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C.h.e.t.a Episode 23


C.H.E.T.A( (I Am Ugly)

C.h.e.t.a Episode 23

®️Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Queen Amaka: Okay mother but we have to visit Amadioha before anything. He is a senior and can talk to Ikenga to come.

Nganga: You are right my daughter, take me to meet Amadioha. He came here to inform me of his brother's relationship with my granddaughter, it is now my turn to visit him also. (Queen Amaka changed into her eagle form, Nganga did and they flew out of the bird Kingdom towards the realm of the gods.)
Queen Amara entered her hut, she made sure her hut door was locked before she bends and brought out the empty calabash under her bamboo bed.

Sitting on the bare ground spreading her legs apart and placing the calabash in between them. She started her incantations. Soon Queen Ziza's face was seen in the calabash.

Queen Ziza: From the look on your face I perceive all is not well.

Queen Amara: All is not well mother, all is not well.

Queen Ziza: What happened?

Queen Amara: The beast I sent to kill the villagers has been killed by the god.

Queen Ziza: You mean by Ikenga?

Queen Amara: Who else again am I referring too. He also came to warn I and my daughter against Cheta.

Queen Ziza: Amara my daughter, I have told you Adapuruche is not for Ikenga, didn't I?

Queen Amara: You did mother but destiny can be rewritten again.

Queen Ziza: Not this one. Ikenga and Cheta are meant to be, in my honest opinion I will suggest you focus on what you came to do in Ogidi village and come back home, our people are complaining that you've spent a lot of years with the mortals.

Queen Amara: If we don't get Ikenga to our side then how can I return home defeated? I won't come back until Igwe Ofordili is dead.

Queen Ziza: Then kill him quickly and come back home, as for Ikenga, let the god be for I see, we will lose if we challenge him. Our aim from the beginning was to kill Ofordili.

Queen Amara: (Her pride and ego won't let her see reason with her mother) No mother, I will not. Ikenga and Adapuruche are meant to be together, that was the promise I made to my daughter, but since he has dared to warn me today, Adapuruche will have to wait. Ikenga dared and warned me, he told Ofordili to warn me mother, I will show him Egwu Surugede is the dance of the spirits and not everyone knows how to dance it.

Queen Ziza: I have seen you've made up your mind, nevertheless I am strongly behind you in whatever decision you take.

Queen Amara: Thank you mother. I know I can always count on you.

Queen Ziza: Remember delay is dangerous, try to kill Ofordili before it will be too late.

Queen Amara: Don't worry about that mother, I will end Ofordili life. (The calabash cleared and she stood up to her feet and kept the calabash back under her bamboo bed and smiled to herself.) Ikenga you haven't seen the last of me, you defeated the first beast easily, I will see how you will defeat the next beast.

Ikenga slept off immediately his back touched the bamboo. He was at the gods abode and went to meet Amadioha.

Amadioha who was with Onwa was the first person to see Ikenga before he alerted his other brother.

Amadioha: (Smiling as Ikenga reached them and he made three golden stools to appear which they sat) Ikenga the warrior god, you came unannounced, hope all is well?

Ikenga: (Returning Amadioha smile) All is well, I only came here to inform you and the rest of my brothers that I will be getting married to Cheta in nine more days to come and I want you all to be present.

Onwa: That will be no problem ikenga, we will surely come and stand behind you.

Ikenga: Thank you my brothers.

Amadioha: Nganga hasn't given her support yet but when we see Cheta mother, Amaka, we will inform her of your intentions towards her daughter.

Ikenga: Thank you Amadioha, I appreciate it a lot.

Amadioha: That is what brothers do for each other, they help themselves.

Ikenga: You are right, anyway I also came here to tell you one more thing.

Amadioha: We are listening.

Ikenga: Why did you allow father to send me down to the mortal world?

Amadioha: Aren't you happy that you met Cheta in that mortal world?

Ikenga: I am very happy, but I really want to know.

Onwa: We send you because we know you will take Cheta with you. You see when she was born I made my appearance to her step mother twice to warn her to stop her evil intention to Cheta, but she didn't listen. After her mother left the kingdom we made Cheta come across the forest you were and made her find you because of the connection you both shared.

Ikenga: Wow thank you for bringing me to my maiden.

Onwa: You are welcome.

Ikenga: I have to take my leave, don't forget about my marriage to Cheta.

Amadioha: We won't and I will try to make Cheta mother see reason on your behalf.

Ikenga: (Standing up) I trust you brother.

(He left them and as soon as he was gone,  Queen Amaka and her mother appeared before Amadioha and Onwa.)


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