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Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 8


Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 8

Theme: Could_he_be_the_right_me

©Joy Ajuma Moses 

(Hero's POV)
Coming to school for a week without seeing Zoe made me feel bored and lonely, I felt like going to her house to search for her but something was stopping me.
Sassy came to my class smiling, I wanted to pretend I don't know her but she came straight to me.
“now you see it yourself, you choose Zoe over me and now she is getting married, who will be your friend? ” she asked
I felt my heart beat but why did it beat? Because I think am in love with Zoe but I'm looking for the right time to confess to her.
But does she love me? Absolutely no cause the last time we met, we had fun as if we will be together forever but she disappointed me.
“are you serious about what you are saying? ” I asked Sassy
“oh so you don't know what is happening in this village? ” she laughed and claps her hands.
“well I don't blame you, I can see that she's forcing herself on you or otherwise” she said and tried to leave but I pulled her hands
“please help me, I need to see Zoe, I want to talk to her” I said knowing my request my not be granted.
“I will help you out under one condition ” she said
“I'll do anything for her ” I said
“the condition is that you guys should run to a place far from here until my father die before you return cause we don't want new wife in our house ” she said
I stood and arch my brow, left for me I can do what she said but Zoe won't agree beside she loves the priest.
“if Zoe agrees then I'll take her away ” I said
“of cause she loves you, come let's go, I'll pretend to be her maid and tell her to come out and see you ” she said
“okay no when are we going? ” I asked
“after the class ” she said and left.

(Lucio's POV)
Staring at the mirror before me I was shocked about what Sassy was doing, she is my first fruit but a bad egg, conniving with my enemy.
" She must not live" I shouted, for another thought, is she not under a spell? Forsaking her love because she doesn't want me to take another wife?
She doesn't know I'm doing all this for her better tomorrow, if she is under spell I'll clean her but if she is not under spell and she did that on her own then I'll strike her with epilepsy (a sickness caused by the disorder of the central nervous system characterized by lost of consciousness and convulsion)
She must learn to be selfless cause I see no reason why she doesn't want me to get married.
I'll send the palace guard to him and make the king to put him in his prison and that calls for his end in this village.

(Zoe's POV)
The maid to clean my nails came in and it turn out to be Sassy, I felt like screaming cause nobody was in the room and I fear she night hurt me.
“I know you know I hate you but Hero wants to see you, he is at the back of your mother's room, put in my dress and act like a maid, go to him and do whatever he says ” she commanded
Though I can swear it was a lie but I couldn see the seriousness in her so I did as she commanded and it walked out, Hero look weird.
I hugged him immediately I saw him, I've missed him so much “I miss you ” I said
“I miss you too, do you like him? ” he asked but I began to cry, I hate Lucio.
“let's run away from here, I will always stand by you” he said
I quickly agreed and hold his hands tight.

(Lucio's POV)
This children think they can use my head “your majesty the princess is seeing a man and they are planning of running away ” I said to the king
“may the gods forbid, this village has never trained a rebellious child, who is the person she is seeing? ” says the king
“he is around this palace with her now ” I answered
“he must not live to see the light of the day for committing sin, guards!!! ” he commanded and two of his guards stepped forward, they prostrate.
“go and get him for me” he said and the guards left immediately, I was so happy when the king said he must not live to see the light of the next day, which means he must die.

(Hero's POV)
“I need to take my precious bead” Zoe said
“then do that hastily cause we have no time”
I said to her
She was about to leave when the royal guards came to us, they pulled me so hard to the palace.
“are you the monkey? ” I heard the king asking me.
“your highness let him suffer for this” a voice said, I turn to check who it was. That's Lucio again.
Zoe struggled to hold me but she was drag out. “you want to reap where you never plant right? ”

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