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Heart Doctor 2 - Episode17


Heart Doctor 2 - Episode17

©Rejoice Jeremiah

(Ekene's residence)
"O boy! Na wetin? Wetin happen?"
 John, Ekene's friend shouted as he entered Ekene's room and saw empty bottles of alcohol and cigarettes AK over the place.
Ekene was smoking one with his back on his bed and a half filled alcohol in his other hand.

"I dey ask you." John said.

"Boy you no go understand. I dey go find my babe. She no fit leave me. Amanda no fit leave me." Ekene said.

John chuckled and settled on a plastic chair.

"You see your life eh? You see your life Ekene? When I dey warn you, wetin you tell me? I tell you say make you handle that babe with care. Make you dey treat am well. Make you love am and forget all this small small girls wey she dey see you and them with but you tell me say make I leave that thing.
Now, you see wetin don happen? Sef na because of her wey I come."

Ekene looked at him. "Wetin happen? She don come back?"

"No no no, as they speak to you now ehn, I sure say Amanda don dey prepare to come carry her mama to island. That babe don jam better guy." John said.

Ekene sat up. "Wetin you dey talk?"

John took out his tecno android and flipped through his gallery. Then have the phone to Ekene
"See for yourself guy! You no dey enter online na. I see this one for Facebook. I mad! Na one guy dey be my friend for Facebook post am.. Watch the video." John said.

The cigarette on Ekene's hand fell off his hand as he saw the pictures of Desmond and Amanda while Demons was proposing to Amanda. John quickly grabbed the cigarette from the carpet.

"Bia! Wetin be your own? You wan burn pesin house? Abeg give me my phone before you break am" John said and tried taking his phone but Ekene halted him.

"Wait wait, na my Amanda be this?" he asked.

John shook his head. "Noo, na him Amanda. No be your own again."

Ekene sprang up from the floor. "E no fit happen! I go go there, go collect my babe!"

The newly lovers spent half of their night in the sitting room, watching movies while cuddling each other.

And when they finally went upstairs to retire to bed, Amanda got to her bedroom door and turned to Desmond.

"Goodnight," she said.

Desmond was holding her hand and when she said that, he smiled and kissed her. "Goodnight my love," he said and released her hand.

He watched her enter the room and close the door very slowly. When it finally closed, he breathed out happily as he looked at the closed door.

He felt like not letting her go tonight.

He felt like going in and holding her tightly till morning comes.
Every moment they had shared cuddling each other in the sitting room had kicked up another undying feeling.

He will have her for the rest of his life. Such a woman is damn rare to find.

He felt like not going to his room, but wish to spend the rest of the night with the woman that he love.

He breathed out again then turned to head to his room. He had walked only two steps when he heard Amanda's room door open.
He stopped, wondering if it's the door that actually opened.

He had to be sure, so he turned to see and there she was at the door with one hand holding the doorknob.

There was a soft and tender look on her face that made his heart skip in an excited way without him knowing why.

He took two steps towards and looked into her eyes as he asked. "You want to get something downstairs?"

Amanda shook her head and answered "No."

She wondered what is wrong with her.

She hopes what she is about to do won't be a regret later.
She is about acting so immature again. She hopes this bring a stronger bond to their relationship.

She isn't drunk. She wants to do this with her eyes and mind cleared.

She hopes that she's doing the right thing but another side of her wants her to stop but she don't want to.

"Are you okay?" Desmond asked as he took another closer step.
"Yeah I'm fine...think I.. No, I'm okay." she said and instantly closed the door, back in her room. She dropped herself at the door and breathed out.

"Ah I'm so insane. What was I thinking?" she asked herself.

Desmond got frightened with her actions and began knocking on the door but she didn't respond.

"If you have something to tell me sweetie, I promise to listen to you. Please open the door if you are okay." he said.

Amanda sighed. "I'm fine. Goodnight." she said, walked to her bed and laid down.

Desmond sighed Alon hearing her answer. "It's okay my love. But if you wanna talk to me, I'll give a listening ear." Desmond said.

He got no answer
After waiting for few minutes, he breathed out and said. "Goodnight love." with that, he turned and went into his room.

The time was was 2:35am when Amanda sprang up from the bed, sweating even though the air condition was on.

She had a dream.

She couldn't even wait for a second, she got down from her bed, barefooted as she ran out of her room and to Desmond's. Without even knocking, she opened the door which Desmond didn't bother to lock and rushed in.

Seeing Desmond sleeping soundly on the king sized bed. She pushed her hair back and breathed in relief.

