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Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 5


Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 5

Theme: Could_he_be_the_right_me

©Joy Ajuma Moses 

(Lucio's POV)
Seeing her with a young boy caused my wrath, I summoned my guards to go after the boy and kill every member of his family.
I will use him as a scape goat to other boys. I thought to myself.
“make sure no pin remains in his house and when you're done killing whoever you see, leave the young man in peace ”

(Hero's POV)
I felt like going home to check on grandma cause of the rain that fell but something told me to go and check my trap maybe I'll get good game so I decided to check my trap.
Luckily for me I got squirrel on the trap I set close to the stream, I was happy cause it has been long I caught a game.
“who is the lucky person I saw first today? ”
I asked myself wondering then I recall it was Zoe, she is the lucky girl I met first and her luck shined on me, I'll be going to see her first thing every day to tap the luck.
I stood took a walk to the stream, I felt lonely. I've never feel the way I felt, am I missing anybody ? Not at all, I've never missed anybody before maybe I'm missing Sassy but did she missed me at all?
I removed my clothes and swim with my pant on me, the quiet atmostphere made me dizzy.
*** *** *** *** *** *** ***
(Zoe's POV)
“mum I need peace in this house, look at me, I'm unhappy and you don't even care about my feelings, all you do is to remind me of Lucio ” I bark at my mother, she is the least I expected to talk about Lucio but she'd taken the matter upon herself than my father.
“I see no reason why you should be sad when luck comes your way like this” she said
“hold the luck to yourself ” I said
“okay if you say so but be careful the way you speak cause your husband might not tolerate this. Men are always the head and you must respect them so don't say I didn't teach you about this” she said and I walked away
“you're too rude to your mother ” Emilia said
“yeah cause she is provoking me” I answered
“don't say that, it's a taboo. You know this is not school where you will talk to tutors the way you like and they don't pick offense ”
“whatever, you are one of the people I don't want to relate with at this moment ” I said and walked away from her.

(Hero's POV)
I woke up very early as usual and dress for school hoping the first person will be Zoe. I find it hard to believe I slept off at the stream till dawn, I came back home late keeping grandma worried.
I waited for long at the school but did not see Zoe, I did not check on Sassy even though I've missed her so much.
Later Sassy came in frowning, I don't like when she frown I like it when she smiles so I felt guilty. “so you can't come and check on me right” she asked.
“forgive my manners, actually I thought you won't come to school today ” I said
“hmmm, you're not a real friend, if I were you I'd have come to your house ” she said
“I'm sorry Sassy” I said, while still speaking with Sassy, Zoe came in, she was not smiling at all.
She waved at me and smiled lightly before going to join her friends, “is she your friend now? ” Sassy asked
“hmmm, somehow. Yesterday was a mystery for us. The rain fell on us” I said
“are you sure it's Zoe cause the Zoe I know is scared of rain and everyone knows it” she said
That reminds me of I held her tightly because she was scared “so I'm not your friend any longer?" Sassy asked
“of cause you are my best friend ” I said
She smiled “I'll give the both of you time and space to get close to each other ” she said
“Sassy please stop all this or I might end up the friendship between us ” I answered
“no offence ” she said and walked out smiling dangerously.
All throughout the day Zoe was quiet at class, she was opposite what I thought she was that day, I couldn't wait for break time so that I'll go to her.
During break I walk to where she was sitting and sat beside her minding what people would say cause I'm a boy.
“what's happening to you ” I asked but she shook her head.
“you can't say nothing when something is written all over your face, what happened to you?” I asked but all she did was to cover her face with her palm until her friend came in.
She stood in front of me watching me “young man I don't know your village and I don't care to know but princess Zoe here is betrothed to the priest so stay away from her ” she said
“Emilia how dare you ” she barked
“now get out of my class ” she said pointing to the door as Emilia left, now I understand she doesn't even like the priest.
“I'm sorry ” she said and walked out leaving me in the dark to keep predicting.

(Lucio's POV)
"Hope you will not fail your works today, you must be careful cause the young man is cunning and there is something in him that I have tried to know but it's not clear" I said to my guards
“we shall try our best sir”

(Hero's POV)
After school I didn't hesitate in going back home, I got home to see grandma outside. I plant a light kiss on her forehead just like our tutors told us is the best way of greeting earlier.
I removed my shoe about to go and get water for myself when three hefty guys came in, they carried grandma up and hit her on the floor.
I ran to fight bit one of them hit me so hard on my head until I began to blead but they still focused on beating grandma.
I ran into our Hut.

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