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Bride To A Heir- Epilogue


Bride To A Heir- Epilogue


©Author Isabel

_____PARK HYE JI____
"Mi Rae is everything set?"
I asked descending the stairs carefully in my black short dress and white heels
"Yes, you can move to the auditorium now"

She adjusted my makeup
"Thank you so much"

I gave her a kiss on the cheek
"Congratulations dearly beloved sweetheart"

She hugged me passionately
How time flies
Mi Rae actually behaves like a great and wonderful sister to me
Today, Damueng is celebrating her 50th year anniversary.

The company has been in good hands ever since it's establishment
I'll be giving out a short appreciation speech as the CEO and President of the company
Je na has been very busy with the other branches all around. Going for business trips all the time.

He has been very busy!
I had to beg him to make it to this anniversary.
Everyone is waiting for the speech and I feel kind of anxious!
I opened the door to the auditorium as I majestically walked in.

All eyes on me.

If staring could make one rich, then I would probably become the richest woman in the world this moment.
I walked towards the podium as I held the standing microphone.
I looked at everyone first.
Mi Rae and Jin ho with their baby girl.
Jin ho no longer works here anymore.
He has his own Law firm already.
It seems somewhat Shocking how he later married Mi Rae.
He's making billions.
Mr Lee and his wife.
Mr Jang and his wife with his kids.
Mr Jang now works at another branch
Hyun Jung with her husband and her kids too
Dad insisted to come along no matter how busy he was at his office.
I can see him together with Je na's mum.
Finally I looked around for Je na and my daughter
What the hell!
They are not yet around?
Oh God!!
I wanted to let Je na see me giving away the speech
He's just disappointing!
I cleared my throat as the door opened
Je na walked in with Kim Na Hee.
I smiled as he winked his eye at me
"Many years ago, we all gathered here. Probably not everyone but for the opening speech. Someone was here too! I'll like to appreciate everyone who has stood up for the company no matter what! Thank you so much. May we forever grow together"
I said as I bowed
Everyone clapped their hands as I walked down the auditorium
"Congrats M'amm"
Mr Jang said as I hugged him
"Thank you"
I walked towards Je na as he kept smiling
"Congratulations honey"
He kissed me on the check
"Why were you late?"
I asked frowning my face
"I'm so sorry honey"
He made this expression that soften my heart as I smiled
"Omma, didn't you see me?"
My daughter asked almost crying
"Oh my dear Na Hee, I'm so sorry sweetie"
I said as I carried her and throwing kisses to her
"It's fine mum, congratulations. Have this"
She handed me a red Rose flower
as she smiled
"Thank you so much"
I gave her a peck
My secretary walked towards me as she whispered into my ears
My attention was needed immediately
I gave my daughter to Je na as I winked my left eye at him before following my secretary.
I turned to look at the way things turned out to be..
Everyone is finally happy..
No troubles
I have a wonderful husband, a cute daughter, a very good mother in law turned mother, a great dad, awesome friends, good guardians...
My life is fulfilled..
I wasn't just the Bride to a Heir, I am a fulfilled lady, and an amazing mother.
What else could be more beautiful than this....
Thanks to everyone who read this amazing story together with me.
Thank you so much
It really means a lot to me...


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