Made To Love-Prologue


Made To Love-Prologue

A typical Nigerian setting
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©Authoress Isabel

"Dad's leaving"

She said as I grabbed her right arm

"But why?I love daddy"

She raised my chin up to meet her gaze

"Daddy loves you too but he just have to leave"

I held her arms altogether in silence

"Can't we all just live together? Families are meant to stay together, isn't it?"

I moved away from her
"Yes dear but our family isn't just working that way "

She tried moving closer
"I don't want that!! I want my dad!!!"

I hurried away but she dragged me back

"If things work out, then your dad will come back"

She walked away from my front leaving me in utmost sadness
I don't think things worked out well because Dad never came back. He left us but I still love him.
Life was never easy for us. Things were hard and difficult with us growing up altogether.

My life now is just in a mess! Going to work daily never for once made me happy. Working with my boss that seemed very strict.

Working as a secretary for a boss who considers my life FADED!! A boss who frustrated my life with all he had and once wanted me to attempt suicide.

Staying home never interested me. Staying with a mum that was troublesome though I love her. Staying with a sister that never for once loved me.

Life seemed to be hell!! The only thing that kept me was the sake of my friend. My best friend!
I wasn't interested in anything. Nothing suited me but I kept living my life for others.

Living for my mom who loves me,living for my sister who kinda hates me and my boss who I think wants me dead.

Life wanted to start glowing anticlockwise until something happened!

I fell in love with the most unexpected person, at the wrong time and in the wrong place!!
My name is Annamah and this is my Story ...

©Authoress Isabel author of BRIDE TO HEIR

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