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Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 7


Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 7

Theme: Could_he_be_the_right_me

©Joy Ajuma Moses 

(Lucio's POV)

The son of the bitch is tempering my patience, he has the guts to starb one of my guards and even still mingling with the princess. Then he has drawn the sword of fight.
I can't imagine wiping him and his so-called grandma out of the world since he chooses to try my patience.
“dad why do you have to frustrate me? ” I heard my daughter Sassy saying, hurting her is the last thing I'll do, I love her dearly, she is my first fruit and my successor.
“why on earth will I hurt the one I so much love ” I asked
“you sent your guards to beat Hero and I love him so much ” she said, I smiled at the mention of love.
“I never knew you were in love but what I saw was different, I saw him planning future with a girl but I don't know the girl and I'm sure it not you” I said
“no dad I'm not in love, I love him as a friend ” She said
“there is no relationship between a boy and a girl if they doesn't pick interest in a girl so I'll do my best to make him all yours ” I said and I could see her smiling, she loves him but she doesn't understand her feelings.
I will cast spell on him when the time is due.

(Zoe's POV)
“Zoe your dad wants to see you ”mum said
As respectful as I've always been I went to my fathers palace, I knelt down properly to greet the chief and my dad.
“she is turning into woman ” one of the chief said but I ignored cause I know what he was up to.
“how are you preparing for the forth coming celebration which will be in two days, my in-law will be here with palm wine ” dad asked
“I'm preparing ” I said in an obedient voice but I rather die than be called Lucio's wife.
*** *** *** ***
(Hero's POV)
“are you tired” I asked Zoe who I'm sure she was exhausted for walking to a far distance like from school to my house but she was stubborn, I insisted she go home but she insist.

“I'm tired” she answered
“should I back you?" she chuckled and nodded thinking I won't be able to back her, before she'd blink her eyes I'd started running with her on my back.

She laughed and scream at the same time but I ran as fast I could to ease the journey and dropped her close to the stream “you are crazy” she said

“and you're stubborn ” I answered and held her hands, I find myself liking her, I barely noticed her until that very moment.

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She was not what I thought she was “I like you ” I said and she bend her head probably shy, of cause I'm mad for saying that but I really like her.

We got home grandma was sitting outside, Zoe knelt down to greet grandma. I introduced her to grandma as my friend, grandma was so happy.

She cook for us, we ate the food happily, I showed Zoe places in the bush, I took her to my trap where we cut a rabbit.

She seem to be happy more than I expected, she was with me until it was getting dark, I took her back to her house and went back home.
“where do you met such a nice girl with expensive adornment like one who is getting married so soon” grandma asked
“she is the princess ” I said and grandma frowned immediately in disappointment.

“you must do away with any thing royal, sit beside me let me tell you about your mother ”

(Zoe's POV)
I couldn't control my tears when my father announced that I stop school cause I came home late.
Does that means I'll never see Hero again?

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