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That Val Last Episode


That Val Last Episode

 ®️El victor

I got up from the table and stood up, pacing around my room contemplating on my life experience. I pray no one should face these challenges I had face, I sat back and picked up my pen, I started reflecting.

I stayed away from my friends and glued to Emmanuel who clouded my sense of reasoning, I was the talk of the room as they praise my new dressing sense.
Emmanuel never visited my hostel, time I should be reading my books I will be chatting or on call with him. I opened another facebook account and started uploading seductive pictures of myself.

I got tired of replying messages as they keep on flooding in, I felt on top of the world. My mother gave me a surprise visit a day I was in the hostel, luckily for me I have not burnt my old wears.
I put it on and washed my face removing any trace of make-up, I ran out and met my mom outside with her arms folded.
“Do all these people live here?” She waved her hand around in irritation, I nodded. My mother wasn’t comfortable at all about what they wore in particular, she warned me vigorously not to follow them and concluded on how proud she is of me.

I began giving my friends attitude, ignoring them whenever they wanted to talk to me. We wrote a text and I underperformed, the lecturer called me and shared his fear about my score.
David wasn’t finding it funny as I moved around school with Emmanuel, he confronted a day I was heading to the car park after lecture “Jenny! What is your problem? That guy had no good intention for you.” He tried to talk sense into me but I ignored him and asked him to stay away, that he is not my boyfriend or my parents to tell me what to do.

The night before valentine, a lecturer fixed a test on valentine’s day in particular. I was glued to my phone likewise everyone in the room, Emmanuel and I were planning on how to spend the next day.
“Jenny, no tell me say you no get val oh!” Cynthia jokingly said and everyone laughed, I informed them that my Val will be the most handsome amongst theirs. I wore a very beautiful red gown and waited for Emmanuel to come take me out, Cynthia was concerned about my test but I assured her that I will make it up.

Emmanuel came and his handsomeness made everyone envied my success, we went out shopping and did a lot of things. We went to places around town and visited his friends who were partying, we went swimming and took lots of pictures.
That day was fun and I loved every bit of it, my friends were calling me concerning the test but I didn’t pick-up.
I ended up on his bed and he devoured me like a lion without pity, I was crying and begging him to stop but my tears drive him to pound me more harder.
We went round after rounds, I could barely walk the next day as I slept on my blood.
I woke up the next morning and didn’t find Emmanuel by my side, I only saw all what we bought and a flower with a letter.

“You are so sweet, thanks for the val gift” I was very tired and in between my legs were aching.
I couldn’t make any move as I waited for Emmanuel to return, he never did. I was very hungry that I had no choice but to use the bathroom, I took my bath and the gifts we bought and headed back to the hostel.
I tried his number several times but the network provider kept on reporting switch off.
I was surprised that I was welcomed with lots of gifts, I was later informed that my circle of friends bought them for me. Didn’t know when I started crying, I tried making effort to mend our relationship but every of my efforts came to nothing.

I never heard of Emmanuel and the more I seek for him the more it became a mystery that never existed, no one in that department he said he is knew him.
David only confirmed my fear that he usually does that every valentine that he is non-academic student of the university, David and my other friends stayed away from me like plague.
I was dying in solitude, my world crumbled when I started getting unnecessarily sick and sleepy. During our first semester exams, I wasn’t able to read ’cause I always slept off on my book, I had no one to talk to or look up to.

I was caught several times cheating and sent out, once a symbol of glory became symbol of shame.
“You are pregnant!” Cynthia declared in exclamation, I rejected it and think myself to be sick.
The semester ended, I went home and mom confirmed what Cynthia said “you are an idiot, I sent you to school you decided to be a mother. You will never abort that child, from now henceforth, you will remain in this house till this child can talk, walk and even attend school” mom vowed and kept to it against my father’s wishes.
I spent my whole life indoor till I was due for childbirth, I never stepped foot in the university and the world there forgot about me.

I lost my identity, am now a mother in my father’s house without a father. What a valentine’s mistake, here comes another valentine’s day that rekindled the haunting memory, I stared at my crying baby and dropped my pen.

Oh! That val!


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