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Heart Doctor 2 - Episode3


Heart Doctor 2 - Episode3

©Rejoice Jeremiah

Amanda prepared breakfast and served it on the dinning.
Odeya had woken up about thirty minutes ago and sat quietly at the dinning table.
When she woke up and came out of her room, she met her dad at the corridor.
Desmond rushed to her and squatted in front of her and took her hands.
"Darling, I wanna apologize for last night. I'm really sorry I got too harsh on you." he said.
"It's all because of her. I don't need your apology if she's still in here." She said and walked away.
"Deya.. Deya.." he called but she gave him no answer.
Gold came out. "What's wrong honey?"
Desmond stood up and sighed. "Odeya.. She's quite annoyed with me. I hope she forgives me soon." he said.
Gold walked to him and put her arms around him.. "It's okay. I'm sure she will. She's only a little girl."
"Yeah.." he said and peeked her. "You haven't gone to the bathroom yet?"
"I was about to when I heard your voice." she said.
"Go on now, breakfast would soon be set." he said.
She smiled and they walked back in. Gold entered the bathroom and Desmond sat on the edge of the bed and took his phone from the bedside table.. As he was doing so, his eyes landed on Gold's bag.
He picked the phone, gazed at the bag once more then unzipped it to see all kinds of cosmetics.
"Looking through a lady's bag. That's not man like." he said, smiled and zipped it back.
He needed to make a call to his secretary.
Amanda sat down beside Odeya. "Let's eat now." she said.
Odeya picked her spoon.
"You know your grand mom is visiting today?" Amanda asked her.
"Grandma? No I don't. Why's she coming today of all days." Deya said.
"What? Ain't you happy that she's visiting?" Amanda asked.
"Not while that lady is still in here. Grandma is going to fall for her. Grandma wants my dad to get married. She'd be happy to see her." Deya said.
Amanda exhaled. "It's okay. Eat up and no talking while eating." she said.
"Nanny, can I ask you something?" Deya said.
"What's that?"
"Do you still like my daddy?"
Amanda dropped her spoon and began coughing. She grabbed the glass of water and gulped down. She got better after that and dropped back the glass.
"Are you okay?" Deya asked.
Amanda nodded, "yeah. I'm fine."
"So can you answer my question now and no lies." Deya said.
Amanda breathed out and picked her spoon back. "I..I don't." she said.
"I know you're gonna lie. I had a dream last night." Deya said.
"What, dream?" Amanda asked.
"I dreamt about you and dad together. It was beautiful..but it's something I don't want happening. I want only dad and mom to be together." Deya said.
Amanda nodded. "It's fine. Come on, eat your food. It's getting cold." she said.
Just then, Desmond and Gold walked down the staircase and over to the dinning. They sat down and opened their meals.
Amanda and Gold shared a stern look before each one faced her meal.
Gold was the first to take a spoon and smiled at Amanda. "This is delicious but I don't know if I'm the only one that think there's a bit excess of salt." she said.
Amanda scoffed and looked at Desmond. It's the first time he was going to eat the food she prepared. As she looked at him, he also looked at her and their eyes met. Amanda this time, looked longer including Desmond who was the first to look away back to is meal. Amanda then followed suit.
Gold studied that, including Odeya.
"Oh really..I'm sure Deya would have complained if there is. Let me see." Desmond said and took a spoon. Amanda looked at him again as he put the spoon in his mouth, chewed and swallowed.
"There is right?" Gold asked with a smirk smile at Amanda.
Desmond chuckled. "No, there isn't. It's perfect."
Now it was Amanda's turn to smirk smile. Gold's face changed and Amanda gave her own smirk smile.
"Oh.. then I guess it's from my mouth. I might fall sick soon. It's one of the Symptoms that I get when I'm about getting a fever." she said and smiled at Amanda.
Amanda's mind raced at the mention of sickness.
'She might get sick soon? What kind of sickness. It can't be pregnancy right? No way. It can't be.'
"Sick? I'll take you to a hospital today OK." Desmond said.
"No honey. I'm much fine. I'll see my doctor when I get back home." Gold said and picked her spoon again. "Even though it taste salty to me, It's still delicious and I can't waste such a delicious food. If mother in law hears that, she'll definitely shout me to shrink. All mothers hate to see food wasted." Gold said and took a spoon.
"Mother in law!?" Odeya said. "Who are you talking about?" she asked Gold.
Gold smiled. "Oh sweetie, grandma is visiting today and I'm going to call her mother in law but that won't be today but I'll definitely call her that soon. It's okay, let's eat. It's a bad habit to talk while meal is going on. Let's eat." she said and smirked at Amanda who was staring at her with rage.
