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Made To Love-Chapter Two


Made To Love-Chapter Two

A typical Nigerian setting
All rights reserved


©Authoress Isabel

What have I done wrong this morning like this.

I don't just understand this bastard
"You came late today"

He finally raised his head up

I exclaimed in total anger
"Check your time before you start blubbering"

I raised my wrist up as I checked the watch
I wasn't late...

"The time is 7:35 precisely here but I probably came by 7:25"
I adjusted my dress eying him secretly

"Oh! What time were you suppose to resume?"

What is he trying to drive at this morning

"I'm supposed to resume by 8:00"
I boldly said

"Were you deaf when I asked you to come earlier yesterday?"

I stared at him in shock


I looked surprisingly

"Probably you didn't have a last memory"

I couldn't tolerate his replies any longer

"Mr Davis!!!"

I screamed out

He looked up in surprise and probably shock..

He stood up immediately
Oh Lord!

I'm in for this today again
He walked towards me picking up those files

My heart beat raced

One could probably hear the sound beating vastly
"Call that name again"

He stood in front of me
"M..Mr Da..da..."

I stammered

"No.. Don't stammer. Call it with boldness"

He cut me off

"Mr Davis"

I said with a bedroom voice
I was kinda scared of this man
He could slap me without giving it a second thought
"No. not romantically"

He shake his head


He shouted as I shrieked in fear
I tried moving backward as he held me

"I'm sorry Sir"

I said almost tearing up
He held my arms with his two hands as he brought his face closer to mine
My heartbeat raced...

He hasn't done this quite in a while so?

He used his nose to smell the fragrance of my body while I closed my eyes

"Try to pick the type of words you use because you can't escape the gravity of what you've just said"

He said in a husky voice
He used his fingers to loosen the bow at the back of my dress.

He did that while his other hand worked on my face
"I'm sorry Mr Davis"

I said in a voice I couldn't recognise maybe it was mine
He dipped his right hand into my dress at the back as it reached the hook of my bra
"Oh Lord!"

I moaned silently

"Don't ever shout at me"

He brought his lips closer to mine as I shifted

He dragged my chin to face him as I opened my eyes
"You scared?"

He removed his hands from my dress as he dropped it below
He touched the hem of my dress as he played with my thighs.
He held my waist as my boobs rested on his chest

He was about bringing his lips forward when the door opened suddenly

We disengaged as he laughed
His close friend, Anthony entered as he stated at us

I quickly adjusted myself
"Did I stop something?"

Anthony asked smiling
"I'll take my leave now"

I turned as Mr Davis stopped me
He came closer as he whispered into my ears

"We'll continue with your judgement later"

He smiled as I immediately walked out of his office
I closed the door gently as Rose rushed at me
"What took you so long?"

She asked immediately I entered
"I... Nothing"

I never wanted her to know my mind

This wasn't the first time he did something like this

Romancing me in his office and pretending to reprimand me
But probably this is the first time I'm feeling butterflies run in my stomach

He cares for other ladies out and even in the company
But for me...

It's a zero tolerance!
He hates me with passion
I just don't understand!

I sat down on my seat as I looked at Anthony
"Stop looking at me like that"

I said to him as I hissed
"C'mon Davis, I don't understand you"

Anthony smiled
"I don't get"

I raised my hands up
"I've always knew you hated Anna, so?"

I looked at him

I asked returning the question back
"Never mind!"

He looked away from me as I smiled
"I've always hated her and I'll continue to do so. If it was because of the position you met us, I'm just having fun"

I explained as I pulled my suit up
"Fun? With your secretary?"

He surprisingly asked
"Yeah. See let's go and eat please"
I stood up immediately
"Wow.. Davison"

He called my name mischievously
We walked out together as I saw Anna working
She raised her head up
"Are you going out sir?"

She asked immediately
"Should I stay for us to continue?"
I asked sarcastically as she looked down
I smiled as I grinned widely
I walked out together with Anthony
Annamah Vaniton...

She's my secretary and has been working for me for over 4 years
She's beautiful, intelligent, smart and has sharp brains
She has this feminine shape that probably makes men run for her
She's beautifully endowed
But I just try as much as possible to frustrate her innocent life

I'm having fun..

Because I'm Davison Ethan.
I'm the man that every lady craves for.

I'm rich and handsome.

Very handsome!

But everything that partakes to love... Jeez!

Hell no

I derive pleasure in hurting Anna..
No one can stop me not even Anna herself...

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