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Heart Doctor 2 - Episode12


Heart Doctor 2 - Episode12

©Rejoice Jeremiah

Two days Later
The previous day was really uneventful.

Nothing special happened.
Desmond left to work very early in the morning and returned late too after which he told Amanda that Henry is back to work but before that, Amanda have heard it already from Chioma who she spoke with.

Nothing again was said between them. Everyone retired to his and her room.
But as Amanda was preparing Odeya's breakfast and school lunch, Desmond walked in and she was quick to notice due to the sound of his flipflops.

She turned and greeted him "Goodmorning sir,"

"Thanks Amanda. Please I want a plate of that too," he said.

Amanda was surprised. "You mean this spaghetti?"

"Yes." Desmond answered.

'Okay what the heck? He has never taken anything part from tea in the morning, why is he wanting to eat spaghetti suddenly?' Amanda wondered.

Yesterday, they really didn't speak with each other like the last two nights.

It was stupid, but sincerely, she was hoping that he calls her out for another drink but last night, none of that happened.

"Okay sir," she answered.

He walked to the refrigerator, opened it and took out a bottle of cold water and a drinking glass.
"For two months that I brought Odeya to Nigeria, none of her nannies were able to stay more than a week with her. She was sassy and a bunch of complainer and insulter. I'm surprised about you Amanda," he said and drank the water which he had poured into the glass cup.

Amanda couldn't understand why her heart skipped at that.

It felt like when your boyfriend is praising you for being the best girlfriend in the world.

Amanda felt really excited but she had no idea what to say.

Thank goodness he spoke again..
"You'd make a good mom to your kids, your man would be very lucky to have you as his woman," he told her and, it felt like a torture to her.

Why's he telling her that.

Is he trying to play with her heart, mind, body and soul?

But what Amanda didn't notice was the smile on Desmond's face as he left the kitchen.

She rushed to the door, peeped out to make sure he was really out. She walked back to the counter.

"Why is he telling me something like that?" she sighed.

Desmond walked back upstairs to prepare for work.

As he took his bathe, it was the best moment to think about his conversation with Henry yesterday.

"I can't believe I'm back here. It's like a dream. I can't imagine myself with you Desmond and without this company," Henry said.

They were in his office.

"That's okay. I can't loose you because of the stupid thing I did. Like I told you yesterday, Really, it was my fault. If only I haven't eaten those meals she brought. I think it all began with them. But I'm grateful to God that it didn't get to far to stop," Desmond said.

"Desmond, I hope you find a place in your heart to sincerely forgive her soon. She's being cured right now but they said she'd need your forgiveness to get fully okay," Henry said.

"I pray that I do," Desmond said and dropped a file in his hands.

"Here, help me to take the blue file to the manager and the green to the HR."

"Alright sir," Henry said then stood up to leave but got stopped by Desmond.

"I think I'm in love," Desmond said.

Henry turned with wide eyes.

"Really? Who's the lucky girl?" he asked.

Desmond chuckled. "I don't really know why I suddenly fell for her. But I noticed how sweet and beautiful she is. She's natural, nice, understanding and can change someone," he said.

"Wow!" Henry exclaimed and walked back to the table. "Who's she?"

"My daughter's nanny, Amanda," Desmond said.

Henry jaw dropped. "What? Tell me you are joking right now."

Desmond exhaled. "I want to make her my wife. Such a person that was able to change my daughter in just a week. Such a person that was so damn bothered about Gold who wanted to make my house a living hell for her. I think she's one of a kind. I've never met a lady like her," he said.

Henry nodded. "Sincerely she is one of a kind. She calls my sister every day to ask about Gold and promised to do her best to make you change your mind. Sincerely, I think she deserves your love Desmond. She's a good woman," he said.

Desmond smiled. "But I think it's too early to tell her about my feelings."

"I don't think she will refuse a man like you Desmond unless she has a fiancé," Henry said.

"She has no fiancé and she won't say 'yes' to my proposal,"

"Why?" Henry asked.

