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C.h.e.t.a Episode 16


C.H.E.T.A( (I Am Ugly)

C.h.e.t.a Episode 16

®️Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

Cheta: What if you are just assuming all these, what if you did not lock your hut door that night and you thought you had locked it?
Ikenga: I am very sure that I locked it, but let me assume as you have said. I will keep an eye on him from now henceforth.
Cheta: I like that, keep an eye on him then you will know who he truly is.
At that moment they got to the old Hunter compound and entered it.
Bird Kingdom:
Nganga was alone when Amadioha appeared seated on a golden stool that apparently came with him.
Nganga: (Not shocked on seeing him) What brings you here old friend?
Amadioha: You are still calling me an old friend when you harbour hatred for my brother Ikenga.
Nganga: (Staring into another direction) Do not involve in our fight Amadioha.
Amadioha: (Rolling his eyes with a sigh) But I have told you my brother is sorry.
Nganga: Until I hear it from his mouth, I won't believe that. So let's leave aside Ikenga and tell me what brought you here.
Amadioha: Well I came here to tell you that we are soon going to be in-laws, soon.
Nganga: Don't tell me you have fallen in love with my daughter. You know she has just returned.
Amadioha: I am not talking about your daughter but your granddaughter who is living with the mortals.
Nganga: (With a raised eyebrow) Oh, are you interested in Cheta?
Amadioha: (Smiling) Not me but one of my brothers.
Nganga: One of your brothers you say? Well if it is Ikenga I won't accept his proposal.
Amadioha: Unfortunately Nganga, Ikenga is the one interested in your granddaughter and they are madly in love with each other.
The old Hunter was seated outside his own hut and smiled when he saw them walking towards him.

Cheta: (Bending on one knee) Greetings Papa and how are you?

Old Hunter: I'm very fine my daughter. I am so happy to see you with Ikenga (Cheta shyly covered her face with both her hands) anyway, I am roasting a yam for my son to eat once he is back but now that you are here you will eat with him.
Cheta: (Removing both hands from her face, she glanced at Ikenga who sent a smile towards her direction) Okay Papa.
The old hunter stood up from his stool and went towards his kitchen.

Cheta: But he doesn't look suspicious to me Ikenga, I will say you are overreacting.

Ikenga: (Smiling and looking at the direction the old hunter went) My instincts never lie and besides my brother has warned me to be careful. (Ikenga went and brought two more stools for him and Cheta to sit. He dropped the stool beside the old hunter own and gesture with his hand for Cheta to seat on one and he sat on the second one)

Cheta: (going to sit on the stool) But still yet I don't believe a man that is so old like this will plan something evil, anyway even if he is evil, he's no match for you. You are a warrior god and can fight any battle.

Ikenga: (Very pleased with her choice of words) Thank you my love, (he suddenly remembered the conversation he had with Amadioha) That reminds me Cheta, do you have any atom of idea who your mother is?

Cheta: (With a confused look) Who my mother is? (Trying to remember her mother village but nothing came up) I can't really remember the name of her village again but why did you ask?

Ikenga: You won't believe me when I tell you my love.

Cheta: Why do you say so?

Ikenga: Because your mother is- (he paused when he saw the old hunter coming with two plates and Cheta noticed.)

Old Hunter: (Reaching them and drop the plates on the stool he had sat. One of the plates held the roasted yam and the other one red oil) This is for the both of you.

Ikenga: Thank you Papa (the old man was about to excuse them when Ikenga voice stopped him) But Papa won't you join us and eat? At least a little bit won't hurt.

Old Hunter: I'm not hungry my son, eat to your satisfaction.

Ikenga: Okay, thanks for the food Papa (the old hunter nodded his head and hurriedly left their presence going back to the kitchen. Ikenga faced Cheta) I told you he seem suspicious. We won't eat this yam because before I left the house there was no yam at all how then did he get this yam? I don't trust him.

Cheta: But how do we throw the yam away without his knowledge?

Ikenga: That's very simple (he opened his left palm over the yam and red oil, right before Cheta's eyes they disappeared.

Cheta: (in awe) Wow my love.

Ikenga: They are gone, now rub your fingers into the red oil so it will look as if we truly eat the yam. (Cheta did as told and Ikenga repeat what Cheta did. Their fingers were soiled with red oil) rub a finger gently at the side of your lips to make it look more believable. (They both did and stood up at the same time.) Papa! (He called out and the old man walked to them) We've finished eating the yam, thank you.

Cheta: Thank you for your hospitality Papa, ChukwuOkike will continue to bless you.

Old Hunter: (Surprised and didn't fail to show in his face) You finished that plenty yams so fast?

Ikenga: Yes Papa, you know I love white yam and this was exactly what you gave to us, we hurriedly ate it.

Old Hunter: (Not believing but saw the red oil in their fingertips and lips) Okay.

Cheta: Ehm Papa, I will be on my way now, thank you once again.

Old Hunter: Thank ChukwuOkike and not me Cheta.

Ikenga: Papa I will be back soon let me escort her. (He left with his maiden. The old Hunter stared at their retreating backs and a smirk appeared on his lips. They both ate his yam)

He turned to park the plates when a strange man appeared in front of him. The old hunter didn't seem to be scared or afraid when he saw the stranger. The stranger was tying a white wrapper and has a long dada (dreadlock) pulled in a ponytail.

Old Hunter: (Bowed his head and strengthen up) You came?

The Strange Man: Yes.

Old Hunter: Ikenga and Cheta ate the yam I had put the substance into before they left.

The Strange Man: I see, you did a very good job.

Old Hunter: Oh yes I did, tonight we steal his soul and the maiden.

The Strange Man: Yes, I need the maiden and Ikenga at all cost.

Old Hunter: Do not worry for you shall have them on a platter of gold.

The Strange Man: I trust you.

Old Hunter: But my worries are your brothers, won't they know of your plan, especially Amadioha who love poking his nose where doesn't concern him.

The Strange Man: They won't know I am the one. I will be expecting them tonight, as long as they took the substance Ikenga will be took weak.

Old Hunter: I would love to see the warrior god weak.

The Strange Man: I shall take my leave now. (The Strange Man disappeared immediately)

Old Hunter: (With a wicked grin) Till tonight when you will have Ikenga's soul and Cheta for yourself Agwusi.

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