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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 71/72


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 71

©Ambrose Silver


Ambrose later woke up from a tap, he looked at the person that tapped him and it was one of his best roomies, they greeted each other and discussed for a while Before Ambrose went out from the Hostel. He was confused on where to go next and he wasn’t even with Cynthia’s line.
He walked over to a lonely path and closed his eyes, few seconds later, he opened it and disappeared.

He appeared infront of the Angel Boss house. He changed to Succy and knocked at the gate. One of the guards peeped through one of the gate hole and saw is Succy, they opened the gate and she came in.
Succy: Is Boss inside?
Guy: Yes sweetie (smiling)
Succy walked over to the entrance door and knocked at the door while another guard opened it and paved way for her, she came in and sat down while one of the Guard went into the inner room to call their boss who later came and joined Succy in the sitting room.
The Boss looked at Succy while she smiled.
Boss: You can now go (he referred to the guy that called him and he left)
Boss: Your welcome dear
Succy: Thanks Boss
Boss: I have told you to stop callin me Boss, my name is Mr Steve
Succy: Ok Boss, oh sorry Mr Steve
Boss: That’s better, so what should I offer you?
Succy: Anything sir
Boss: There you go again
Succy: Ok anything Steve
Boss: Wow, that’s better
He went over to the mini bar in the sitting room and brought out a champagne with 2 glass cup, he popped the Champagne and poured some of it to the 2 Glass cup and passed one to Succy.
They were still drinking and gisting when the Boss phone rang and it displayed Succy.

He was confused, he looked at Succy that was sitting with him and looked at the screen of his phone
Boss: Why calling me dear?
Succy: Nothing sweetie, just teasing you
Ambrose quickly used his eyes and blocked Succy line on the Boss phone.
The Boss noticed some strange spiritual Movements instantly, he stood up and told Succy that his coming.
He went into his inner Room and opened the room where all his Charms are kept and decorated.
He took out a mirror and looked deep at it while Succy that was drinking in his sitting room appeared, He looked at her very well but didt find out anything.
He made some incantations but still nothing showed, he dropped the mirror and turned back, he went back to the sitting room but now met Ambrose that still used Handkerchief to cover his Face.
Boss: Who are you?
Ambrose: Your worst Nightmare
Boss: Hahaha, I will only give you this chance to leave here or I deal with you
Ambrose: That’s what you think
Boss: Is not what I think rather that’s what I will do to you
Ambrose: Lets see about that
The Man disappeared and Ambrose also followed suit.
Everywhere started shaking seriously and the Guards outside the house fell down on the ground cause of the shaking ground.

The Boss appeared and fell to his feet, Ambrose appeared standing before him. The Boss quickly stood up and stretched his fingers towards Ambrose while some strange powers came out from his hand and was rushing to where Ambrose was but Ambrose quenched it and pointed one of his fingers to the Boss feet and he fell to the ground again, Ambrose used his power to raise him up to the roof of the house and hit him strongly on the ground, he continued this till the Boss started bleeding from all part of his body.
Boss: Please don’t kill me
Ambrose: Now, I only came for one thing
Boss: Please Anything you want, but just don’t kill me please.
The Vikings/queens just concluded on their meeting to attack the Dark Angels tomorrow morning when they must have been fully equipped.
Gallant was to lead the Viqueens since she’s their Carpon.

She addressed all her girls to assemble at the firing squared near the school where the fight will commence.
The Dark Angels has already done same, they have planned on luring the Vikings/Queens to the firing squared when they received a challenge letter from the Viking for them to have face to face fight with them.
An Carpon: Oh, they finally made this official, that sounds great
Trinity: Boss we will knack them down as you have planned with us
An Carpon: When?
Trinity: Aah ah, you stopped us from attacking the Lecturers and staffs and asked us to prepare to attack the Vikings/queens instead.
The Carpon was very surprised but he waved it off thinking that Trinity was playing some tricks with him, they now discussed on a new plan on how to win over their Rival.
During that same Evening, the Vikings Boss supplied them with a new ammunition, it was fully loaded in a big truck that drove to their new Slaughtering ground since the Military has destroyed the previous one.
The Vikings/queens offloaded the weapons from the Truck and started getting ready to attack the Dark Angels on their girls the following Morning
Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 72

