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Heart Doctor 2 - Episode5


Heart Doctor 2 - Episode5

©Rejoice Jeremiah

The rest of the meal was eaten in silence but not without the smiled Lady Monica kept giving Amanda.
Soon, everyone was done eating and Amanda began packing the dishes, surprisingly, Gold stood up and joined her.
Amanda have her an eye and Gold returned with a scornful smile.
"Are you sure you want to pack the dishes?" Lady Monica asked Gold.
"Yes of course. I'm a good cook. I love being in the kitchen as well just that I get quite busy with my business." Gold said.
"Ah really. If you are really busy with your business then why are you here?" she asked.
Gold looked at Desmond.
"Mom. Can you stop this now." Desmond said.
"It's okay honey. She's only asking a question." Gold said.
"Of course I am." Lady Monica said.
"I don't get too busy on Saturdays." Gold said.
Lady Monica tilted her head "Oh I see."
Gold smiled then carried the little she had gathered and headed to the kitchen. Amanda followed behind her, carrying more.
Once they were gone, Desmond turned to his mom.
"Mom, you are confusing me. What exactly do you want from me?" Desmond asked. "You told me to get married. That you need more grandchildren. And now I presented Gold to you and what I'm I seeing mom?"
"I'm going upstairs to get something" Odeya said.
"Why? You should stay with me granddaughter." Lady Monica said.
"I said I wanna get something. I will be back in a jiffy." Deya said, came down from the chair and headed upstairs.
At the kitchen, Gold and Amanda dropped the dishes on the counter.
Amanda turned to the sink to start washing the dishes.
"Your boss mom seem to like you a lot. I'm I right?" Gold said.
"It can't be compared to the love she has for you as her son's girlfriend," Amanda said.
"Do you think so? I think she loves you more but do I have to worry about an old woman's love. My fiancé love is enough and covers it all. Don't you think so?" Gold said.
"I hope so," Amanda said.
"You hope so? Ha ha. Seems you don't think so. It's okay. I understand you so well." Gold said and walked closer to Amanda. "..Do you have feelings for your boss?" she asked.
Amanda paused the washing to answer Gold. "Are you so curious to know?"
Gold chuckled and said, "I just wanna know some of the girls that have feelings for my fiancé but they weren't lucky enough to get him."
Amanda scoffed and continued what she was doing.
"Answer me Miss Nanny." Gold said.
Amanda stopped the washing again and turned to her. "Well, enjoy it while it lasts but don't think it's going to last too long cos I don't see it lasting for long. You deserve to be pitied. His mom doesn't like you just at first sight. Do you think you have a chance. Oh you do but that chance would soon expire. For three years, Odeya's dad gave no attention to any woman and then suddenly he fell in love with you to the point of bringing you to his home. Ha ha, you must be kidding. Who do you think you can deceive here? Your time would soon be up, desperate lady!"
"What? How dare you?" Gold said and raised her hand to slap Amanda but Amanda grabbed the hand and stared right into Gold's hand.
"I came from a side where Women are very strong and beat hell out of people. You got away with the first one, don't think you will get away with another one. If you want to dare me, try it." Amanda said.
Gold got quite scared but she covered it up with a sudden laugh. "Get your filthy hand off mine!" she said and tried forcing her hand off Amanda but Amanda held it strongly.
"Get your hand off mine this minute." Gold said.
Amanda smiled. "Of course I will but don't you ever try raising your hand towards me again and leave this kitchen if you have nothing to do here." she said and released Gold's hand.
"You won't get away with this." Gold said then fell down on the floor and began shouting.
"Ahhhhh...Honey.. Baby.. Somebody come.."
Amanda raised her brows. "What do you think are you doing?"
"Mom.. why are you acting this way towards Gold?" Desmond asked.
