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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 81/82


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 81

©Ambrose Silver


The Vi Carpon and Thunder were matching the An Carpon Lodge when they saw the Angels there guarding the Lodge, The Vi Carpon gave order for them to start firing at the Angels and they started exchanging fire but the Vi Carpon and his men ewrew fully ready so they started firing more than the Angels and the Angels noticed that they were losing the fight and they started retreating from the fight as they started running out from that place and some of the Vikings ran after them.
The Vi Carpon and Thunder with some of their men went into the Lodge and designed it with round of Bullets before they came out and those that pursued the Angels came back while they took their leave.
Few Hours Later, The An Carpon, Succy and some of their Men came back from the Herbalist Shrine. They stopped infront of the An Carpon Lodge and met their members that he kept in guard of the house now very moody and seating on the ground. He walked over to them.
An Carpon: What happened here?
Guy1: We were attacked by the Vikings
Guy2: And their Carpon where with them, They went inside the Lodge and scattered everything with gun.
An Carpon: Shit!!! (He ran inside the Lodge while Succy also followed him)
They got inside the Lodge and saw how everything has scattered. The An Carpon was very angry at that instance, he went over to his personal Documents and found out that is still complete and untouched and he breathed down.
He came outside with Succy and encouraged his men to stand strong that he will soon join them in the fight but he has to do something first.
He got back inside the car with Succy and his men. They drove off out from the premises and drove straight to their Boss house in the City. They got there and horned for the Guards and they opened the Gate for them. They drove into the compound and came down from the Car. The Carpon walked over to where the Guards were and explained everything to do before he started spraying the substance he got from the Herbalist round the compound before he went inside the House and got to his room and sprayed the substance round the Boss door step while Succy and other guys were following him from behind.
When he was done everywhere started shaking seriously.
Ambrose opened his eyes and quickly sprang up from the Bed. Cynthia was surprised that he still have such energy.
Cynthia: Are you ok?
Ambrose: Yes, I need to go somewhere now
Cynthia: Where?
Ambrose: No time for explanations cause something will spoil.
Before Cynthia could ask him any other thing he disappeared.
Cynthia: This Boy won’t just rest, who knows what his up to, just very strange to understand. (she said before she took her phone to continue pressing).
Ambrose appeared infront of the door step and by now his covering his face.
An Carpon: You! What is your problem, so you are the one that took our Boss.
Ambrose didt talk to him rather he made sign for them to go out
An Carpon: Am not going anywhere.
The An Carpon secretly brought out the substance and sprayed it at Ambrose.
Presh lead the Angels to Attack the Viqueens at their slaughtering ground cause they got information that the Viqueens are hiding there.
They got there and opened fire on the building while the Viqueens also started firing back at the Angels. Presh was able to take down 9 Viqueens while the Viqueens took down 4 Angels. The Viqueens started retreating since they noticed that they were the ones losing on the fight. One of the Viqueens called Sparkling for backup. Within 8 minutes, Sparkling and some of her girls arrived and joined hands in shooting at the Angels. Presh noticed what just happened and she called her own backup and their own group of girls arrived that place in few minutes and joined hands with the Angels in taking down the Viqueens.
Sparkling saw that they will lose to the Angels if they continued so she now came out from where she was hiding and shooting directly at the Angels. The Angels started shooting at her but their bullets where useless cause it didt penetrate her.
Presh was shocked that their bullets were useless on Sparkling so she signalled her girls to be retreating and they started going out from the Slaughtering ground gradually while Sparkling single handedly chased the Angels from the Slaughtering ground.
When the Angels escaped from Sparkling. Sparkling went back to her girls and they took away their dead members while they burnt the dead bodies of the Angels.
Sparkling got into a bike she took from someone and started going after the Angels. She got to where Presh and her girls stopped their car. She came down from the car and started shooting randomly at the Angels till a bullet hit Presh on her ribs and her girls quickly took her away while Sparkling ran after them to finish her off for good.
Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 82
Ambrose disappeared before the substance got to where he was.
An Carpon: Where are you? Why are you running, come out here. (he was shouting looking round the house)
Suddenly one of his men started shouting
Guy1: My eyes my eyes, I can’t see, I can’t see ooo, my eyes oo
All eyes where on him till 2 more guys started shouting the same thing and 2 others joined them.
Succy: His attacking us secretly, what should we do now?
An Carpon: Don’t worry, am on this (he disappeared and appeared immediately)
He fell to the ground seriously wounded. Onseeing this, Succy and 4 other guys that were not not hurt ran out from the house and entered the car but the car refused to start, Succy tried her best to start the car but it refused.
Suddenly the car engine started by itself and the Doors of the car locked. Succy tried to control the car but she couldn’t as the car started moving, it got to the gate and the gate opened by itself and the car zoomed off with full speed. Succy and Other guys tried opening the door but it refused. The car drove straight to the shrine that the Dark Angels took their powers. The Journey to the place should have been 4 hours but the car got there in less than 2 hours. The car almost crushed the shrine but the Herbalist stopped it with his Staff, it stopped moving but the engine were still steaming. Succy and the guys tried to open the car but it refused. The Herbalist got to where the car was and touched it with his Staff of charm and the Engine stopped before Succy and the guys opened the car and rushed out to vomit due to the speed of the car was.
The Herbalist went back inside his Shrine and asked them to come in and they all went in and sat down with him.
Herbalist: So what really happened?
Succy: We went to the Boss house and did as you instructed. He appeared putting on Mask, we tried to spray the substance to him but he disappeared and started attacking us without us seeing where he is. 5 of our men are blind while the An Carpon was wounded seriously. We ran out from there and entered the car and it started moving by itself. And it drove us back to this place with full speed.
The Herbalist sighed before he praised the gods and did some incantations before facing Succy and her guys.
Herbalist: The guy powers are great, he can’t be stopped, although his still badly wounded but you guys are lucky that he didt kill any of you cause he has the ultimate power to do so rather he choosed to blind some of you. Your Carpon did a very bad mistake by trying to go after hi,m he should have ran out from there, he got wounded cause he wanted to attack what’s greater than him.
Succy: What else should we do now
Herbalist: Like I said, the guy is very powerful, for him to control that car from your Boss place to this place with speed and without crashing is very strange. You all need to go back to the School, I will come to help in due time.
Succy: What about the car?
Herbalist: Forget about the car cause is now condemned from my powers, and no mechanic or anybody that can start the car, so you guys should go now
Succy: Ok baba
They all stood up from where they were seating and left the shrine. The Herbalist was about to rest when the Car engine started again. The Herbalist stood up from where he was seating and started doing incantations.
Herbalist: Leave here now, don’t ever come here (he spoke looking at the car)
The Car started moving and the Herbalist started pointing his Staff of charm at the car for it to stop but it only slowed it down but it was still moving. It got to the entrance of the shrine and the Herbalist quickly disappeared before the Car exploded and scattered the shrine entirely.
Sparkling where still running after Presh and her girls when the girls fell down with Presh and Sparkling got close to them and shot them all.
Sparkling: I told you, that I will surely deal with you and now is the time
Presh: Do your worst (she said in pain she’s getting from the bullet on her rib.
Sparkling: Hahaha, I know, then go to hell.
She released 2 bullets to Presh face but Ambrose appeared quickly and caught the bullets on the way. He pushed Sparkling far away before he disappeared with Presh who fainted immediately Sparkling released the bullets.
Sparkling fell to the ground and was weak to stand up, she remained there still resting. She looked up and saw the Angels rushing towards her and she disappeared instantly before they could reach where she was. But Trinity appeared at that spot that she disappeared and started voking her back by struggling with his two hands. He continued this for few seconds and Sparkling appeared again, she was kneeling down. Trinity took his gun that he was hanging round his neck and shot at Sparkling.

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