©Ambrose Silver


Cynthia got back to the Hotel she has been staying since she came back to life. She was tired and sad that she haven’t seen or heard anything about her friends.
She sat down on the bed and covered her face with her 2 hands. She started crying when she remembered how they normally have fun and so on. She was still crying when David “Blessing Brother” called her on phone. She stirred at the phone for a while before picking the call.
David: Hello Cynthia
Cynthia: Hi Good day
David: How are you?
Cynthia: Am fine and you?
David: Am good, I have been trying my Sister’s Line but isn’t going through for days now
Cynthia: Ermm
David: Hello! Are you there?
Cynthia: Yea
David: Is everything alright?
Cynthia: Ermm Yes, maybe she haven’t found her phone
David: Did she lost it?
Cynthia: Yea, something like that
David: Something like that? Where is she?
Cynthia: She’s in class
David: By this time?
Cynthia: Yea, she registered for extra Lessons
David: Ok, call me when she comes back
Cynthia: Ok, what about my brother
David: Haha, his fine
Cynthia: Hope, his not giving you headache?
David: No oo,, Junior is not like that
Cynthia: Ok oo,, take care
David: Yea, remember to call me, bye
The Line was ended and Cynthia became restless again. She started thinking again
-What should I do now?
-What will I tell David if he calls back
-I don’t even know what else to do
-That Lover boy don’t even help matter at all
-I don’t even know where he is or have his line
-Well I must find those girls oo,, am totally tired.
She stood up from the bed and walked over to the bathroom to take her bath.
Few Minutes Later she came out from the bathroom tying her white towel round her chest, the towel was too short to cover her totally therefore leaving most of her sexy body exposed, She came out from the bathroom into the bedroom and saw Ambrose was already seating on the bed.
She screamed and ran back into the bathroom.
Cynthia: Why didt you knock? (she shouted from the bathroom)
Ambrose: I didt pass through the door
Cynthia: What if I was naked!!!
Ambrose: Atleast you were not
Cynthia: Close your eyes
Ambrose: What?
Cynthia: Yes, you heard me, close your eyes
Ambrose: Ok, is closed
Cynthia came out from the bathroom quietly. She tiptoed to her wardrobe and started searching for a particular cloth she had in mind to wear but couldn’t find it.
Ambrose: Search for it Under that your small Box
Cynthia looked at him and found out that his still closing his eyes.
She searched for it under the box and found it. She took her Body cream and the cloth before running back to the bathroom.
Ambrose: Can I open my eyes now?
Cynthia: As if you closed it before
Ambrose: I did oo
Cynthia: Whatever.
Few Minutes Later she came out from the bathroom but met Ambrose already sleeping on the bed. He was not wearing his Shirt anymore only singlet and his trouser. Cynthia took time in examining his body structure and she loved it. She quietly sat down beside him still stirring at him. Ambrose yawned while she quickly stood up and looked away.
Ambrose: Your done?
Cynthia: Yes and you have already slept off
Ambrose: Why won’t I when you have wasted much time in applying ordinary cream and wearing of cloths as if you are giving birth
Cynthia: E don do joor
Ambrose: So whatsup you tonight?
Cynthia: How I don’t Understand
Ambrose: Where will you be going tonight?
Cynthia: Nowhere, why asking?
Ambrose: Ermm, not that am the party type but can we just hang around and relief ourselves some stress
Cynthia: Hmmm
Ambrose: Please!!! (he said with a charming eyes)
Cynthia: Ok fine, where?
Ambrose: Any place you choose
Cynthia: I don’t know any place
Ambrose: Hey! Quit that lie joor
Cynthia: Which lie, that I don’t know any party place?
Ambrose: Yes, a girl like you huh?
Cynthia: Oh, you thought all girls are s--t?
Ambrose: Not what I meant oo
Cynthia: Then what do you mean
Ambrose: Is ok abeg, no beat me up
Cynthia just stirred at him for a while before she looked away, she took her phone and logged into Facebook and started chatting.
Ambrose also took his phone and started chatting too.
Ambrose: Can I have your number?
Cynthia: No!
Ambrose: Ok, I will be taking you to a place tomorrow morning
Cynthia: Am not going
Ambrose: Hmmm
The VC called a general meeting of all the remaining Security men and discharged them of their duty, he promised to call them back when everything is settled, he told them that he doesn’t want to see them loose their lives just like that, he gave them some money and they thanked him before moving out from the school.
The VC took his phone and dialed a number.
VC: It is done
he said and ended the call.
He asked his driver to take him back home.

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