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Made To Love-Chapter Six


Made To Love-Chapter Six

A typical Nigerian setting
All rights reserved

Theme: A_DATE 

©Authoress Isabel

"Hey Anna"
Mum said standing up immediately..
She walked over to the inner part of the house where I would not be able to hear her conversation with Anna
I stared at my sister as she laughed so hard.
She asked still smiling
"Like hell!"
I tried raising my head to catch a glimpse of her but shit!
"What does she wanna say to Anna?"
May asked curiously
"Do I know?"
I screamed at her
"Hey! Don't shout at me, I wasn't the one who said you shouldn't have gotten married at age 26. Shits?!"
May blabbered but certainly I wasn't ready for her.
Mum finally came out after about twenty five minutes...
Oh good Lord!
"You can have your phone"
She stretched her hand towards me with my phone
"Mum what did you tell her? What did you guys talk about?"
I asked in anxiety
"I know of how you do maltreat her at the company, but let it stop!"
She picked up her phone
"I.. I..."
"I won't hesitate to get a lawyer and tell her to sue you to court for that"
I stared at her in disbelief
"Are you trying to pick Anna over Davis?"
May asked probably in support with me
"Maybe, maybe not"
She smiled as May kept laughing..
Betraying her brother for another person
I tried talking but she cut me off
"Make sure May eats dinner before going to bed, good night"
She picked her bag as she walked out of my house
May stood up and went straight into her room..
"Beewatt! You heard when she said you must eat before going to bed!!"
I screamed after May...

I stared at the phone in surprise
"What did he say?"
Kate asked sitting on the bed
"Not he!"
I said smiling
"Who? She?"
"Yes, his mum"
I smiled uncontrollably
"And why are you smiling?"
Kate asked standing up to the dressing table
"She apologize for his bad behaviors towards me"
I dropped my phone
"Really? Is she that nice?"
Kate confirmed from me
"Sure, I've met her once before"
Kate Sat on the chair putting on a facial cream
"She asked me to sue him if he continues to maltreat me"
I screamed out
"That's a lie"
Kate asked facing me and dropping the cream making it pour all over the tiles
I stared at her in disbelief
"Is that why you just spilled my cream all over?"
I stood up
"I'm sorry, I was surprised!"
She picked the mopping stick from the bathroom
"Yeah, same here"
I went back to the bed as she cleaned the floor
"But... Why's she doing that? Does she has an inner motive?"
She entered into the bathroom as I thought about what she said
Inner motive?
What inner motive?
That was what I thought about before finally sleeping off...

I walked into the office bringing in the files and dropping them on my table
Rose stood up and picked the ones she'll work on and the went to sit down back
"Isn't he late today?"
Rose asked as she looked away from the computer system
I sat down as I drank from the coffee on my table
Rose was about to say something else when the door opened
Mr Davis walked in as we both stood up to welcome him
"Good morning Sir"
"Good morning Mr Davis"
We both chorused together
"Morning, see me in my office now Anna"
He walked into his office...
"What wrong did you do this time around?"
Rose asked in worry
"I'll be fine, I'm used to it"
I straightened my dress properly as I knocked on his door
"Come in"
I walked in as he stood up
He walked towards me as he sat on the table in front of me
Any single mistake and I'm suing you...
The thought of an inner motive came running as I swiped it off...
"I'm here Mr Davis"
I said as he eyed my dress...
"Why were you calling last night?"
He pulled me close to him
"I wanted to inform you about the contract we'll be having today"
I said as his nose nibbled on my ears
"Must you call? What did my mum talk to you about?"
He asked as used his hands to unzip my dress..
"She talked about something!"
I said in a voice I could not recognize it was mine
He held my cheeks as he placed his lips on mine
He held my waist as he tongued his my mouth in a passionate kiss
He pulled out before talking
"And what was that something?"
He kissed my ears constantly
"Something you shouldn't know of"
I took the move again as intentionally kissed him back..
He held my waist as I moved in between his torso
My boobs rested on his chest as he could feel it...
I placed his hands on my back as he zipped up my dress
"An office..."
I shifted back as he pulled me close again
"My office.."
He caressed my cheeks as he was about to lock my lips in a kiss when my phone rang up
I look at the caller ID just to find a strange number
I picked up the call
"Hello please"
I Said as a familiar voice replied me
"Oh! Mr Stephen"
I said as I could read the facial expression of Mr Davis
"A date?"
Mr Davis snatched the phone from me immediately....

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