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Made To Love-Chapter Four


Made To Love-Chapter Four

A typical Nigerian setting
All rights reserved


©Authoress Isabel

I pulled her crop top up as I found an inner wear beneath. I was about to pull that up when the dramatic moment got disrupted.
Her phone rang...
She moved away from me as she removed her phone from the bag and picked the call.
I could guess it was her family calling her because her face went straight blank...
She ended the call as she stared at me..
I cleared my throat..
"Won't you get down?"
I shifted my gaze elsewhere..
"I will Mr Davis"
Her voice sounded sarcastic as she moved to open the door
I held her hands as I drew her back
"Your bag"
I handed it over to her as she smiled...
I did not trust that smile..
A mischievous smile..
I watched as she walked straight into the house closing the gate quietly.
I drove away immediately..
The morning sun penetrated into my room through the pink window blinds.
I yawned lazily as I curved on my bed.
Everything came rushing like memories. How the bastard called me to the office last night.
How I spent hours searching for a document that wasn't lost
How he drove me home and he romanced me in the car. It wasn't a dream after all.
Oh good Lord!
When will all this stop?
He actually hates me but I do not understand his inner mind.
How I can't stop him whenever he try to play on my body, I don't understand that too..
I'm screwed up!
I know!!
Tracy again!!!
This girl is a devil sent in form of a sister
Must she always interfere into my thoughts?
Must sh...
"You heard me right!"
She flew the door open as she screamed out
I used the duvet to cover my head..
I just don't want to shout this morning
She screamed as I stood up in anger
"Ain't you going to the office, it's late?"
She's suddenly sounding like someone who actually cares but it's gonna end in tears..
"I will!"
I replied gently
She pointed her index finger towards the wall clock
"I know"
I eyed her as I sat on the bed
"Well, I know he isn't gonna scold you since you both had sex in his car in the early hours of the morning!!!"
Those words sounded disgusting to my ears
"Tracy please, we didn't have sex!"
I tried holding my head or covering my ears
"Ohhh! Then what was it? Romance? Or maybe his dick was just too huge for you to remember what actually happened"
She kept blubbering as she still stood by the door
"Tracy out"
I raised my head up
"I caught you girle! You guys had sex"
She laughed so hard
"Go to your office and stop stressing my life!"
I stood up as I pushed her out and I closed my door with the lock!
Oh jeez!
She frustrates '
I'm a virgin and that virginity would be given to my groom and not a sassy boss!
Hell no!
I didn't bother sleeping back as I walked into the bathroom straight.
Davis ain't gonna complain..
He made me sleep late!
I walked into my office as Rose rushed up to me..
"He's around"
She screamed
"I know"
"No,that hot guy"
She said as I stared at her
"Hot guy?"
I asked in surprise
"The CEO of Jason's foods! He's here"
She walked to her seat when the door opened
I turned as I stared at him
Hot indeed!
He looked at me with this eyes that could strip a lady naked
He walked up to my side
"Hello beautiful"
He caressed my cheeks with his hands as he smiled
"Hi Sir, whom do you seek?"
I asked with the nicest voice ever
"Oh! You look pretty"
I know so he should stop avoiding questions
"Thank you"
I smiled
Mr Davis intruded him as the door opened
"Oh, Davis!"
He dropped his hand immediately
"What are you doing here?"
Mr Davis asked eying me
I guess the weren't on good terms
Competition stuffs!
I've always heard of Jason's foods!
"Why don't you guys go in to talk while I bring hot coffee to calm the moment"
I said trying to displease Mr Davis
They both walked in as I went ahead to prepare for the coffee...

We both entered as I didn't like the position I met Anna together with him...
"What do you want?"
I asked as he stared at my office
"Nice things you got here, nice office, nice staffs and even a nice secretary"
I eyed him disgustingly
The door opened as Anna served the coffee.
"Can I see you privately later?"
Stephen asked Anna as I replied almost immediately
"She has plans with me"
I abruptly said
Anna looked at me with a eyes that could kill
I don't care!
"Oh! Then anytime"
She smiled before walking out
So easy!
She obviously hasn't met him before and she's smiling at the first look!
"Is she new here?"
He asked smiling
"Can you stop smiling? It does not fit your personality"
I sipped from the coffee
"Personality? But your secretary is damn sexy"
I wanted to reply him but...
My phone rang as I looked at the caller ID
What's wrong?
I picked up
"Hey mum"
I Said trying to sound nice
"We need to talk son"
She hang up immediately..
It sounded urgent
What does she wanna talk about?

Who has an idea about what Mr Davis mum wanna say?

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