Odeya dropped her spoon. "Well I think I lost my appetite. I'll be in my room nanny. See me when you are done." she said, and stood up.
"Baby, what's wrong. Come on, sit down and eat OK." Desmond said.
Odeya grabbed her glass of juice, gulped it all, dropped back the empty glass, then walked away.
Gold laughed within.
Desmond turned to Amanda. "She haven't eaten anything yet. Take the food and make her eat it all." he said to her.
Amanda stood up and without saying anything, she placed Odeya's meal and hers on a tray, and before walking away, her eyes and Gold's met and Gold smirked while she had nothing to do but walk away.
'No matter what you think you are Gold, I believe with my life that you don't belong here. It's a matter of time, and you are gone away from Desmond and her daughter.'
"Are you sure you don't wanna go to the hospital?" Desmond asked Gold after Amanda had gone upstairs.
Gold smiled. "No I'm fine. I said I'll see my doctor when I go back."
"Won't that be on Monday? That's kinda far." Desmond said.
"Not really. Don't worry about that honey, eat up." Gold said.
"I got to worry about you baby. It's okay.." Desmond said. Gold smiled.
'I hope to get pregnant with your child soon. So even if the charm goes away, you will have no other choice.' Gold said within.
Amanda entered Odeya's room with the tray of food. Odeya lay on her bed going through a comic book.
"Deya, get up so you can finish your food." Amanda said as she sat down beside Odeya and placed the tray on her laps.
"I lost my appetite, so how do you expect me to eat?" Odeya said.
"I know you are hungry Deya.. Leave them aside for now and fill your stomach. Do you want to go to the market with me?" Amanda said.
"I've never gone to the market." she said.
"Would you like to go today?" Amanda asked.
"Maybe, then I wanna go see Jeremy today too." Deya said.
"No, I don't think we can see Jeremy today because grandma is visiting. We will see him tomorrow. So get up and eat so you can be able to see him tomorrow." Amanda said.
"What do you mean?" Deya asked.
"If you don't eat, you will fall very sick and won't have the strength to go see him. Do you want that?" Amanda said.
"No, I don't but really, I don't want to eat. The meal is already cold." Deya said.
"It isn't. Sit up, sit up." Amanda said and pulled her up.
"Argh, leave me alone." Deya said.
Amanda smiled as she took a spoon. "Open your mouth now, ahh."
"I don't want to." Deya said.
"Then you won't be able to see Jeremy tomorrow if you don't. If you want to see him, then eat your breakfast, your lunch and your dinner today. If you miss one, no seeing of Jeremy tomorrow." Amanda said.
"Really? Fine I will eat." Deya said and opened her mouth. Amanda fed her.
"You want me to feed you?" Amanda asked.
Yes." Deya said.
Amanda smiled. "No problem."
"I just remembered. I have to collect two thousand naira from dad and give it back to peter. I don't wanna talk to dad. Can you tell him for me?" Odeya asked.
Amanda exhaled. "He's your dad Deya. You should tell him anything."
"I don't wanna talk to him. Do it for me." She said.
"It's okay. I will, probably when he's giving me money for the market." Amanda said.
An hour later, after Desmond and Gold were through with their breakfast and sat at the sitting room. They both were watching music videos when Gold stood up.
"You wanna see me dance?" she asked.
Desmond laughed. "Let's see then."
As Gold was about to start a dance, a knock cane at the door, then the door opened and I.K walked in.
"Oga good morning. Madam good morning." he greeted them.
Gold was pleased with the madam title.
"Thank you I.k.. What brings you this morning?" Desmond asked.
I.k walked closer to him and made a pitiful face. "Oga abeg pity me. My daughter wey dey village don dey sick for days now. My wife don call call but I no get any money. Na why I come make I beg you to give me fifteen thousand from my salary. Abeg oga."
Gold sat back beside Desmond and placed her legs on him.
'Oh chim o!' I.k exclaimed within.
" Is it only fifteen thousand that's her hospital bill?" Desmond asked.
"Ehn, na how much my wife tell me but oga, if you still wan add small, I go thank you well well but that one make e no be from my salary." I.k said with a grin.
Desmond chuckled and took his phone. "I will transfer the money to you now so you can send to your wife. Make sure you send all the money 0to her." he said.
I.k smiled. "I go do am sir."
"Honey, you are sending him the money already without trying to know if he's saying the truth or just trying to get his salary before the due time?" Gold said to Desmond.
I.k couldn't believe what he just heard. 'Who be this woman? Where she come from? Oga no listen to am o.'
