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Lex - Chapter Seventeen


Lex - Chapter Seventeen


©Tz_ Chilest

Highschool has always been the most interesting part of a human life. It evolves round their stages of maturity, friendship, hatred, betrayal and the likes.

But with the introduction of the supernatural among them- things might began to change drastically. Humans interacting with some evil creatures might be the greatest nightmare of a lifetime.... Only if the humans are aware of their true identity.

Lex got down from a SUV- coupled with four others. Michael had helped him work his way among the vamps chosen. His dream had been to be able to move with the humans, have fun with them.... Or probably go partying.

He had tried his possible best to make it up to Adam and Cole... But the two of them had always shut him out. They had blamed everything on him- starting from the time he had brought up the idea of leaving the penthouse to the time he bit a werewolf all in the name of saving a friend- a friend who now blames him and had prefer to be bitten by the werewolf.

Lex had grew knowing Adam and Cole- they had been with him even at his worst moment, they had stood by him when he needed them the most, they had done virtually everything together. That was the reason Michael had helped him out- since his friends doesn't need him anymore, this is a perfect time to start all over again and make new friends..... Irrespective of the fractions.

This is the beginning of a new semester, most peoples were in pairs- some were happy to resume back to school, and some were not. Lex paused for awhile and felt the atmosphere of his new environment- it was somehow foggy, clotty, intense, and brutal.

He could hear the heartbeat of a nerd who needed saving from the hands of some bully. This is it- what highschool is simply made of. Lex closed his eyes immediately, he began to remember the words of Michael.

"This is different from what you see when you sneak out at night- a highschool is a total different world-"

Yes! Michael was right. Few minute spent in the school had been like a year. High school is a different world- a world which comprises of different kind of people from different part of the world.

Lex opened his eyes dramatically, his mind had become soothe- and he was looking forward to a brand new life.

The first figure Lex saw as he opened his eye was an angel- a blonde angel. His world suddenly began to revolve- for an immature young vampire, he felt a sting in his heart- something he had never felt before.

"Get the hell out of the way" Derrick screamed, and it jerked Lex immediately from his pretty little fantasy.

"Who the hell voted for him?" Adam asked in disgust, and the rest burst out laughing

That question really provoked Lex- some months back they were inseparable...... best of friends- but now, enemies or so.

"Guess I still have my place among the vamps" Lex said, smirking

That particular scornful smile brought out the rage in Adam. The smile that ain't so far from  Lex mouth- the smile he is still putting up.

Adam drifted forward instantly but he was held immediately by Cole and Derrick.

"What the hell is wrong with you guys?" A voice said from the SUV.

It was Tobias- there proposed relative. He was chosen to act as their uncle... They were going to keep their identity from the humans and must not use their powers even in trouble.

"Only few humans knows of our existence- so you really wanna put up with your crazy drama here- amidst the humans. Grow up boys or should I report this to Kol"

At the sound of his name, Adam rage cools- he doesn't want to get on the ugly side of Kol book.

"Ingrid - " Tobias said turning to the only female among them "- you gonna be their mother, report any misconduct to me"

Ingrid was the only girl voted for, she would begin her new journey with guys who have their individual differences- guys she hardly talk to even at the penthouse.

"Yes, I will gladly do so" Ingrid said with a wink.

Tobias got back into the van and ignite it

"Don't forget, no using of super powers" he said as he drove off.

This wasn't just gonna be a new beginning, this is also a start of a new friendship among the supernatural...... Hopefully a long friendship.


First day in a human school couldn't be so perfect like this is. The vamps were in their full composure- the witches as no problem keeping their practice away from school- but the wolves as always been the problem.

They kept starring at the vampires as if they were ready for battle of supremacy. They had some unfinished business with the vamps.

Jackson kept starring at Lex- he had recognized Lex from the moment he saw him. He couldn't forget such an encounter easily- Lex humiliated him and his pack. Lex made him a worthless alpha- someone who couldn't care for his packs..... Lex had also killed someone from his pack- So such a face couldn't be forgotten so easily.

Lex was ready to take a  new leaf, so doesn't want to be tied up to the previous events of his life. So he tries to reconcile.

"I know you might not remember me-" Lex began, but with the look on Jackson face- he was so certain he remembers it all.

"-with the way you are starring at me... I must assume you remember it all" lex continued.

Jackson growled and it alerted the remaining packs. Lex fixed him an awkward smile- he wasn't scared of them but creating a scene amidst the humans wasn't something he had planned on doing on his first day.

"Let it slide" he said holding Jackson shoulders tightly.

His nicely fitted claws penetrated through Jackson skin.

"Cool your rage" lex voice became so husky. It was like acting cool wasn't his kind of thing, but he just have to put up with it.

Jackson withdraw his wolves in anger- lex had humiliated him again ... For the second time, but this time- he wasn't just going let it slide.

"Let's go boys" Jackson said, angrily.

Lex left the class and find his way down the hallway. He had separated from his group since he wasn't wanted. He was ready to be on the look out himself- not minding anything Adam or any vampires thinks.

So on getting to the field, he saw some students training- it was like they were training for some kind of a competition. Lex moved closer to them and sat down in neatly arranged seat of the stadium, not far from where they were training.

Lex suddenly began to wonder what kind of sport they were doing- he just couldn't understand it. The players were trying to catch the person with the ball. Bemusement had began to fill lex heart until the player was tackled and he fell on the ground holding the ball so tightly in his hand. The rest of the players jumped on him forming a pile of heaps.

"Which kind of sport is this-" Lex said softly, but to his surprise a reply came from behind him.

"It is called a gridiron" the cool voice said

"A what-" Lex said turning to face the person, but to his surprise it was the blonde he saw earlier.

She was sparkling and glittering like a diamond, she beamed him a smile that swept him off his feet- her dimples were so edible that he became so short of words.

"You are beautiful-" he said softly in his Mr nice guy voice.

"Thank you" she said smiling

Lex heart won't stop fluttering- he couldn't believe she as been behind him the whole time. His heart suddenly began to race.... He hasn't felt like that before- but this time, a strange feeling had clouded his head.

"Sweetie-" a voice called among the players

Lex looked at the guy who was well built- his muscular arms were showing as he took off his sweaty vest flaunting his nicely arranged abs. Lex began to hear different kind of heartbeat- some girls were whispering all sort of things.

"He is hot".... " she is very lucky"..... "I wish he could hold me so tight in those arms"..... " I want to have him to myself"

Different whispers and soft words won't stop entering Lex ears. The blonde and her friends stood up to meet the guy. She was with his bag- he grabbed her tightly and planted a deep kiss on her lips- he kissed her passionately till she dropped the bag she was holding.

Lex mouth was gape- he couldn't believe his eyes. She wasn't just his friend..... She was his girlfriend.

"Heather! There was no need making us jealous" one of her friend said

Heather! That name stored into Lex head instantly- he had use his super hearing. He hadn't felt that way with other girls- but this particular girl stuck an axe into his heart and he couldn't help it but to think of her.

"Go find yourself a boyfriend Suzy" Heather said as she grabbed Rory tightly.

Rory smiled and lifted her up- he caught her before she could land and she screamed. Lex could see she was in love with her boyfriend- but he was so determine to get her at all cost.

"Rory!" a voice screamed "quit the amorous and get your ass back to the field"

"Yes coach" Rory said, smiling. "Stay put, gonna be through in some minutes" he continued and planted a light kiss on Heather.

Lex grew so tired of the whole scenario- he knew with time everything would become so clear to him.... He would understand the human better. So he left the scene and went back to class.

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