"I don't find her suitable for you. There is someone who deserves you, not her. You can't continue your relationship with her. I don't like the scent I perceive about her." Lady Monica said.
"Scent you perceive about her?"
"Yes. She's not the right wife for you. There's someone who deserves to be your wife."
"Mom you are kidding me. I don't wanna continue hearing this."
"You have to cut off everything about you and her. You get that? She's not a good lady. Her face and her manners reeks."
"Listen to me son. I am your mother and I won't lie to you. That lady isn't the right woman for you. I know you Desmond. When did you start dating her? For three years, you've never given your attention to any woman, even those who are much more prettier than her. Why her suddenly?"
"Our relationship began this week. I don't get why you are being suspicious of Gold, mom but Gold is a very nice girl and I'm in love with her. I don't Care whatever you say mom. I'm marrying Gold soon. This is what you have ever wanted. You had been pressurizing me for three years."
"Gini k'ona Akó? - what is he saying? You will have to listen to me as your mother. You will have nothing to do with that girl. You have to marry the girl who deserves you."
"So who's the girl that deserves me?" Desmond asked.
Lady Monica was about to answer when a scream suddenly came from the kitchen.
"Ahhhhh...Honey.. Baby.. Somebody come.."
They both stood up and rushed towards the kitchen.
They rushed in and met Gold on the floor, groaning and Amanda stood staring at her.
"What's the matter. What happened?" Desmond asked as he rushed to her.
"She slapped me, pushed me down and began beating me up." Gold said.
"What!" Desmond gasped and looked at Amanda who shook her head vigorously.
"No, no I did no such thing. She's lying." Amanda said, astonished and shocked.
"I'm saying the truth baby.." Gold said with tears rolling down her eyes.
Amanda looked at Lady Monica who was looking at her too.
"Ma'am I did nothing to her. I swear it." Amanda said.
"Shut up you liar. You slapped me, pushed me down and began beating me." Gold said.
"It's okay baby, get up." Desmond said and helped Gold to her feet then turned to Amanda with disappointed eyes.
"I don't care what started this but for doing such thing, I would have no other choice than to fire you." he said.
"Sir.. you have to listen to me please.. I'm saying the truth, I did no such thing to her." Amanda said.
Desmond ignored that and walked away with Gold who smiled triumphantly within her.
Amanda turned to Lady Monica.
"Ma, I did no such thing.. How can I try something like that. She's lying."
Lady Monica walked over to her. "I know you are saying the truth but you see, my son is too blind to get whatever that is happening. I won't let him fire you. I know Odeya won't as well. I will make sure he get back to his senses. Now I blame myself. It was all my fault. If only I wasn't pressurizing him to get a wife, then he wouldn't have met the bad woman. I will fix this okay. It's okay. Don't worry Amanda. I will take it up from here." she said and with that, walked out.
She saw Gold and Desmond heading upstairs.
"Desmond. Wait there." She said and walked to them.
"Mom, what is it?"
"I don't think your girlfriend is being truthful. Do you think Amanda would do such a thing to her? I don't believe that." she said.
Gold scoffed within.
"I don't care what you believe mom. Gold is my girlfriend. She is the one you have to believe. If you dont want to, then you can start leaving now." Desmond said.
"What? How dare you Desmond, how dare you tell me to leave your house. Ara on'apugi? - Are you crazy?"
"Because you are causing a fuss here. It all started when you came mom!" Desmond half yelled.
"I will slap you if you shout at me again." Lady Monica said.
"Baby, it's okay. Let's go."Gold said.
"Yeah." Desmond said and they continued their walk upstairs.
"Desmond stop right there." Lady Monica said but Desmond ignored that as they soon turned into the bedrooms corridor.