Desmond smiled. "It's okay baby, I.k had worked for me for three years so I know him very well. I'm sure he's saying the truth."
I.k nodded with a relieved smile. "Thank you Oga." he said.
Gold gave I.k stern glance then shrugged and smiled at Desmond, " that's okay honey. Just want you to be careful before spending your money on some people." she said.
Desmond transfered twenty thousand to I.k's bank account. I.k got the alert instantly and took out his phone from his pocket, he opened the message and gasped. "Oga, thank you.. Thank you very much."
"You can go now." Desmond said.
"Yes sir.. Thank you. God bless you." I.k said and left.
Gold scoffed. "Honey, how much is his salary and why did you make such a man who can't speak good English your gateman?" she asked.
"He's a good man baby. To me, It doesn't matter if you are educated or not, if you can do your job well." Desmond said.
"How much is his salary?" she asked again.
"Forty thousand." he said.
"What! Forty thousand naira and he's telling you that he has no money to send to his wife?"
"Baby, what do you mean? I'm even planning on adding twenty thousand to his salary from next month. He has children in the village that he pays school fees and sends money for food to. He's a family man." Desmond said.
Gold rolled her eyes. "Whatever. You can't pay a gate man sixty thousand naira. They are others who collect just twenty to twenty five thousand. Those who can even speak good English."
Desmond chuckled. "Don't bother about these things baby."
"Then how much is that girl's salary. I mean Odeya's nanny?" Gold asked.
Desmond smiled at her, wondering why she just want to know his house workers salary.
Nevertheless, he was about to answer when they heard noise at the staircase. Amanda and Odeya were heading down, dressed up and ready to go to the market.
Gold positioned her legs well on Desmond's thighs then touched his hair with a smile, with the motive of getting both Odeya and Amanda angered.
Amanda saw that and scoffed. She walked to them, standing in front of them.
She and Gold exchanged glaring looks before she turned to Desmond.
"Sir, I will be taking Odeya to the market. She wants to go with me. Can I?"
Desmond looked at Odeya who was behind them. "Deya, you wanna go to the market with your nanny? You never liked that. Why do you wanna go to the market now?" he asked.
Odeya gave him no answer.
Meanwhile as he was looking at Odeya, Amanda glanced at Gold's legs on Desmond thighs and Gold on noticing that, adjusted her legs more and Amanda looked at her with glaring eyes. Gold smirked at her. Both began sharing glaring eyes.
"Deya, ain't you going to answer me?" Desmond asked.
"I want to because I feel comfortable with her. More comfortable than even with you." Deya said.
Desmond felt a little stitch of ache in his heart at what his daughter just told him but he can't show it. He smiled. "It's fine. You can go with her." he said and turned back to Amanda. Instantly stopped their glaring and threatening looks at each other. Amanda turned back to Desmond.
"Sir, can I get the money? I've listed all that is needed in the kitchen and the total is thirty seven thousand naira." Amanda said.
Gold scoffed. 'It's obvious she wanna steal. I'm certain the items won't reach up to twenty five thousand.'
Desmond turned to Gold. "I will go upstairs to get the money. I'll be right back."
Gold smiled. "Alright honey." she said and brought down her legs from his thighs. Desmond stood up and hurried upstairs.
Gold crossed her legs and smiled at Amanda. "Is this the way you steal from this house? By adding more money?" she said in a low voice but audible enough for Amanda to hear.
Amanda ignored her and moved a bit away. Gold laughed and picked Desmond's phone which was on the table.
"My fiancé is such a generous boss. He just transfered money to his gateman and now he believes thirty seven thousand are all going into kitchen items. Isn't he a very good man whom every lady would crawl to get?"
Amanda inhaled and tried hard to control herself from exploding and saying things.
"You are no difference from those ladies." that was Odeya suing behind Gold.
Gold turned and Odeya "what do you mean?"
Amanda wanted to answer that but saw Desmond and swallowed back.
"Peter would take you to the supermarket. There's an extra in case of necessity." Desmond said as he handed Amanda the money.
"Then we will be going now sir." Amanda said.
"Take care of Odeya and return quick enough." Desmond said.
"Okay sir." Amanda said and walked out with Odeya. Immediately, Gold turned to Desmond. "Honey, you shouldn't have given her extra. I'm sure those the items in the kitchen isn't up to thirty five thousand naira."
"I'm even surprised it's that less. Other nannies and house help who left listed more than forty five thousand naira." Desmond said.
Gold rolled her eyes.
Once inside the car, Amanda handed peter his two thousand naira.
"Oh thank you." he said.
Amanda looked at odeya and smiled.

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