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Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fifty Five


Bride To A Heir-Chapter Fifty Five


©Author Isabel

I looked at her as she stared at me..
Her face hasn't changed
Not even a bit
Memories came rushing like the water from a valley..
When she was always around taking care of my meals
Always making sure everything is in order
Picking me up from school
Just everything
She has been like a guardian angel to me until one day...
She left without a message..
She left everything behind without telling me
It was like shock!
Mum left me..
It was like hell
Life without mum was like hell!!
Now I'm seeing her...
After so many years
I looked at her as tears fell free from my eyes..
The next thing came as a shock
She came rushing at me as she landed into my arms...
"I'm sorry Son"
My heart melted immediately
It was like magic came with her words..
"I'm so sorry son"
She repeated as I hugged her back immediately
Oh Gish!
It was like I was in heaven..
Heaven on earth!
Her warmth was so cool
My heart felt solace for her
I can't do anything
"please forgive me son"
She said still hugging me
I have to forgive her..
I just have to...
I called her for the first time in so many years
She tightened her arms around me..
"Call me that again"
She said surprisingly
I said smiling
"Oh God! I've missed you calling that name"
She busted into tears
"It's okay, let's sit"
She took the lead as we walked into her office
I sat on one of the armchair as she also sat down
"I missed you a lot"
She said gazing at me
"I know, you didn't leave a letter for me. I searched for you "
I smiled
"I was ashamed to meet you. I left without a word so I was ashamed as a mother"
She didn't dare look up to me
"It's okay"
I caressed her hands together
"What about Hye Ji? She promised to come"
She asked as I stared at her
"You recognize her?"
I asked in surprise
"Through the necklace"
She smiled
"I don't understand"
I said lost for words
"You'll understand very soon"
She smiled
"She's Ill and in the hospital"
"Oh! That was why she wasn't able to come"
She said with a worrisome voice
"I need to check on her"
She said standing up
"Nah, I'll send a car here tomorrow to bring you. For now you need rest"
I said sitting her down back
"I guess you don't have to travel anymore"
I stood up
"Je Na"
She called me softly
"I love you mum"
I hugged her
"Love you more son"
She returned the hug as I smiled
Thank you Hye Ji
I'm really glad to have met my mum
I'm so happy...
I'll never let her leave my side.
Not even for a minute
I love you so much mum...
The doctor told everyone to excuse me.
I wasn't in my right mind.
I'm just so worried
What if he didn't meet her?
What if she left already?
Oh God!
Fuck this sickness of mine!
Everything is in a mess
Crazy mess...
I tried to settle my mind as I was very sad...
Oh goodness!
I pray he meets her...
The door opened as Mr Kim walked in with a sad expression
I tried moving but I couldn't
He came back too early
perhaps didn't he meet her?
"Mr Kim?"
I called in a soft voice
He rushed at me as he held me in a passionate hug..
Oh God!
"Thank you Hye Ji"
He said almost crying
"Mr Kim?"
I called again
This time he looked up to meet my gaze
"I met her already,I met my mum!!"
He screamed out immediately
I was so happy to express my mind
"Oh my Gosh!! This is great"
I said smiling
"Thank you Hye Ji, if not for you"
He said happily
"It's okay Mr Kim"
I said calming him down from excitement
"So where's she?"
I asked
"She'll be coming tomorrow"
He said still hugging me
"I'm so happy for you"
"Get well soon, okay?"
He smiled
"About Miss Kang..."
"I don't wanna hear about her'
He said cutting me off my statement
" But..."
I tried complaining
"Just focus on getting well, okay?'
He said as I nodded my head twice in agreement
I'll still have to talk about her but not now..
Mr Kim,you need to forgive and forget...
I must do this!
" I love you"
I whispered into his ears
"I love you more"
He hugged me more tighter
One of the best feelings..
When you hug someone you love and they hug you even more tighter...


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