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Lex - Chapter Eighteen


Lex - Chapter Eighteen

Theme: BRAWL

©Tz_ Chilest

"Adam where are we going?" Cole called from behind

Adam walked so fast- he was very hungry. Since he was back from his lovely sleep. His blood thirst as increased- the blood pant ain't satisfying him anymore. His quench for blood was beyond usual.

"To the forest to hunt for food" Adam replied him

"But we fed before coming this morning..." Cole protested

"Since we got back from the dead- I haven't been myself.... My quench for blood as increased"

Cole drifted to his front in a seconds and then began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" Adam asked, frowning.

"The Olsen family is packed mysteries. Kol quench for blood hasn't gone after a month of been resurrected... Here you are also- after weeks of been resurrected you still quench massively for blood....."

Adam fixed him a disgusting look

"When has your quench for blood reduced?" Adam asked him

"The fourth day I guess"

"Fourth? Like seriously?" Adam asked with surprise written all over his face.

"Yes" Cole added with a nod "..but since you are still hungry- let's go for a hunt"

Adam smiled and the two boys raced their way into the forest in the school premises. Hoping to catch a game- rabbit- squirrel- anything! Anything that can sustain them till they reach home.

The two boys raced after a squirrel who already sense them to be a predator. The squirrel ran at its full speed but when Adam caught up with it, the squirrel vanquished into a hole.

"Wise rodent-" Adam said, grinning.

"Don't worry, more food is coming" Cole said pointing at a snake which was rustling its way amidst the dried leaves on the ground.

"You seriously gat to be kidding me" Adam said frowning.

"Am not" Cole said with a smile

"Let's go deep into the forest" Adam said.

Cole nicely obeyed and the two boys went deep into the forest. They squeeze their ways amidst trees and spiral branches but couldn't find a single game. They suddenly heard someone screaming in pain- instantly the boys drifted towards the place and laid low in a bush.

"What did I do wrong?" The voice was so thin and feeble

He was clutched tightly against the walls, his mouth were covered in blood- his face were blistering up- his sight had become so dampened. He had been overpowered- he was beaten to stupor- and the thought of death lurking in the dark crept beneath his mind.

"Off that creepy day light ring" A voice came, very defiant.

There was silence for some minute. They knew the full repercussion of removing a vampire daylight ring.... Especially in the sun. He would burn out and his ash will fly in the sky.

"He is going to burn out" a voice protested.

"Who cares?" The voice said angrily "they killed one of us- our brother was bitten by one of them, and I was also humiliated. So killing one of them will make us even"

The wolves agreed to their alpha request- they drifted swiftly and held Derrick hand. Derrick was lured outside the classroom into the forest in the school premises. He was outnumbered and was beaten - it was a way of getting revenge on Lex and the vampires.

Derrick hands was spread wide- with his last strength he tries to struggle with them. He wasn't just going to give up on his life just like that. He suddenly wished he could call for help..... But he just couldn't- unlike the wolves that howls to alert the rest of the pack... He was just helpless.

When he was about to give up, Adam and Cole came out of their hidden place without even thinking of a strategy. Hope had began to build up inside Derrick- he knew death had escaped him today. Suddenly, his strength had began to buildup- he fought his way out from the wolves grip but he was caught by their alpha.

"Not so fast" Jackson said, growling

He clutched his crawls around Derrick throats. He was ready to tear it apart within a seconds. Adam watched in anger- he tries to take a step forward but he was warned against it.

"Don't you dare" Jackson growled

Adam hesitated for awhile- a look sprung on his face. It was as if he needed Lex intervention. He knew Lex was faster, stronger and a good war strategist than him. Adam looked at Cole who was obviously helplessly too.

"What do you want?" Adam asked, angrily.

"Have you forgotten we have an unfinished business" Jackson said, fuming.

Adam looked at him in disgust. It was like he couldn't relate what Jackson meant- An unfinished business?

"Your father destroyed my family- guess it's time I return the favour"

Adam paused for awhile, so this ain't about the death of his wolf. This is now personal- a family revenge, a fist of blow.

"Am so sorry about what happened in the past- but we are the future. We were chosen to unite the three fractions and not destroy them further. We were meant to make a difference and not -"

"Quit the talks and let the gods decide who lives to see another day" Jackson interrupted

"Since you asked for it.... Now you have got it" Adam said, trying to make his voice more husky.

Adam made a brawling stance- he was tried of running. Austin had cursed him for being unable to make a difference. Austin had called him a mess- a useless entity. He had been cursed for carrying the family name, Olsen..... But he was as weak as a fox.

He couldn't defend himself- his only advantage was the name which he bears. So this time, Adam was ready to make a difference- he was ready to move the hill and sit among the mountain. He was tired of been scared-


Lex got to the class only to find the whole place in a mess. He couldn't find Adam and the rest, the wolves were also out of sight. Only four of the witches had resumed on the first day, with the remaining one still having an issue to deal with.

