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Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 9


Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 9

Theme: Could_he_be_the_right_me

©Joy Ajuma Moses 

(Hero's POV)
" What have I caused to myself? Will I be killed tonight just as the king had said? " I asked rhetorically
I was still lost in thought when the queen came to where I was tied, “I'm doing this because of Zoe, Zoe doesn't want you to die, if I release you, run as fast as your legs can take you and don't you ever come to this village cause she is getting married as her father wish ” she said before untying me.
“thanks mother"” I said and sneaked out of the palace, she gave me a lamp.
“where do you think you are going ?” I heard a voice asking me when I was already at the end part of the village, I turned look at the person to my greatest shock it was Lucio.
“now this is your end” he said and stretched his staff to me, I passed out.

(Lucio's POV)
I laughed out loud and beat my chest “nobody tries Lucio and go free, you die or I make life unbearable for you ” I said and walked away.
I got home so happy, I'm a pure man with a clean hands, I mind my business but whoever try to stop me from my will shall pay for it.

(Zoe's POV)
I was glad when I heard my father saying Hero escaped but my happiness was cut short when Lucio said Hero is dead.
I cherish Hero and I don't want him to die because of me, how about his poor grandma that he speaks often about her?
If truly he is dead then I join him or I go to take care of his grandma cause it was all my fault.
But I don't even have freedom on my own, guards all around and I can't escape cause of so many escort.

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Next week I'll be taken to Lucio's house where I'll spend a month with him, I'll have to be at peace with his household then I'll come back to my parents until after a year before I'll become his wife completely.

( week_later )
I was accompanied to Lucio's house by two maidens, a guard and my mother. Everyone singing Zoe is fit to be wife
I cried cause that was not what I wanted but nobody would listen to me, not even my best friend.
I got to the house, everyone departed except my maids and the royal guard, the two wives whose faces doesn't look encouraging at all.
I went to the room arranged for me waiting for young girls to visit me when Sassy came in.
She smiled and walked to me “I have a good news for you ” she said
“what news is it? ” I asked and she whispered some words to my ears.
I was so happy, everyone were surprised seeing me happy cause I was actually frowning.
I don't need to frown when I'm the bride, I'm getting married and that's a good one.
My darling husband Lucio has not come to see me.

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