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Heart Doctor 2 - Episode2


Heart Doctor 2 - Episode2

©Rejoice Jeremiah

Amanda woke up from her sleep and all thanks to the dream, she realized it was 6:45am.

She rubbed her eyes, sat up and stretched herself then narrowed her eyes as she thought of the strange dream.

"What was that dream about? Gold was controlling Desmond with a remote instead of a television? What kind of dream was that?"

She stood up and headed to the bathroom to wash her face and brush up.

As she faced the mirror in the bathroom and saw the cheek where she had been slapped last night, she exhaled and splashed water on her face.

"I guess I gave her chance.... If I had slapped her back, I'm sure I would have been fired and Odeya would be all alone." she said and picked her toothbrush.

As she brushed her teeth, the dream came again.

'I rarely have dreams and when I do, it's like a revelation. What could this dream mean? Does it mean Gold is controlling Desmond? How? I certainly know something is fishy about their sudden relationship. Did I say sudden? I've only been here for few days. Maybe they had been dating for months without anyone knowing. She must be controlling him in a normal woman power way. I don't need to think deep about this.'

She finished brushing, wiped her face and walked out, she changed her night wear to a jogger pants and a comfy short sleeve shirt.

She remembered her mom calling last night and picked her phone.

"No, she will still be sleeping now. I will call her in an hour time." she said and dropped her phone back.

She went out of her room, walked to the opposite room and opened Odeya's door.

Odeya was still asleep.

She closed back the door and without glancing an eye at Desmond's door, she headed downstairs to start the morning chores.

She don't have much to do today, like always. Just the usual cooking, cleaning the sitting room, Odeya's bedroom and doing some laundry with the washing machine. The exterior/compound of the house is usually taken care of by I.k
Amanda got to the kitchen and proceeded to prepare breakfast of cooked yam and egg sauce.

Desmond isn't going to work today, does that mean he's at least going to eat something else more than taking tea?

She hopes so..

'Ah what I'm I thinking?' she waved her thoughts off and went on with what she was doing.

"Food stuffs are almost finished. Does this mean that I have to go to the market today?" she asked as she stared at the almost empty cupboard and fridge.

"Yes you have to." Someone said at the door and Amanda turned. It's Desmond.

Her eyes first landed on his abs which were displayed in the tight polo. She could see the lines of his six pack.

She quickly looked away.. "Good morning sir." she greeted and turned back to the cupboard.
'What's he doing in the kitchen this early?' Amanda wondered. 'He should stay stock in that room with his girlfriend'

Wait, his dressing. It looked like he went for a work out.

"I'll call peter to drive you to the market in two hours time. My mother is visiting today.. The food should be ready before eleven." he said.

'What? Lady Monica is coming?'

"What..what do I cook sir? What does she love to eat?" I asked without turning.

"Fried rice is okay." he said.

'Why's Mrs Monica coming? Is he going to introduce her officially to his girlfriend?' Amanda wondered.

"Did anything happen between you and my girlfriend last night?" he asked.

'Did she tell him? If she did then he wouldn't ask question but take actions. I think she didn't.'
Amanda said within.

"No. Nothing.." she answered.
"How was Odeya last night?" he asked.

Amanda scoffed..'Tch... So you really want to know.'

"She slept off after eating.. She's still sleeping." Amanda answered with a sneer. Next, he walked to the fridge, took a bottle of water and glass. He Poured into the glass and gulped down. Amanda's eyes went to his neck, to his Adams apple and she inhaled at the way the water went down.. It look even breathtaking.

Then she immediately got to her senses and quickly looked away.
'What do I start with. Yam, yes yam.' she went for the yam.

Desmond kept back the bottle and glass and closed the fridge then turned to Amanda who couldn't look at him but at the yam she held.

"What's for breakfast?" he asked.
"White yam with egg sauce." Amanda answered.

He said nothing and walked out.
Amanda turned and exhaled. "I thought he was going to say 'hurry up, I'm hungry or something like that. Is he going to have tea again on a weekend morning?'

She sighed and turned back to the yam.

"It's nothing I should worry about." she concluded and began peeling the yam.

Desmond went upstairs and opened his daughter's room.. She was still sleeping.

He went in, squatted beside her and touched her hair.

"I'm sorry my baby.. I was a little harsh last night. I hope you forgive me and accept Gold as your new mom because she's going to become your new mom soon." he said then stood up and walked out.. He met Gold coming out from his room.

"Hey babe, you are awake." he said.

"Yeah.. You went for a work out? Why didn't you wake me up.. I work out too." she asked.

"I'm sorry.. Didn't wanna disturb your beauty sleep." he said and kissed her.

They walked into his room.

"How's she, I mean your daughter?" Gold asked.

"She's sleeping. I know I was too harsh on her last night" He said.
Gold rolled her eyes. "There you go again. I see no harshness in what you did last night. She's only a little girl and don't give you orders. You are her father and she should do whatever you say." Gold said.

Desmond smiled and touched her cheek. "God, I didn't tell you this."

"My mom is visiting today. Would you mind seeing her?" Desmond said.

Gold wasn't quite excited about that but she smiled.. "I would love to meet her. She must be very beautiful." she said.

Desmond chuckled."She's a little troublesome." he said.

Gold laughed. "All mothers are."

Desmond took her hands in his and they stared into each other's eyes. "I love you so much Baby." he said.

"I love you too." Gold said and they kissed.

"I'll go wash up." Desmond said and went to the bathroom.

Gold smiled and looked at her bag.
 She walked over to it, opened it and smiled at the charm container in a black container with a small red rope tied around it. She took it out, admired it for few seconds before keeping it back carefully in her bag.

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