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Bride To A Heir- Final Chapter


Bride To A Heir- Final Chapter


©Author Isabel

7month later

_____PARK HYE JI____
I walked around the company's reception waiting for Je Na to be back
Oh jeez!
What's taking him so long?
"Hye Ji, what's making you anxious?"
Mi Rae asked walking towards me
"What's taking him so long?"
I replied her with an answer
"Just cool off! He'll be here soon"
She sat down as I stretched my neck to see if any car is coming in to view
Mr Jang is to arrive today after a whole year but it's taking more than forever for Je na to bring him here.
Had I known, I would have opted to bring him here.
"Hey, calm down"
Jin ho said holding my hands
"Mr Jang is like a father to me, you can't understand"
I replied him worriedly
"Of course I know"
He smiled while I stared at him
Then the forevermore car that took so long came as I rushed towards the entrance with Jin ho and Mi Rae coming behind me
"Calm down or you'll trip"
Je na said thinking I was coming to embrace him
I yielded away from him in smiles as I rushed at Mr Jang throwing myself into his arms.
"Oh Goodness!! You got some weight"
He screamed out as I held him
"I missed you so much Mr Jang"
I still hugged him in a tight embrace
"I missed you too"
He wrapped his arms around me
We stayed like that for some minutes before Je na started clearing his throats
A hypocrite!
"Erm,erm, it's okay! Disengage already"
He said pulling me away from Mr Jang
Mi Rae started laughing as I stared at Je na
"Scared I might steal your bride?"
Mr Jang asked laughing
"She's too beautiful!"
Je na pulled me into him as I bit his ears playfully
"Wow! Everyone seems to be United! Who's the master planner?"
Mr Jang asked
"Hye Ji!"
Mi Rae said quickly
"Je na!"
Jin ho defended her answer as Mr Jang looked at them with surprise
"Je na?"
Mi Rae widened her eyes
"Of course, he's the master planner"
Jin ho said as everyone stared at him
"He's not! If not for Hye Ji"
"Hye JI? What did she do?"
"She forgave me and made everything go on well!"
"What if Je na didn't allow her to forgive you despite everything you did?"
"He's gonna allow her!"
"He isn't!"
"He will!!!"
"Must you shout Mi Rae?"
"Oh no! Don't tell me that!"
"You're always shouting everyday for petty things!"
"Jin ho!!!"
"Must you scream?"
"Shut it!"
"Okay I'm sorry"
He moved closer to her as he held her hands
"I'm sorry too but Hye Ji is the master planner"
Mi Rae said again
"As your lordship pleases"
They both laughed together
"Is there something going on between them?"
Mr Jang asked us
"There's some chemistry going on, chemistry that's going to get them married"
Je na said laughing
"What about us?"
I asked facing him
"I don't know"
He said walking away as Mr Jang followed him
___KIM JE NA___
"What are you doing?"
I asked entering the office as I stared at her
"Using my drugs"
She swallowed the last pill as she gave me this face that gave me goosebumps
I asked her
"Don't ask me!!"
She shouted
"What? You know I love you"
I Saud trying to soften her heart but she's just too cold
I know she's getting annoyed over my response earlier
"Cut the long story short!"
She screamed at me
"I'm sorry"
I tried not to meet her gaze as I decided to pretend
She asked staring at me
I decided to break my voice off
"Come here"
She dragged me as I came close to her
"I..I.. I'm"
She shut me up with a passionate kiss as I surrendered my lips to her
I have this attitude of forming just to make myself guilty and then turn her into the victim
I turned my tongue in and out of her mouth as I stylishly hugged her
She removed her mouth as we both ended in laughter
"I'm sorry"
I said again
"I love you"
She hugged me
"I love you more darling"
This is a way to the top!
I'll forever love you as you're mine
You're my bride and you'll continue to be mine
I love you Park Hye Ji

The End...


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