"Cos she won't believe it's possible. And again, she made a promise to my daughter to bring me and Vanessa back together. Funny right?" Desmond said.

"Really. Vanessa is married. I think it's time you tell that to your daughter," Henry said.

"I think so.."

"And tell Amanda about your feelings too. I believe she is a different woman, beautiful and endowed."

Desmond smiled. "You can go now. We will talk after work," he said.
"Alright," Henry said and walked out.

"Argh I can't believe it.." Henry muttered with an amazed smile.

After preparing and dressing up for work, Desmond went downstairs and as usual, met Odeya having her breakfast with Amanda next to her.

They both shared quick glance and Desmond settled down opposite Odeya.

Amanda prayed not to make eye contact with him.

She stood up "A minute sir," she said and left.

Desmond inhaled
"Deya, how was your night?" he asked.

"It was fine, dad, and yours?"

"Fine as well."

Amanda soon returned with Desmond's meal in a tray. She carefully dropped it in front of him but as she was doing so, her arm brushed on his.

It was electrifying for the both.
Amanda quickly jumped back and both stared at each other in the eyes for few seconds then Amanda was the first to look away.

She left to the kitchen and rested her b*tt on the counter. She sighed and slapped her forehead.

"What's this!?"
"She doesn't look okay right, dad?" Odeya asked after Amanda hurried to the kitchen.


"Dad she likes you," Odeya said causing Desmond to pause the meal he was chewing.

"But I told her you and mom is gonna be back soon," she said.
Desmond sighed.

Amanda only returned when she heard Desmond leaving.

He was already at the exit door when she returned back to the dinning with Deya's lunch box.

Desmond noticed it, turned and glanced at her before walking out.

"I thought maybe you slept off in the kitchen," Odeya said.

Amanda chuckled awkwardly, "of course not."

"Okay, because of my daddy?" Deya asked.

"Huh?" Amanda raised her brows.
"I told him that you like him but he said nothing. It means that he doesn't like you too," Deya said.

Amanda felt hurt by that.

It's just a talk from a little girl but she felt hurt by that.

That Desmond doesn't like her.

Not wanting to think much about it, she quickly wore Deya her bag.
"Let's go," she said.

When Amanda returned from Odeya's school. She got reckless.
She walked to and fro her room in thoughts.

"Is it really through that he doesn't like me? If he doesn't then why did he ask me if I want to marry him two nights ago?"

"Does he still love his ex wife and want her back?"

"What do I do, I'm going crazy?"

"I fell in love with him, I'm so stupid!"

"If only I never helped his mom, I wouldn't be here now! No no, I can't regret helping her, no!"

"What do I do about this!"

"He doesn't like me."
The time was exactly 3:30pm when Odeya saw her dad walk into their class.

"Hello Mr Okoye, are you here to pick Odeya?" Mrs Tonia, their form teacher asked him.

"Yes I am," he said.

"But I thought it's her nannies that pick her up now," Mrs Tonia said.
"I'm going home so I decided to pick her up. I've called her nanny she won't be coming, come dear, let's go," he said.

Odeya stood up from her seat and walked to him.

"Dad, but what's wrong with your voice and why ain't you at work?" she asked.

"Oh, I had cough, let's go," he said and grabbed her hand.

"Bye Deya," her classmates said ad they left the class.

A taxi was waiting for them.

"Dad, why a taxi and not your car?" Deya asked.

"My car suddenly got faulty. I will take you home and pick another one. Let's go baby," he said and Carrie her in. The door closed and the taxi man zoo me off.

Just as they were passing the school gate, Peter and Amanda drove in and Odeya saw the car.

"Dad, but that's my nanny. I thought you said you informed her not to come?" she asked.

He gave her a grinning smile that scared her.

"Do I really look like your dad?" he asked.

"You are not my dad? But you have his face, his body and also wearing the suit he wore today," she said.

"Kid, I'm not your dad. Now sleep awhile. You are going to meet your mother." he said.

"My mother?" Odeya asked.

He didn't answer but took out a handkerchief, pressed it on her nose and she fell asleep.

"Step on the gas Don," he said to the driver.

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