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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fifty Six


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fifty Six


©Author Isabel

I walked about the office thinking about everything that has been happening.
It looked like I was being charmed or something
I've been bewitched with love!
How could I possibly hurt my best friend
How could I think of making Je na sad?
Oh gracious Lord!
I've sinned a lot..
What do I do?
It seemed like everything was a dream and I just wake up from slumber
What do I do?
It's just because of love!!
I tried killing someone because of love?
This sounds like shits
Now je na will never ever forgive me
Hye Ji will never dare look at me..
I'm ashamed of my self and bad deeds...
I'm ashamed of everything!
I wish I could turn back the hands of time
Turn back the hands of the clock
I must have disappointed Je na
He had utmost trust in me but I destroyed everything with greed .
I've been greedy..
The door opened as a prosecutor walked in..
I recognized him immediately.
I had once begged him to put hye Ji into trouble but he decided against iy...
Two policemen followed him
He walked up to me
"Mi Rae,I warned you!"
He said before any other thing
Tears fell free from my eyes
"You're being arrested for the attempted murder of Miss Park Hye Ji"
One of the policemen continued
I brought my hands forward first the handcuff
"I'll be lucky enough not to out a handcuff on you"
He said shaking his head
"I know I'm guilty! "
I said crying
"No matter what you do, karma will surely come to you!"
He said leading me out if the office to fave further embarrassment
Was this the kind of embarrassment she faced when I out a blame on her?
Oh God!
Karma has truly catch up with me...
Hye Ji I'm so sorry
Je na I'm sorry too
I did this to myself but I hope you can forgive...

I opened my eyes as the door opened...
Je Na and his mum walked in..
I just had a nightmare..
Or should I say a dream?
Mi Rae tried killing herself in this dream and I was with her but I intentionally didn't stop her because I wanted her dead
What sort of a dream is this?
It even happened in a police station...
What dream is this?
I tried to put that at the back of my mind as I smiled at Je na's mum...
"How are you doing dear?"
She asked smiling
I surrendered myself to her as she moulded me into a hug
She sat beside me on the bed as Je na sat on one of the arm chairs
He stopped me from calling him Mr Kim
Calling him Je Na is actually nice and good!
"The necklace looks good on you but you'll have to return it to its rightful owner"
She said as I looked at her in confusion
I exchanged glances with Je Na almost immediately
"Its rightful owner?"
Je na asked her
"Remove the necklace"
She said as she nodded her head
I removed it as I stared at it
"Open it"
I looked at her in total confusion
I asked
I stared at the necklace intently..
I noticed a line in between as I forced it apart
It opened!!!
"Oh my!"
I exclaimed as Je na was also surprised
"Surprised? Read what is there!"
She continued
I looked deeply into the necklace turned locket..
I found a simple initials
I asked in surprise
"Yeah! Someone initials!!"
Je na screamed out
I asked
"Think deep"
She smiled
I tried thinking but I couldn't put on something
Then it came across my mind
I covered my mouth in surprise
"Yeah! It belongs to your groom"
She smiled holding my hands
Je na asked anxiously
"Yeah! I made him the necklace when he was 3"
She Said smiling
"Then how come it's with me? Dad gave me this"
I said pointing to the necklace
"I'll tell you the story"
I straightened myself to hear out everything...
The truth about the necklace...
"I met your mum 10 years ago, I met her in a grocery store. She came for shopping but I noticed that she wasn't happy.
She looked like someone going through a very hard situation so I decided to move closer to her.
Not because I wanted to make friends but because I'm also going through a very hard situation and I needed someone to talk to.
I met with her and fortunately she opened her mind to me and I opened mine too. That was it! We became friends!"
I asked
"She opted to follow me home, then Je na's dad already sent me out of the house so I was living with a friend but she travelled.
We talked over bottles of soju before the unexpected happened"
She said as her voice changed
"From no where, the house started burning! We tried all we could to get out from the house but everything failed! Your mum was an Asthmatic patient!"
"Yeah! That's true!!"
I said crying
"She opted to push me out of the house through the window and she promised to follow me but that was a lie! She asked me to promise her something! 'Make my daughter your son's bride!"
I asked in surprise.
"That was her last wish! She pushed me out through the window but before that she told me your dad's address
I dropped her scarf and the necklace before your house"
"Oh! That was why dad thought it was for mum"
I said in tears
"Yes! That's why you're betrothed to him"
She continued
"Now I understand everything"
I said in tears
"It's okay dear!"
She hugged me in a tight embrace
"Should I return the necklace?"
I asked winking my eye at Je na
"Keep it! Its yours!!"
He said smiling
His phone rang but I couldn't hear all he said over the phone because I was busy with his mom
He hang up on the call as he stared at me with a facial expression I didn't understand
"Mi Rae is at the police station"
He said as my heart missed a beat
Police station?
My dream?
Oh God!

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