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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fifty Seven


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fifty Seven


©Author Isabel

I looked around the situation I found myself in. The sitmistakesI brought upon myself. I caused this myself
No one is behind this except me. Just me alone!
What do I do?
I just can't face this
Je na said he wasn't gonna come close to me!
Everything is gonna end!
I brought this up on myself
I could remember vividly everything between myself and Je na while we were young
"Je na, will you be coming to my house for sleep over?"
"Je na, you know what?"
"I love you"
"I love you too"
Our life was just so simple. I've been in love with Je na ever since I was a little girl
He was the only boy who made me happy.
Any other guy apart from him is a no from me.
Je na is just the only guy I want in my life.
Now that's not possible anymore.
I don't like my life again. I just wanna end this crazy and miserable life I'm living.
Should I just climb off the window?
Or I commit suicide?
That's the best way to avoid this shame!
I just wanna avoid this crazy shame I am into.
I'll just kill myself!
That'll help
I was arrested for an attempted murder?
My dad will kill me if he finds out about that.
He's gonna send me off back to New Delhi immediately.
Getting bored ?
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_____&PARK HYE JI _____
I was just so anxious about the dream I had!
Now it seems it's happening!
Oh God!
Je na is repeating he's never gonna leave this hospital
What If she commits suicide?
What if she dies?
I can understand everything she did?
Because of love!
She did that because she loves Je na
I can't place any blame on her!
I've forgiven her already
"Are you okay?"
Je na asked when he seemed to notice that I've been on a troubled mind
"Yeah! I'm fine"
"You're sure?"
He asked intently
Oh God!
How do I tell Je Na this?
He hates her already for an attempted murder
But how do I save her?
I need to stop her from committing any damn suicide!
I just need to do this...
Something popped up into my mind!
Je na once said I should ask for 3 wishes from him
He's gonna grant them no matter what they are!
This is my time to use the wishes!
He's gonna grant them!
I'm sure about it!
I just can't stay lying down here when someone needs my help!
I can't !
"Je Na"
I called him as he removed his headset facing me
This is my chance
I must do this!
He faced me removing the headset again
"About Mi Rae?"
"I don't wanna listen!!"
He said stubbornly
"Je na, you can't keep avoiding her like this!"
"So I should be together with my enemy?"
"She isn't your enemy! She was just ceasing out of her mind being in love with you "
I replied him sharply
"Look! I'm not in for arguments"
He turned his back
"Neither am I"
I tried to capture his attention
"Hye ji!"
"Please, use this to grant one of my wishes"
I said trying not to meet his gaze
"I love you"
I said in smiles to weaken his heart
Oh Lord!
Let him buy this!
I'll have to drop all charges for her to be set free

______KANG MI RAE_____
I drooped down the pills as I stared at it in pains.
I just have to do this!!!
I'm so sorry Dad!
I'm so sorry
I opened it as I removed 5 of it.
I stared at it.
Oh God!
I opened my mouth as I closed my eyes, then the door suddenly opened
"So it was true!"
I turned to meet Je na as my heart beat so fast
"Je na"
"Drop those things! So it's actually true!"
He screamed at me as I was scared
"No! I'll just end this miserable life!"
I screamed back at him
"And you think that will make me good? Huh?"
He grabbed my hands as I shouted in pains
He removed the pills as I ended up in tears
"I'm so sorry!"
I cried out miserably
"Mi Rae, the dream was gonna be true?"
"Je na I'll take the blame for everything! I'll beg for the blame on myself! I'll apologize to Hye ji! I'm so sorry"
I blabbered out without waiting
"Why did you have to do something without thinking of the consequences?"
He asked starring at my
"I did it because I was foolishly in love with you!"
I screamed out
"Did that make me fall in love with you back?"
"No! I've realised my mistake"
I said still in tears
"You sure?"
He asked as I would not wanna meet up with his gaze
"Yes, I'm sorry!"
"Come here"
I looked up to him as he opened his arms
I stood up as I rushed in for a hug
I hugged him so passionately
"I'm sorry Je Na"
I said smiling
"I'm sorry too"
"Thank you Je na"
"Thank you too"
I smiled to myself as I was more than happy.
Now a new life is starting...
Starting with the best people...
That's the best

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