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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fifty- Two


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fifty- Two


©Author Isabel

________KIM JE NA_______

I opened the door with full force as she stared at me in shock.
"Repeat the name the mentioned just now"
My eyes burned with rage
She widened her eyes in disbelief
Maybe I hadn't heard her right.
Maybe my ears has something in..

The door opened immediately as I said her name.
I hang up on the call immediately.
Je na entered staring at me..
Oh jeez!
I looked at him in shock
I almost got an attack
"Repeat the name you mentioned just now"
He said as his voice seemed like that of a Greek God.
His eyes burned with rage as it seemed like hot coal.
I've never seen him this way before.
His look is giving me goosebumps and scaring me..
"Je Na?"
I almost stammered but I kept my cool
"Tell me now!!!"
He screamed as he scattered everything on my table including the computer
I shouted as I started shaking up in fear. I was surprised
My God!
My plan has failed for good..
I've been caught.. I never knew someone could eavesdrop on my conversation

I shattered at everything on her table including the computer
I was angry like hell
I don't wanna believe this at all
Not at all!
"J..Je Na, I can..."
"You can what? Talk and stop stammering!"
I shouted at her as she was so scared...
She shake up in fear
"It's not what you think"
She said trying to explain whatever Impossible
"Really?why was her name mentioned by you?"
I asked irritated
"I.. I..."
"Cut the crappy stuff!"
"Je na please!"
She tried holding me
"It's silly trying to listen to you, I'm off! Leave my life"
I tried walking away but she stopped me
"Je Na I'll explain everything! I did it for you, please don't send me away"
She was on her kneels crying
"I have a question"
I dragged her towards the chair
"You can ask"
She whipped tears off her face....
"The hacker, how did you find him?"
I asked as I noticed she became shocked by my question
"I never remember you telling me if you were a prosecutor so how did you find him?"
"I.. I used my connections"
I only stared at her
Well that was good
"Who did he say leaked the information?"
I asked trying to confirm the real truth
"Hye Ji"
She said boldly
"Are you sure"
She said even though I noticed her voice breaking
"We need to re investigate, Hye ji didn't leak the information!"
"What! So who leaked it?"
She asked in utmost fear
"Ain't you supposed to be scared about what will happen if the real truth comes out?"
I confronted her
"Who placed the blame on her? You know it?"
I asked stylishly
"I.. I..."
I stood up immediately to walk out
"I did everything!!"
She shouted as I stopped
Oh God!
You shouldn't have talked!
I don't wanna believe you could do something like this!
I turned immediately...
"You did what?"
I asked anxiously
"I placed the blame on her, I did that"
She looked at me dumbly
"Mi Rae why?"
"I hated her because you loved her!!!"
She screamed out
"Didn't you know that I was in love with you?"
She asked as I was shocked
"Mi Rae?"
"She just came out of the blue and you loved her, it wasn't right!!"
"That was why I did that!!"
"So because you did that, you think I would love you?"
I asked as she couldn't look up to me
"Je na!"
"I can't and I will not! You're a Disappointment"
I shouted
"What else did you do?"
"The shares!! I made it on her!"
"Mi Rae!!"
"Je Na I'll continue doing everything in as much as you hate her!"
See screamed out
"What! Now look, what if I say I'm already back in love with her?"
I asked sternly
"It's either me or no one else!"
She shouted
"Mi Rae, then it's either Hye Ji or no one else!"
I also shouted back
"Then you won't have her!"
"What makes you think I won't?"
"What If she doesn't wake up from coma? She's gonna die!!"
"Hye Ji will be strong for me.. !"
I screamed out hardly
"Je Na I'll continue to do everything to win you over! Either good or bad!"
She said without fear
When did Mi Rae turn so bad?
Could love make you do crazy things?
My friendship with her ends here today...
"Then our friendship ends here!"
I said slowly
"You can do anything!"
She blustered out without remorse
I stood up as I walked towards the door..
I was about to open the fucking door when my phone rang up
I looked at the caller ID
I said to myself
I whispered a short prayer immediately as my heart beat was perplexed
I said almost whispering
"Where have you been? You haven't been picking your calls!!"
I recognized Jin Ho's voice immediately
"Jin Ho?"
"I had to use the hospital call!"
He screamed out
"What's wrong?"
"Hye Ji is awake! We need you to sign the surgical form"
He said as the balloons in my stomach bursted out of happiness
"You sure?"
"Come fast please!"
He hang up immediately
Oh my!
I'm so damn fucking happy
Hye Ji thank you
I love you so much
I can't wait for your surgery to Be successful...
I looked back at Mi Rae
"The battle line as just being drawn!!!"
I hurried out quickly...
Off to my love...


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