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Betrothed To A Local Priest-Introduction


Betrothed To A Local Priest-Introduction

Theme: Could_he_be_the_right_me

©Joy Ajuma Moses 

Young Lucio has been priest for over five years, he knows everything cause of his power. He is known as the greatest of his time, he has two wives, many concubines and slaves at twenty-five, he can do and undo.
Nothing on earth is eternity, everything will pass away that's the fact so no title worth to be over-praised.......

The King's wife was put to bed, as the king's childhood friend and also a great fortune teller Lucio was invited to tell the future of the princess (the newly born child).

He consulted the gods to tell him the future of the child, it wasn't an easy journey for him as the child's birth seems to be extraordinaryly different from other born.

He got to the land of the unknown where he was told almost everything about the great princess but her greatness has strict condition.

"she'll become great an even greater than you, she'll socialize the people of the land, during her time you'll not be recognized because of her greatness. But before this prophecy will come to pass she must not have s*x or k*ss any man until her twenty-first birthday where the real man meant for her will come. If she fail to do and defile herself before then, your priesthood continues and her Father's kingdom will fall" says the gods.

Lucio was confused, he likes his fame and would never want it to be taken away, many thought crushed his mind on how he'll end the little princess to save his priesthood and fame.

The king was not as famous as the priest because the throne was coursed when a poor pregnant woman who was treated unjustly.

He suggested on lying that the baby is a misfortune and should be killed but he knew his friend the king will never agree cause he's a just man though his father was the unjust king that treated the woman with injustice.

Another thought came to his mind, he suggested, he'll tell the king that the child is as normal as other children then will ask about the dowry and make her his wife so that when she turns sixteen she'll become his wife and he'll have her to break the instruction of the gods concerning her.

After saying the false prophesy concerning the innocent princess, he ask of her hands in marriage. The king without thinking twice accept to it that when his daughter the princess turns sixteen she'll be taken to the priest as wife, public announcement was made that nobody should approach the princess.

The king was so happy that his daughter will become the wife of the great priest not knowing his daughter is more greater than the priest, she's a goddess.

Due to her strange behaviour at childhood she was named Zoë after the priestess of the village who died as a Legend (Lucio's grandmother) cause that was how she'd acted strange, the priest was not happy about it though.

( five_years_ago )
Maria is a religious woman who always see things other people don't see, her village people called her names saying she is a witch and sent her away from the village through the aid of the unjust king (Zoe's grandfather).
Maria coursed the King's throne that it will never be recognized by his people again until her seed joins with the royal house. She left the village pregnant, after coursing the village, the king summoned that she should be brought to him by the warriors either dead or alive for the village members told the king about the course.

The warriors ran after Maria, Maria who sees ahead of others knew they were coming after her so she ran as fast as her legs could take her until she came into an Hut.

There she fell down until an old woman came out of the Hut to help her, she gave birth to a baby boy after force labour.

She named the baby Hero before giving up the ghost, immediately she closed her eyes the was a lightning accompanied by thunder as rain fell heavily.

Will beautiful Zoe accept the fate that she'll become the wife of the priest who will be 41 when she clocks 16? (old jealous wizard o )
will the priest be able to carry out his plans?

What's up with Hero and the old woman?

Who is the right person for Zoe?
Can't the gods send protectors if they truly want to help their creatures by sending a goddess to dwell among wicked humans?
You wanna know more?

find out in the mind blowing story


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