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Made To Love-Chapter Five


Made To Love-Chapter Five

A typical Nigerian setting
All rights reserved


©Authoress Isabel

I walked out of the closet as I dropped the clothes for the next day on the bed.
I yawned as I picked up my phone.
I was really stressed out. That idiot made life a living hell today just because I smiled to his friend or should I say competitor?
I dialed Kate's number. It's been a while since I heard from her and neither did she call me. That's so bad!
Kate is my best friend, a best friend who keeps on encouraging me all the time. She's one of the reason why I'm still alive.
We've been together for years. A childhood friend who pleasurable memories. I love Kate a lot..
I could remember the incident that happened few years ago when she got beaten by her ex boyfriend.
I went all the way to his house with a cutlass to warn him. It took the help of his friends or I would have injured him then. I told him I don't joke with Kate so he should stay off her.
I also remember when I almost took my life by swallowing poison. Kate went to Davis and he got the beating of his life!
She beat the hell out of him for frustrating her only friend till the extent of taking her life
I never knew she could do that!
We've been there for each other like sisters...
I really love her
She screamed after picking up my call
I called her gently
"Yes baby"
She laughed
You know you're a devil right?"
I asked as she stopped laughing
"Then you're my assistant"
She shouted
"You could not call me"
I said in a worrisome voice
"I'm sorry, I've been busy just like you"
She tried apologizing
"I'm not taking that!"
I stood on my ground wanting her to apologize the more
"I'm sorry sweetie but I have a surprise for you"
I suddenly became curious
I asked
"Sure but guess.."
Tracy shouted
Not again!!
I could hear her walking straight upstairs
"Kate hold on please"
I removed the phone from my ear as I stared at the door expecting it to open any moment
As it would be...
It opened as she stuck her head sideways
I asked whispering
"You have a guest"
She winked her eye at me
I asked anxiously
"Ta da...."
Kate rushed inside as she threw herself on me
Oh good Lord!
I shouted holding her
"That's the surprise"
She disengaged from the hug smiling at me
I smiled at her
"Thanks Sis"
She turned to Tracy as she closed the door
She faced me almost immediately
"You never told me you were coming"
I shake my head
"I just came for a sleep over, I missed you"
She blinked her eyelids cute
"Same here sweetheart"
"So how's work? How's your little kid? I mean Rose, your assistant? How's the bastard? I hope work ain't stressful?"
She poured those questions as I stared lost for words
"Which one do I answer first?"
I asked in laughter
She smiled
"Work's fine, rose is good, Davis is cool"
I smiled at her
"Davis is cool?"
Her facial expression changed
I smiled
"But...I was expecting you to rain curses on him but..."
She stopped halfway
"He's just cool"
She stared at me mischievously
"Perhaps.. Don't tell me.."
She looked at me suspiciously
"Tell you what?"
I smiled
"You have feelings for him?"
She asked as my heart missed a beat
I replied sharply
"You're sure?"
She asked with that face that I missed
"Sure, C'mon tell me about your new boss"
I tried changing the topic

I entered into the house as I met my kid sister playing video games . She can be frustrating but she's damn nice.
I love her so much!
She's just nineteen and studying in the United Kingdom.
She only came for the mid holiday.
I perceived the aroma of fried eggs as I knew my mom was around too.. Then I remembered!
She has something to talk about!
Oh Lord!
May noticed me as she winked her eye
"Hey bro"
She didn't bother standing up at all
Before I could say anything, mum walked out of the kitchen..
"You're back?"
She asked dropping the last dish on the table and walking towards me
"Hi mum"
I hugged her as she smiled
"Welcome, sit we need to talk"
She said as my heat missed another beat
What's all this we need to talk stuff?
I sat down on the arm chair beside her
"I'm here mum, you can talk"
I smiled
"I need a grandchild"
She said as I widened my eyes
That was the least stuff I was expecting her to talk about
No! Never!
"You heard her, I need someone to call me Aunt"
May stopped the video games
"But mum.."
"You're not growing younger Davis, you're 26 for crying out loud"
Mum held my hands
"No mum, not now"
I said caressing her cheeks
"Then when?"
She asked worriedly
"Probably when he turns 55"
May mocked me
"Who will hold on to the company? You need a child"
Mum repeated again
"If you're not in a haste, you could wait for May"
I Said eying her
"No Davis, mines different from yours. I practice medical surgery, you did business management so...."
May shouted abruptly...
I knew she'll talk!
"Davis please"
Mum kept pleading
"Davis please"
May said but I knew she was trying to mimic mum
"I'm not ready"
I said shaking my head
"The mark my words mow, it's either you become ready or I get you a wife!"
She screamed out
Mum is desperate
"But ..."
My phone rang up as I looked at the caller ID
I rejected it but she kept calling and I kept rejecting it
"Davis you'll listen to..."
The phone rang disrupting mum
"Who's that?"
May asked me
"No one"
I Said
"It's someone!"
May insisted
"Ok, fine! It's Anna"
I said
"Wow.. I've been longing to meet her"
May screamed out
"Call her back"
Mum said as I stared at her in disbelief
"Call her, I need to speak with her since you can't do the needful"
She insisted with looking at me
I hope it's not what I'm thinking...
I dialed her number as she picked up immediately
I passed it over to mum
"Hey Anna"

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