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Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 6


Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 6

Theme: Could_he_be_the_right_me

©Joy Ajuma Moses 

(Hero's POV)
I don't fight but they are cimpeling me to fight, I will tolerate the rubbish if they were only beating me but since grandma is involved then, there will be blood shed.

Immediately I ran inside I took my cutlass and ran outside, the guys thought I was just joking but I prove their thought wrong when I starbed one of them on his hand.
The cut was brutal as they all struggled to run away including the one I starb, I watched how grandma was crying and tear drop down my eye.

I helped her to the room, I quickly set the fire and boiled water to message her body, I wonder who the enemy is, you don't hurt my grandma and go scout free.

“grandma I'm so sorry you'd be fine ” I said

She smiled and closed her eyes, soon she was fast asleep.

I was beside her until she woke up, I got food for her and watch how she eat.

She rested for a while.

“those people are from the priest cause only the guards of the priest dresses that way so do you offend any of them? ” she asked
I thought for a while, the only person close to the priest that I associate with her is Sassy. “I don't know any of his people aside his daughter who is my friend ” I said
“hmmm, your friend. It sound somehow cause he might think you are having something with his daughter. Please for peace to reign stay away from her, there are other decent girls from the neighborhood that can make good wife ” she said though I felt disgusted cause she was deriving from the discussion.

“grandma I'm sorry for putting you into this mess, I promise you that I'll stay away from her” I said and walked out.

Buy why would he think such of me, I like the daughter as a friend and nothing more. My friendship with Sassy will end and who will be my friend? Zoe?

(Zoe's POV)
I arrived at school very early to meet Hero cause that's the only place we meet, he look moody and I can tell all was not well with him.

I walked to him and sat very close to him “what is the matter? ” I asked in a cool voice.

“imagine the priest send his guards to beat my grandma because I'm a friend of his daughter and he doesn't like it” he said

“what? You don't mean it, so you mean Lucio could be heartless to the extent of doing that to your grandma? ”

“it was terrible for us yesterday and I promise never to make friend with Sassy again ” he said
I placed my hands around his neck “Lucio can't kill your grandma if the gods doesn't permit him, do you agree with me? ” I asked

“yeah but he should not even bother, o don't want anything from his daughter, I have a lot on my head” he said that was when I realized my hands were still wrapped around his shoulder.

“do you know you're crazy?” I asked suddenly trying to change the topic.

“how? Why? ” he asked
“you make me do things I've never done whenever I'm with you, the other day I was inside the rain and here I am today wrapping my hands around your neck ” I said but he smiled.

“only mothers do that and I don't have mother so maybe you're my divine mother”
He teased.

I don't like when I'm being called mother “sorry about the lost of your mother, I will like to go and see your grandma but that should be tomorrow ” I said
“grandma will be glad though you are from a royal home, you might not be able to walk in the bush” he said, I was confused but I never asked why cause I don't want him to say no.

(Lucio's POV)
The son of the bitch is tempering my patience, he has the guts to starb one of my guards and even still mingling with the princess. Then he has drawn the sword of fight.

I managed to wait this, I'll share a page which I want you to like and follow my ongoing story there, that is chidel library since school will close doen because of the disease

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