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Lex - Chapter Sixteen


Lex - Chapter Sixteen

Theme: TRUCE

©Tz_ Chilest

The witches new leader as taken a new step for her new era. Leah had began to execute the plans she had orchestrated for years. Plans for a new beginning- plans to take over the citadel- plans for the witches to be at their prime. She was ready- ready for it all.

Leah called a meeting- a meeting which consist of all supernaturals. Kol asked Austin and Michael to go. Kol had just began his rule and he knew quite alright that the witches hated him- right from the destruction of Elaine to the death of Lisa. So he chose who they might want.

Austin wondered why Leah would call a meeting. She just began her rule- the witches were still mourning the passing of their leader. So Austin and Michael stepped up and entered into a shabby building with all caution needed.

This might be a trap- or something. The witches don't give up so easily. They are so strong hearted and so determined to claim what ain't rightfully theirs.

So Austin was fully prepare for any form of traps. The supernatural committee was created by Kol but since his days- no one as had any meeting. It as been war upon war. So an emergency meeting was somehow suspicious.

That was the same building where kol had began the committee. As the leader and ruler of the city- the vampires are the rulers of the committee also.

The committee wasn't of use during Kol time cause the other fractions believes he pose a great threat to them- so they won't say a word. Kol would be the only one doing all the talking.

"You are late" Leah said as Austin entered in the building

"You come along with your vice" Hansel said, he is the alpha of the werewolf pack.

"Security issues" Austin said, shrugging

Well he wasn't the only one who came along with someone. Even Hansel came with his pack. Austin could feel the presence of hiding witches- he could smell their blood from afar.

"Nicely played" Austin applaud "- didn't know that you all are ready for a battle"  he said showing his fangs

Immediately, Hansel jerked up as if he was ready for a battle. His fangs were so edible- his claws were ready to feel a vampire blood. Hansel growled and alerted his wolves- this battle has no end.

Leah stood up immediately- she yanked in between the two grown up men. She hadn't call them for a spare. She was ready to take the first step to her plan- A Truce!

She had this plan a long time ago- making the vampires think the witches want peace- making them feel the battle of supremacy was over. So after a long while, she would strike the vampires in their weakest state.

It was really a dumb plan- but she was ready to give it a try. Her plan could make the difference. She knew before then the witches powers would be back. So the witches would be at their prime- and it would be a fair fight with the vampires.

"The both of you... Please sit" Leah screamed, but Austin merely laughed.

He knew the werewolves pose a great threat with their bite but Austin knew Hansel ain't his match. The two of them as spare thrice and Austin dominated him.

"Please sit" Leah pleaded

Austin sat down opposite Hansel, he could see Hansel growling in anger. It was like Hansel wasn't satisfied- as if he was prepared for a war.

"Hansel- please.... Keep those anger for another day" Leah said

"I called you two here for a resolution-"

Austin raised his head instantly- a resolution? He knew the witches- they won't stop until they get back the city... So the word Resolution had shocked him.

"I know you both might be wondering what I meant by a resolution- but truth be told. This endless bloodshed will lead nowhere- if we don't stop this war now. A lot of innocent will die!"

"You really don't mean that, do you?" Hansel asked in disgust, but Leah just nodded.

"You want a Resolution- that can only be possible if our powers are returned to us. The Lycans need to be at their full strength- No more undermining our abilities"

Leah was fully prepared for the worst. She knew the Lycans would ask for their powers- so she also had a plan for that also.

"Getting your powers back ain't an issue" Leah said, smiling "-but only few of you would-"

"Few? Why not all?"

"No negotiation- if you are not satisfied with it. You can break the deal"

Hansel had no choice. If only few could get their powers back- that is fine by him. He knew this could be a stepping stone for the wolves.

"Well- just get us our powers back ASAP" Hansel said

Leah gave an ugly smirk. She knew the Lycans can never change- they are just as weak as ever.

"So since we already have an agreement- guess we are good then" she said, giving Hansel a wink.

Austin gave an ugly scoff- he knew Hansel would challenge him the moment he gets his powers back. Austin was fully ready for Hansel irrespective of him getting his powers back.

"Since you already settle things with the wolves- what do you have for the vamps?" Austin asked

"We gonna stay off your neck-"

Austin smiled and look at Michael who was obviously smiling also

"-stay off my neck or the vamps neck?" He asked in disgust, but wasn't ready for a reply.

"You guys are no match of us- and now that Kol is back..... That is a doom!" Austin added, but Leah wasn't scared.

"With Kol or without Kol... The witches are leaving the city in your care" Leah said

"The city as always being in our care for centuries now" Austin said

"-but we have always been a pain in your neck and had try to usurp power-" Leah said but Austin cut her off instantly

"Yes! You have always been a pain but every single plan you guys orchestrated as been a failure so far... So you guys are not a thing to worry about"

Leah couldn't believe it.... Austin had called them a thing!
Anger began to erupt in Leah- she try every possible way to control herself. Austin looked at her carefully- he could hear her heartbeat racing. He knew his choice of words must have annoyed her  but he didn't care- he was ready to test her endurance.

"Guess my offers ain't good enough for you" Leah said beaming a shallow smile.

Austin nodded but Hansel interference annoyed him. Austin really enjoyed the game he was playing with Leah. He saw that she was puzzled and doesn't know what to do again- he was so successful in cornering her.

"Austin- what the hell is wrong with you" Hansel growled

"Hansel! Let down your guard" Leah screamed

Hansel was so ready to spare Austin. It seems like something  personal- looking at Michael also had brought the memory of his lover. The lady Michael had tore apart. Hansel was ready to get his revenge on them- but he was too weak. His strength ain't enough conquer Michael not to talk of Austin.... But he knew a day is coming- a day of reckoning!

"Well, explain what you meant by resolution" Austin said

Leah explained it all to them- starting from the fact that each fractions will choose five teens among them and they will be sent to the human school. They will  interact with each other- and in that process, get to know each other.... This might be a temporary way of ending any future war.

Austin just kept smiling- he couldn't figure what Leah as to gain from the whole thing. He knew she had her own external motives but he just didn't figure what it would be... But with time, he was certain everything would be clear.

"A vampire in a highschool is highly ridiculous- you didn't even think they might be of threat to the humans" Austin said in disgust

"I already thought of it but I know your vamps are well trained- you don't feed them humans blood" Leah said

"True! But human blood could be tempting" Austin retorted

"Just select the best five you think can represent the vamps" Leah said, and turned to Hansel

"-seems to me the wolves ain't an issue"

"Wolves suffers from aggression issues and that could be a threat" Hansel said

"Just get five of them fixed-" Leah said

Austin then stood up in a dramatic style.

"I seriously don't think Kol would agree to this. I spent many years trying to unite the supernatural but you guys made the vampires your sole enemy"

"Please Austin- I just lost a sister and I know you two share something special. Am tired of all this bloodshed" Leah said putting up a charade.

Austin looked at her in disgust. He knew a charade when he sees one- Leah heartbeat was stable... He couldn't feel any traces of fear. Leah was ready to become a fool for them all- she was ready to put up any charade just to get her revenge. A Truce was her first plan- and more plan is to come.

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