and went back to my hostel.

I stayed in my hostel until the full resumption of school.

My mother was going through a lot of stress and trauma.

She lives in the house like a stranger not as husband and wife.
My step dad will sometimes travel out of town and stay upto a month. He only come home weekend to see his two boys since I was out of the house and Lucia was in school.

My brothers also noticed my step dad's behavior and how he was treating my Mom.

They saw that my Mom wasn't happy, she was always looking worried and sad.

Even when she was sick and got admitted in the hospital, my step dad did not care if she exist or not.
There was a time my Mom became so sick, the sickness lasted for some time. She was mostly in the hospital getting treatment.

My step Dad never cares which was well expected. He leaves the house and stay out for weeks before coming back.

After my mother recovered from the illness, she don't need to be told again that it was time to move on.

She knew is high time she pack out of the house. She has suffered for years for the sin of her past. She has endured and kept hoping that my Dad will forgive and come back to his normal self but my step dad gets worst with each passing day.

His words were harsh and cut deeper like fresh wound. His silent was another battle that my Mom try to live with.

After my step father revealed all my Mom secrets, she tried to apologies, to speak to him, to explain herself, to ask for his forgivenes but my step father did not give her that chance. He did not allowed her to even sit close to him or hear what she has to say.

She was done with the torture and decided to move out for sometime, maybe my step Dad will come to reasoning and maybe wants her back.

My mother rented a place of her own within the town and moved in.

She Left my two brothers who were still in secondary school and can take care of themselves.

She Left them in the Care of my step Dad because they were old enough to decide for themselves. And they can always visit her and she can also visit them.

Lucia also was informed about my Mom moving out. She wasn't happy with the news but she understands that my Mom has suffered for years, she was suffering in silent and smiling in public because my step dad made living a hell for her.

We accepted the change as it came and was ready to live with it.

I gathered up my savings and gave my Mom and she add it with her own personal money and opened a provision store.

Her provision store which consists of different types of beverages was not far from her rented apartment.

My kid brothers do visit her, mostly during weekends.

My mother had peace of mind for the first time in many years.

She continued managing with her small business which kept her going and occupied her mind from thinking too much.

Over at my side, school was ongoing and everything was moving on fine.

I later went into a relationship, my boyfriend has been asking me out for sometimes and was persistent.

I decided to give him a chance, it will be my first relationship and I was positive that it will turn out great.

He was very loving and was a biochemist which was also what he read in school before graduating.

He showered me with so much love and gradually I fell in love with him too.

I became madly in love with him and will sometimes visit him in his apartment.

He was nice, jovial and handsome.
During my birthday, he bought gifts for me and took me and my sister Lucia out to have some fun.
My Dad also called and brought gifts for me
It was a great moment that I wish it will not end.

I always call my Mom to check up on her and she will assure me that she was doing great.

My boyfriend was everything I needed in a man, maybe because I loved him and did not see any other fault in him.

He was the very first man in my life. I have not been in a relationship before and experiencing a love life with him makes me happy. He was smart, brilliant, caring and good looking too.

As the relationship advanced, I began to notice something about my man. He loves women and easily get carried away with anything in skirt.

I began to also notice that while I'm away in school, girls comes to spend weekends with him in his apartment. Different girls usually visit him while I'm away.

Whenever I'm with my boyfriend, his phone will be ringing constantly, he started putting his phone on a silent mode just so it won't ring out.

Everything about him became suspecious and I began to feel uncomfortable in the relationship.

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One day while I was in his apartment, my boyfriend had a visitor. His male friend came around. Later when the guy that visited was about to leave, my boyfriend decided to see him off.

He left his phone in the house where it was charging to see his friend off.

It was unlike him to leave his phone behind. He usually go everywhere with his phone and if he happens to leave it for some minutes it will be on password.

He probably felt confidence in leaving the phone because it has password and I don't know what it was.

Immediately they stepped out, I went to where the phone was plugged and try to unlock it but none of the password I used opened the phone.

His date of birth came to my mind and immediately i tried it the phone unlocked.

I was even surprised that it worked. I began to go through his pictures and messages.

I saw different love messages and chats from numerous girls.

The painful one was his chat with his supposed baby mama.
I never knew he had a child. Despite how long we have stayed, he has never mentioned to me that he has a child.

He hide everything from me and assured me that i was the only one in his life and he has no business with other women. He told me before that he was open like the palm of his hand and will never hold any secret from me.

I believe whatever he says because I was deeply in love with him.

But everything changed in that seconds as I went through his phone and began to discover other relationship he was having with other girls.

None of that was as painful as the fact that he has a baby mama and was still very much in touch with her.

I quickly copied some of those messages and forward to my phone.

I felt so bitter and stupid to have given all of myself to him. I thought he deserved it all, I never knew that he doesn't worth it.
I was deeply hurt and felt so broken.

When I noticed him coming, I quickly plugged back his phone and pretend as if nothing happened.

He came in and try to touch me but I carefully cautioned him.
He was surprised that I was acting all cold all of a sudden.

He asked me what was wrong. I told him that I wasn't feeling too well. I think I was having little fever.

All I wanted to do was to just leave the house and faraway from him.
He said he will get me drugs and I will feel alright but I told him I wanted to leave.

I can't stay, I need to return back to my hostel and take enough rest before any drugs.

He try to convince me to stay but I was already at the door. He couldn't talk me out of leaving.

When I returned home, I couldn't sleep nor eat anything.

I kept thinking of the whole thing.
I was still shock at what I discovered about my boyfriend.

For days, going to weeks I was not myself.

I made a decision to end the relationship. It was a tough decision and was very difficult for me but I had to.

He came pleading and kept asking what he did or what exactly was his offence.

I decided to tell him everything I discovered and asked him why he will keep such a sensitive thing concerning his baby mama and his child away from me.

I was open to him, he was my first man. I gave him myself because of the kind of love I have for him.
What else was he looking for in other girls. I knew he has being cheating on me for sometime which I try to overlook for the sake of love but what I can't over look is the lies. If he had mentioned about having a child in the begining of our relationship I wouldn't have mind but for me to discover that he has a deep secret which he was hiding all this while makes me doubt everything he has ever said and I can't be in a relationship with a man who likes everything in skirt and keep secrets from the one he claims to love.

He tried to lie again, pretending as if doesn't understand what i was talking about.

I brought out my phone and showed him the messages that I copied from his phone to mine.
He was speechless and began to apologies.

He said he was sorry but I was done with him for good.

He tried to get me back through different means but my heart and mind was out of the relationship
He called Lucia, my sister to plead on his behalf but after i told Lucia what he did and why I will not change my mind Lucia agreed with me.

It was a very sad moment which almost affected my studies because I couldn't concentrate anymore.

I wasn't taking his calls, but one day while I was in my room thinking to myself and wishing for many old days that I shared with him. As I was there, he called again.

I suddenly felt nauseated, I felt like throwing up.

I wasn't feeling so strong. I knew something was not right.

His call came in again.

I stare at my phone as it kept ringing, it was hard getting over him.

Is it because he was the first man in my life or because I gave him all of my heart?

I really don't know but I have to decide if i really want to move on or take his call, forgive him and live with whatever I see which includes his baby mama and his womanising nature.

It was my decision to make and I have to make it quick before I will break down completely.

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