"It's okay ma, I will leave. I will leave today." Amanda said as she stood at the dinning.
Lady Monica turned to her. "Don't say that Amanda. This is your home. You can't leave."
"What do you mean by here is my home?" Amanda asked.
Lady Monica walked to her and smiled.
"Do you remember the woman who lost her bag some months ago? You found the bag and returned it to her. Do you remember?" Lady Monica asked.
Amanda stared at her for seconds then asked. "Are are you the woman ma?"
"Yes I am." Lady Monica answered.
Amanda gasped.
They got to the room and on opening it, there sitting on the bed was Odeya with Gold's bag in front of her and in her hand was a small black container with tiny red cloth tied around it.
She wasn't expecting to see them so she got quite scared and immediately dropped the container.
Gold gasped.
"Sorry for looking into your bag. In the morning, I peeped in and saw you looking at that. I thought it's a lip gloss. I wanted to see it again tho. I couldn't open it so I don't know what it's about." Deya said.
Gold slumped to the floor and began coughing out blood.
Desmond squatted and grabbed her in his arms "Baby! what's wrong.. What's wrong with you?" Then immediately, the charm vanished from his eyes and he was shocked and confused to see Gold Benson in his arms, coughing out blood.
He dropped her off his arms immediately and stood up. "What is she doing here? Why is she here? Gold Bension, what are you doing in my house? How did you get here?"
Odeya blinked twice with dropped jaw. She got down from the bed.
"Dad.. what do you mean by how she got here?"
"Please help me..hel..help me please." Gold said weakling.
Odeya rushed out to call her grandmother and Amanda.
"Gold.. How the hell did you get here and why are you coughing out blood?"
"Take me to Baba Jeje. Take me there or I'm going to die."
"What are you doing in my house, coughing out blood." Desmond asked, totally confused.
"Odeya what is it?" Lady Monica asked Odeya who ran to them.
"It's the lady. She's coughing out blood and then Dad is asking how she got here and why she is here. Come on, we have to hurry." Deya said.
Amanda and Lady Monica looked at themselves then stood up and rushed upstairs.
They barged into the room when Gold was about to confess.
"Chi mo! What is this!" Lady Monica exclaimed.
Amanda scoffed. "She perfectly understood the situation. Her dream was indeed true."
"Mom.. You are here. I don't understand what's going on. Are you the one who brought Gold here?" Desmond asked.
"Hia! Wonders shall never end o!" Lady Monica exclaimed.
Gold held her throat as she kept coughing out blood.
"We should take her to the hospital." Odeya said.
"I...I wanted you so..much..." Gold began her confession. "..you.. were.. playing hard...to to get..I wanted you.. I wanted." she coughed and continued. "..I wanted you to...myself Desmond. And when you...refused..I had no other...other choice than to..to.. to go to Baba Jeje for a love and control charm to..win your heart."
"Oh my God.." Deya gasped with her hands on her mouth. "So that thing is a charm?"
Lady Monica walked to Gold and gave her a thunderous slap. "How dare you use my son!"
Amanda rushed over and pulled her out. "Please ma, she's coughing out blood already."
"No, leave me let me deal with this witch. Anuofia - wild animal.. You are going to die you evil woman."
At that moment, Desmond began recollecting the memories. How he had eaten Gold's meal.
He could remember driving to Gold's house to pick her up.
He could remember having s*x with her that night in her house.
He could remember bring her home to see his daughter and he could remember all that took place.
Then he could remember how he still let her come for a weekend stay ignoring his daughter's hatred for her.
He remembered defending Gold so much and yelling at his daughter.
He slumped to the floor with his hands on his head and his face on his knees as he remembered every single thing.
"Daddy." Deya said and rushed over to him. "Daddy are you okay?"
Desmond with tears in his eyes, looked up at his daughter and hugged her.
"I'm so sorry darling.. I'm so sorry."
"Please help me.." Gold pleaded.
"We have to do something ma." Amanda said.
"Where is the charm. Where did you keep it?" Lady Monica asked Gold.
Deya still hugging her dad answered that. "The charm is lying on the bed there. I peeped on her this morning holding it. I thought it was a lipgloss. I was curious and wanted to see it again. I had no idea what it was."
"Please help me. Take me to Baba Jeje.. He's the only one that can make me live." Gold said.
"God forbid that I will step my feet in a shrine." Lady Monica said and walked to the bed. She picked the charm and her bag and dropped it on Gold's feet.
"Take it and get out of here." she said.
"I..I need my cellphone." Gold said. Amanda got it for her and Gold made a call to Chioma.
Chioma picked up on the second ring. "Please..come..to.. Desmond's house. I need you..to take me somewhere."
"Somewhere and why's your voice that way?" Chioma asked.
Amanda grabbed the phone and placed it on her ear.
"Come over immediately. Don't waste time or you might loose your friend. Come quickly." Amanda said and dropped the call.
Gold suddenly stopped coughing out blood.
They thought all has ended but instead, the worse started, Gold began talking to herself, grinning, scattering her hair and trying to take her clothes off.
Desmond stood up and walked out with Deya.
"Dad where are you going? She's gone insane." Deya asked.
"I can't let you see that much blood and a lady insane." Desmond said and held Odeya as they walked downstairs. They walked out and entered the car.
"Once you close the gate, go upstairs, you are needed there." Desmond said to I.K then drove out.
"Wetin dey need me for upstairs?" I.K wondered and headed to the house.
"Dad, where are we going?" Odeya asked.
"I don't know. I just wanna go somewhere for now." Desmond said.
"Are we leaving her with my nanny and grandmom?"
"They will do something." Desmond said and turned to the next road.
I.K reached upstairs and heard noises coming from the master's bedroom.
"Wetin dey happen inside there?" he wondered and opened the door.
It was Amanda and Lady Monica staring at Gold who's been tied on her feet and hands, talking and laughing to herself.
I.K jumped back in fright. "Chineke mo. What is this? Na madness be this o!" he exclaimed.

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