The humans who also had this fraction thing going on among them had chosen themselves in groups. The class was divided into groups with some being the nerd- some the bullies- some the psychopath- while some the kings and Queens of the class.

Suddenly Lex spotted Ingrid who was obviously making friends. He called her and then signalled her to meet him outside. After some minutes, Ingrid joined Lex outside.

"What is it?" She asked as she approached him

"Nothing much... But do you have any idea where Adam and the rest went?" Lex asked

"They must also be having fun somewhere around the school"

"Fun?" Lex asked in disgust.

He tries to understand what Ingrid meant by fun. He couldn't see the fun in the school. The school was jammed with rich kids who goes around constituting nuisance- some were even making making out in the lobby. What she meant by fun wasn't really fun to Lex.

"Lex, I just had my first kiss" Ingrid said, blushing

Lex stood still for a seconds, his mouth was gape. He couldn't believe his ears. Just few hours in the school, Ingrid had feel at home- She already had her first kiss.

"Seriously Ingrid- you gat to be kidding me. Few hours in school you already had your first kiss" Lex said in disbelief

"Not just my first kiss- I already have a boy friend"

"What?" Lex screamed

"So lex, quit asking around for Adam and the rest. You never can tell, they might be having fun somewhere" she said

A guy came out of the class- he was looking so lanky with his face so sulky. He wrapped his arms round Ingrid shoulders and gave Lex a wink.

"Lex" Ingrid said giggling "this is Thomas, my boyfriend"

That word 'Boyfriend' swept Lex off his feet. He was finding it so difficult to believe the whole thing. The whole stuff was moving so fast- Ingrid already had a boyfriend within few hours.... That he found very difficult to believe.

Ingrid did the whole introduction. Thomas stretch forth his arm in a friendly gesture. He beamed a smile that Lex couldn't interpret- he was already getting lost in his thoughts.

"Lex! We are going to be on our way now" Ingrid said as she clinched unto Thomas who was apparently taller than her.

"Have fun Lex" she added as they walk through the hallway.

Lex watched them- he was so surprise things had happened so fast. Ingrid had made herself so comfortable but here he was! Still thinking his friends were in trouble.

Lex walk down the hall way, he followed the path that led to the forest. So on getting there he paused for awhile- he strained his ear so as to filter some unnecessary noise. He focused on hearing either Adam voice or Cole's.

To his surprise, he heard Jackson howling in triumphant. Lex suddenly realize something must have gone wrong. He drifted into the forest in a seconds- his glittering eye roam the whole place.

After few minutes of searching, he finally saw glimpse of them. Lex hid behind a tree and thought of a way to rescue Adam who was apparently not having any strength left in him. Cole and Derrick was tied to a tree while the wolves punch them.

This was like a mission impossible for Lex- he was outnumbered, so the only way he can win this battle is to give them a surprise attack. As he was about to charge forward, an idea then prompt into his mind.

The wolves are stronger in pack and each pack as an alpha who leads them. Jackson is the alpha of this particular pack- so attacking him would make the rest of the pack surrender.

Lex then watched Jackson closely, he waited for Jackson to be lost in his speech before he would attack.

".... Never knew an Olsen is this useless-" Jackson said tossing Adam over. "This is our time- the lycans would take over the city with time -........ We would ascend power and be unstoppable-"

Jackson paused awhile and howled in accomplishment- he was so happy to have make three vampires suffer.

"...take the ring off them" he added looking angry

Yes! He had made them suffer but this time he wants to watch them burn- burn into ash- burn till their flames fill the sky-

The wolves held the boys who were apparently trying to fight for their life but they were just too weak. Cole began to cry- he suddenly missed Lex for the first time since their departure. He suddenly wished Lex was there to save him....

"Leeeeeeex!!!" Cole screamed in pain

Lex became so surprise- so Cole could remember him at the point of death. So instantly Lex went according to plan. He drifted forward like a ghost being unnoticed and grabbed Jackson in the neck.... His nicely fitted claws penetrated his skin and Jackson groan in pain.

"Tell your boys to release them or else I will rip off your throat" Lex said growling, his fangs were showing and  bloodlust had filled his eyes.

Cole screamed in happiness- he knew death had jumped him over today.

"Thanks for coming" he said

Lex smiled and gave him a wink

"You are welcome"

Jackson signalled to his wolves and they released Adam and the rest.

Adam looked at Lex, he was so grateful he had come to his rescue but his ego just wouldn't let him say the word.

"Let this be the last time you will attack any member of my family- I won't show mercy next time" Lex said, releasing his grip.

Jackson neck was full of blood- he was so angry at himself. He had failed again, it was only a matter of time before a member of his pack decided to test his superiority and challenge him for a duel. They already thought he was weak to rule the pack- but Jackson is fully ready for the worst.... He was ready for them all.

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