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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fifty


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fifty

Theme: COMA

©Author Isabel

________KIM JE NA_______
I drive into my house immediately as I got down.
I almost got into an accident on my way as I was in a rush to get home
I entered the password as I rushed in upstairs. I opened the door to her room as I got unto fright..
She's not in?
I checked the bathroom as it saw it was also empty
I rushed back downstairs as I saw her lying unconsciously in a mess..
The glass table broken into pieces and scattered all over her
Pieces of glass already injured her and her phone wasn't reachable..
I rushed over to her in fright and fear
H...H...Hye Ji?"
I stammered calling her desperately
"Hye ji please stay with me!"
I dragged her up to me as I hugged her.
I cried as she laid still in my arms
I carried her in a bridal style as I rushed out of the house.
I already tried doing CPR but she's not coming to..
I did a mouth to month respiration before even entering the car..
I called Jin Ho immediately as that's her only friend I know of..
He picked up immediately on the first ring..
He said informally over the phone
He still doesn't have regards for me ...
"I'm on my way to the hospital"
I said as my voice was shaking all over
"So? Should I diagnose you?"
He asked as I was still in fear
"Hye ji is unconscious!!"
I screamed out
"What! I'm on my way now!!"
He hanged up immediately
Hye ji please....
Kang Mi Rae
Je Na called me telling me that Hye Ji is unconscious..
I was with her not too long though her face seemed pale and sick
That serves her right. That's what happens when you don't know how to mind your business.
I pray she gets into coma and stop disturbing my life..
She's not allowing Je na have time for me and that's gonna stop now..
I pray she never wakes up anymore.
I hope she gets into a vegetative state..
I need to go to the hospital to mock her sick face...
I smiled to myself In happiness..

I freaked out in the hospital as I still shakedown In fear...
I walked up and down In anxiety
Jin Ho rushed at me breaking into my thoughts
"Hey! What's wrong?"
He shouted immediately
"I don't know"
I confessed to her
"Wasn't she in your house?"
He asked screaming
"I said I don't know!!"
I also shouted...
"Please who's the guardian for Park Hye Ji?"
The doctor asked facing me but I couldn't talk
"I'm here Doctor"
Jin ho said taking up front
"Miss Park is in a serious condition"
My heart almost jumped out immediately
"She has Hascelular tumor and we need to operate on her"
He said as I kept wondering aloud
"What's that?"
I asked anxiously
"It's a liver problem and she needs surgery!"
He said
"What's? She's healthy?"
Jin ho said facing me
"She has been going through some stressful or emotional things. That's the main cause, patients likely don't survive surgery too "
The doctor explained as I looked on like a fool ..
"Let's do the surgery"
Jin ho said immediately
"That's not possible right now"
The doctor said making my heart miss a beat
"Why? I thought you said surgery?"
"She's in coma right now so just pray she wakes up"
My heart beat increased
"What if she doesn't wakes up?"
I tried asking
"A narrow way to death... Just pray she wakes"
I almost slumped down so hard...
"Who will sign the surgery contract and take responsibility for her"
The doctor asked as Jin Ho faced me expecting to talk
He pushed me in towards the Doctor
"I'll do that"
I said still in shock
"I'll see you later"
The doctor said as he walked away
"Everything is your fault!"
Jin ho said locking my clothes
"Since the day she entered your company,she has been going through nonsense!"
"Don't call me at all! You're never taking responsibility for her even now too!"
He screamed at me
"Everything is your fault and I won't forgive you if anything happens to her! Trust me!!
He said walking away
Is it really my fault?
Am I to be blamed?
Hye ji please be strong for me...
I know it's my fault but please...
I sat down thinking so hard!
Is it really my fault?

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