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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 53/54


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 53

©Ambrose Silver


As Tracy and her Team fell down flat. The Viqueens started coming towards them to kill them. The 4 Viqueens fell down and blood started coming out from their mouth not dead yet.
The Viking and Viqueens were surprised. Suddenly the 6 Vikings that was beside their Carpon also fell down and started vomiting blood. Confusion and tension increased. 3 Viqueens started running in fear out of that place but they also fell down and started vomiting blood.
The Carpon and Gallant became very frightened then Cynthia appeared Where her friends were laying down helplessly and disappeared with them.
The Vikings and Viqueens took to their heels out of that place carrying their members that were vomiting blood out of that place.
The School Security came to the scene and by now none of them were around, and they picked the 4 guns at the floor, They looked round the place and saw hundreds of Bullets.
Cynthia appeared inside their Hostel with her friends. She dropped them on their bed and allowed them to rest.
She went out of the Hostel and saw some students that gathered round the entrance to their Hostel. She was surprised to see them till one guy came forth to speak.
Guy: We just came to tell you about what was going on the other side of the Abandoned Buildings.
Cynthia: Don’t worry, My girls have taken care of that.
Girl1: Is it true that no one was found there?
Cynthia: Yes, They managed to escape but most of them suffered injury.
Girl2: I heard that your girls were dead
Cynthia: That’s a baseless rumour cause they are still very much alive.
Guy2: Ok, Please we are in panic, we believe you girls can do it, we thank you Girls for the work so far.
Cynthia: You all are welcome
They all left. Cynthia received a phone call and it was from the Vice Chancellor. She picked it up.
Cynthia: Hello, Good day sir
V. Chancellor: Good day, where are you?
Cynthia: Am in the Hostel
V. Chancellor: I heard there was gun shots round the Old school buildings, where you aware?
Cynthia: Yes, my girls have taken care of it.
V. Chancellor: Ok, Call me and let me know when you need anything
Cynthia: Ok sir
The Call ended before Cynthia walked over to the school Kiosk and bought Lots of Milk, She went back to the Hostel and by this time, Tracy and Jane are now awake.
Cynthia: Hey girls
Tracy: Cynthia, How did you find us?
Cynthia: It doesn’t matter now, all that matters is that you all are now fine and safe.
Jane: They almost got us, I remembered passing out cause the heat from their bullets were much.
Cynthia: This is to show you girls we have limits.
They were still talking when Blessing woke up, few minutes Later Alice and Monica woke up remaining Mary who was still sleeping.
Jane: This girl will not wake up now
Cynthia: Allow her
Mary woke up at that moment.
Jane: Finally
Mary: Where am I?
Blessing: Hello fire
Mary: Na you dey hell fire
Cynthia: See girls, you all took a serious sick
Tracy: You can’t blame us though, cause is only information we got that they are cult people killing some students in the Old Building, we were trying to connect you but you were not reached so we now went there and found out it was a trap.
Cynthia: And that trap almost claim your lives.
They all kept mute.
Cynthia: If not cause I have improved in my powers I wouldn’t have appeared there to carry you all along who knows what would have happened.
Monica: Thanks dear for being there for us.
Alice: So what should we do now?
Cynthia: They now know the weakness is to open a steady fire on us. Well I don’t even know if you people own is still with you girls.
Alice: Haa, make e no comot oo
She stop up and weak rushed to the kitchen and brought out a kitchen knife, She came back to the Bedroom and used the knife to cut her hand but blood didt come out and it penetrate.
Alice: Thank God oo
They all laughed
Monica: So power the sweet you like this?
Alice: Before nko? You, you no like am at all?
Monica: Leave me oo,, I no get joy.
Cynthia carried their weapons that she disappeared with them and dropped all of them at the Floor of their room.
Cynthia: You guys went into that place without plan, So we must have to do some training.
Blessing: We seriously need to.
Mary: So when are we starting
Cynthia: When you all get enough strength.
Mary ok oo
Cynthia: For now I have to visit someone now
Tracy: Who?
Cynthia: Just someone, please give me your car keys
She referred to Tracy
Tracy: I have told you is our car not mine alone, well you know where to get it.
She later gave it to her and Cynthia took it from her and drove down to Ebonyi State immediately, not after she Refilled the Fuel Tank.
She got there and she Ogeri sitting infront of her place.


.Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 54

©Ambrose Silver
The Vikings got back home and they dropped their wondered and dead members on the ground.
Gallant: How many are dead?
Sparkling: They are 5 in number
Gallant: Shit! What of those that were vomiting blood?
Sparkling: They are 7 in Number but they aren’t vomiting blood again but still unconscious.
Gallant: Call the Doctor fast
Sparkling brought her phone and called the Doctor to come over very fast.
Within Minutes, the Doctor came and ran some test on the 7 girls, he spent some minutes before he called the Attention of Gallant.
Doc: Am confused,
Gallant: How?
Doc: They are still breathing but none of their hormones are working
Gallant: What do you mean by that?
Doc: What am telling you is that her body system is dead but they are still breathing.
Sparkling: This is strange
Doc: What happened to them?
Gallant: Don’t know, they just fell down and started vomiting blood that’s all.
Doc: Well with my profession they are dead but in real life they are still alive and still flexible.
Sparkling: So what do you suggest.
Doc: Find a place and keep them and also keep an eye on them to know when they are awake.
Gallant: Ok Thanks
The Doctor left them back to his Hospital
Sparkling: So where will we drop them?
Gallant: The warehouse.
Sparkling: Ok
Sparkling called other girls to put the bodies on their car while Sparkling kicked on the Engine and drove off with them.
Gallant called their Main boss and explained everything to her and she promised to support the burial of their dead members.
Thunder call came in immediately Gallant ended the call between her and her boss. She picked Thunder’s call.
Thunder: Babe where you dey?
Gallant: My area
Thunder: What about your girls?
Gallant: 5 down while 7 in a confused state.
Thunder: Breathing but Dead inside right?
Gallant: Yes, how did you know?
Thunder: 6 of my guys are in that state now, so what do you suggest we do?
Gallant: I asked them to drop their bodies in the warehouse and monitor them.
Thunder: We will also come to the warehouse and keep this ones there too
Gallant: You can go now that Sparkling is still there
Thunder: Ok, later nah
The called was ended while Gallant went inside her lodge and laid her head down on her pillow and started thinking on what that really happened.
Cynthia came down from the car and walked up to Ogeri.
Cynthia: Greetings to you ma
Ogeri: Greetings my Daughter, How are you?
Cynthia: Am fine and you?
Ogeri: As you can see am good. So why are you here cause I can see something must be wrong
Cynthia: Yes ma
Ogeri: Tell me what is it?
Cynthia took her time and explained everything to her and she laughed for a while before she stopped and looked at Cynthia.
Ogeri: They should know that they have limited powers, but they are lucky you came at the dying minutes.
Cynthia: So is there how their powers can increase since the cult people have discovered their weakness?
Ogeri: I don’t think so
Cynthia: Lets go to the River and ask them
Ogeri: You can’t go to the River until the goddess send for you
Cynthia: How will I know they have sent for me
Ogeri: Don’t worry you will know, in the main time come in and eat cause you come from a long journey.
Cynthia: Thank you ma
They went inside the house while Ogeri brought out some food for her and she ate to her satisfaction.
Ogeri: You will have to sleep here for me to be enable to teach you how to unlock many of your power.
Cynthia: Thanks very much, I remember when I first noticed that i can disappear, Appear and also Invisible, I was very happy eeh.
Ogeri: That’s good, Have you been able to read mind very fast without shutting down your eyes?
Cynthia: No, am still trying by not staying too long again, but I once used anger to be reading 2 people mind and be telling them at that spot.
Ogeri: That’s anger for you, It will bring out some character that you can’t do when you are in your right senses.
Cynthia: Yes, You are very much correct.
Ogeri: Don’t worry, I will teach you how to control all your powers and how to use them without stress or getting tired which you still do
Cynthia: Yes ma
They continued discussing till night fall.
Ogeri called Cynthia outside and sat her own before she gathered firewoods and ask Cynthia to light it up but she was unable to do it.
Ogeri: Just concentrate you can do it.
Cynthia tried her best but she didt. Ogeri just smiled and squeezed her left hand while fire came out from that hand and fell on the firewood, it caught fire instantly.
This Amazed Cynthia.
Cynthia: How did you do that?
Ogeri: Just focus on what you want to do then put all your mind on it boom, you will do it the same way you do when you want to become invisible.
Cynthia shut down her eyes and squeezed her right hand while fire fell off from her hand and light up her own firewood.

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