'What kind of dream was that?'
She stood and watched for a while and then turned to leave when he called her name.


She halted, turned and saw his eyes open and looking at her.
She got a bit frightened. "I..I thought you were asleep." she said.

He shook his head with a smile and gestured her to come. "Come over and stay with me, I had a bad dream and woke up only to see you in here. Don't go please." he said.

"Bad dream?" she asked.

"Yes but stay here with me and everything will be alright." he said.

She slowly walked to the bed and sat down at the edge. "I had a bad dream too."

He sat up and backhugged her.
"It's okay. Whatever the dream was. It's never gonna happen. We can pray against it right?" he asked.

Amanda nodded her head.

Desmond smiled and released the hug.

"Get your legs in my love. Turn to me, let's hold hands together and pray."

Amanda did as he said and he took her hands in his.

Amanda was stunned by what he said they should do. Some men would only say 'it's a dream' but the wealthy guy facing her right now, had taken her hands and said 'Let's pray against it'
What a man!

"Let's pray." Desmond said.
"Don't you want to hear the dream and I hear urs first then we pray?" Amanda asked.

Desmond smiled and squeezed her hand softly. "You don't need to tell me about it. The God we are about to pray to knows about it already and would cancel such from becoming a reality," he said.

Amanda stared at him amazingly before nodding her head. Both stared into each other's eyes.
"Close your eyes." he said to her and she did. He closed his.

"In Jesus name" he began.

"Amen" Amanda answered.
Amanda rubbed her eyes and gently opened it.

Yes she was in Desmond's room and on his bed.

She turned to the side Desmond had laid but he was not there anymore nor in the room.

She could feel and see the ray of the sun from the window curtain.
'Sun??' she looked at the wall clock and gasped when she saw the time. 9:19am
She quickly sat up and removed the duvet off her body.
As she stood up to rush out to Odeya's room, the door opened and Desmond came in with a tray of tea and slices of bread.

"Hey babe, come on, have a sit. Good morning." he said.

"I..I'm so sorry I overslept." Amanda said.

"It's okay babe, sit back down and have this." he said.

"Amanda looked at the tray and then at him. "Ain't you going to work and what about Odeya?"

"I will and I've taken care of Odeya and she's downstairs watching a movie. She says you should get enough rest." Desmond said. Amanda carried the tray and settled back down on the bed.
"Thank you so much.. But you- " she was saying but he placed a finger on her lips.

"Don't say that. I had fun making this. You've had sleepless nights at the hospital, taking care of Deya. Now, you need as much rest as you want." he said.

Amanda smiled. "Thank you so much" she said and took a sip.
"Hmm, sweet" she said.

Desmond smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "Don't come out until you are done with that. I'm downstairs doing some cleaning." he said.

Amanda stood up immediately. "What? Why. I could have done that, not you."

"Sometimes, its fun cleaning" he said and with that, he kissed her forehead and headed to the door. Getting there, he turned. "I love you Amanda." he said and didnt wait for her to reply before walking out and closing the door.

Amanda stared at the closed door, exhaled and said quietly. "I love you too Desmond."4

Desmond got downstairs and Odeya on seeing him said. "Dad, I can hear some noise outside at the gate, I think the gate keeper is exchanging words with someone."
Desmond paid attention and when he heard the noise, he took out his phone and made a call to I.K.

I.K who blocked the gate with his whole body felt his phone ringing in his pocket.

He looked at Ekene and eyed him.
"Wait, my phone dey ring. I know say na my oga. If I pick this call now, na police station you go find yourself if you no carry this your takalami comot from this area this minute!" I.K threatened.

Ekene flared up. "Tell that your oga make him come out, with my babe. If he no want make I kill am, bury am today."

"Who you dey talk. You don forget wey you dey? Wait first." I.k said then got out his phone and picked it up.

"Yes, na my oga. Hello oga!"

"Yes I.k, what's happening there?"
"Hm Oga, na wan idiot o. He say make you come out with Amanda - eh, sorry, Madam. Shey she be him babe.. Say if you no do so, he go kill you and bury you but Oga sir. Don't worry. I go deal with am. Na small boy"

"What's his name. Get his names and tell him to wait for me. I'm coming." Desmond said.

"Bia, wetin be your names? My oga say make you wait am, him dey come."

"Tell Amanda say Ekene don come. I dey wait am."

"Oga.. Him say him name na Ekene. I talk am say people way dey answer Ekene no get brain"

"I will be out. Tell him to calm down and wait for me." Desmond said and dropped the call.

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