Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fifty- Three


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fifty- Three

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I looked distraught. Like very dissatisfied. Since the day I set my eyes on Hye Ji, I've been in sadness.
She wanted me to meet Je na. But I just can't.
I just can't do it. I'm ashamed to meet him even for a second.
I've abandoned him for a while,to meet him now isn't possible for me. I've been living in solace ever since
Now I must move out of the country. I'm supposed to have left but one or two things is still keeping me down.
I told Hye Ji to come the next day but she didn't. Maybe Je na never allowed her to come.
Maybe he hates me so much
Maybe he despise me a lot.
I'm just so worried!
I'm leaving tomorrow for good!
Everything is gonna end soon
I'm only glad that he gets to meet his bride.
I'm glad of that!
I looked back to see Jenny
She's my personal assistant and has been with me for so long
She knows everything about me..
Including Je na and Hye Ji
She looked at me with a worried look
"Thinking again?"
She asked sitting down in my front
"Jenny I'm worried, so worried!"
I said as tears streamed down
"It's okay, why don't you meet him?"
She asked
"I'm scared to do that"
I looked at without her meeting my gaze
"Because Hye Ji didn't come back?"
She asked as I nodded my head in agreement
"Maybe Je na didn't allow her?"
I asked
"It's okay, when are you leaving?"
"Tomorrow, I can't meet him"
"Why did you leave him?"
She asked in a worried voice
"It was his dad!"
I shouted in pains and regret
"His dad? Your husband?"
She asked as I Nodded
"I don't wanna talk about it"
I said as she held my hands
"It's fine, I'm here for you"
I smiled in a Smith of happiness
"Thank you, take care of the restaurant well"
She nodded twice in agreement
She stood up as she walked away
At least there's still someone who makes me smile
Je na I'm sorry
I just have to leave...
I hope you always be in utmost happiness...
I'm so sorry dear
I walked around the waiting room in sheer frustration
Hye Ji 's surgery is going on..
I'm so worried
I hope it goes well
I don't wanna lose her..
Not at all
Jin Ho walked around as I could feel he was so worried..
I walked up to him
"Worried man?"
I asked him trying to form a smile
"Stop smiling cause I know it's not genuine"
He said holding my shoulder
"I'm so worried"
I said as tears streamed down my face
"I can't believe the almighty Je Na is crying"
He said laughing
"I don't know why I'm tearing up"
I laughed
"It's okay, you're truly in love with her"
"I'm sorry for all I've done to her"
Jin ho held my hands
"You know the truth now?"
He asked as I nodded
"Thank you Jin ho for staying by her side always"
I Hug him smiling
"It's okay man"
Hye Ji's friend is in her way as her dad travelled and will be back today
Mr Lee too is on his way here
Everyone is in love with Hye Ji, her character and attitude
The door to tell surgery room opened as the doctors walked out
I rushed to them
"How was it?"
I asked trembling in fear and shock
"She has a will to live and she's strong! The surgery was very successful!!"
He said shaking my hands as tears steamed down my face
Jin ho asked happily
"She'll wake up today or tomorrow, congratulations"
He said smiling and walking away
I almost cried out of happiness...
Oh my God!
Hye Ji!!
I'm so happy
Thank You...
I love you so much!!!

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