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Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 4


Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 4

Theme: Could_he_be_the_right_me

©Joy Ajuma Moses 

(Hero's POV)
While coming back from school I decided to check the trap I've set earlier, nothing was there. I frown, it has been long I caught a prey.
I walked home happily thinking about what to do to make grandma happy, no idea came to me. I slapped myself several times, something is wrong with me but I can't dictate it.
I got home to see grandma shivering on the bed, I felt sore all over me as I rush to the bush to get some herbs for her, she always fall sick sick I don't know why.
I prepared the herbs and serve her, she slept off few minutes later, the house was so bored and I felt temperated to go and see Sassy.
I was still lost in thought when grandma woke up, she look strong as if she was not the one I met shivering as if she was going to give up.
“Hero ” she called in a cool voice
“yes grandma”
“thank you for saving me” she said
“no grandma I ought to be the one to thank you for being there for me and I don't want to lose you at this tender age, I want you to see my progress ” I said
“and your children ” she said, I hate that and she knows but she'd always want to tease me about children.
“grandma stop talking about children ” I said feeling nervous
“I know you don't want to talk about woman because of your stage but I bet you time will come when you'll be thinking of you being called father ” she said
“but its not yet time so let me be” I said
She smiled “don't you have a friend? ” she asked
“I have a friend call Sassy” I said
“hmmm Sassy? A girl or boy? ” she asked
“girl” I answered
“and one day you'll confess you love her right” she say, I smiled
“maybe ” I said recognizing Sassy is cute and fair to look upon.
“it seems my son is loving already ” she said
“why do you like her?” she asked
“cause she us beautiful and funny ” I answered
“I've heard you but that's not a reason to love someone so I'll assume you like her and not love her ” she said, I sat wondering how she got my thought
“grandma I heard the princess is betrothed to an old man who happens to be Sassy's father ” I said
“its normal, is Daddy's father wealthy? ” she asked
“I don't know but he is the village priest” I answered
“does the princess love him? ”
“I don't know about it, I don't like talking to her but she disturbs me alot” I said
“oh my boy be careful with her and stay away from her ” she said
Before she'd warn I've done the right thing, I don't like people from the royal house so she is not exempted.

(Zoe's POV)
“guess what! ” mum asked
Seeing her happy face I was happy too “what is it mum just tell me about it ” I said excited with her.
“the negotiation if your marriage with Lucio commence next week” she said
I stare her and walked out of her but her words cut me “why are you so stubborn ” she asked
“when you realize I'm not interested in the marriage that's when I will change ” I said and walked out without turning back.
All throughout the night I couldn't sleep cause of what my mum told me, I was the first to wake up, I took my bathe without anyone's note and went to achool in the dark.
I was at my class room when the door opened, my heart skipped but I realized it was Hero so I ignored him, my mind was on my problem and how to get out of the mess.
He also sat quiet without saying a word to me, I wonder why Sassy was not with him and why he has to come to school so early.

(Hero's POV)
I wonder what the princess was doing so early at school, grandma woke me early as usual I went to Sassy but she said she'd not come to school unlike before that the princess like talking with me but she only greet me.
She must be worried and I don't think I like the other side of her but I don't need to bother.
I stood up and walk around the class but she didn't even say a word not even humming.

(Zoe's POV)
Emilia never showed up at school until it was time to go he but Hero was having problems with a subject which the tutor asked him to tell those who understood to put him through.
I walked to him “can I put you through in the solving or you want someone else? ” I asked not wanting his insult or annoying face.
“yes ” he answered
I sat beside him and began to teach him from the initial step, everyone left leaving the two of us.
Soon the sky was cloudy, but it was not a time for rain to fall. “I'll be going home ” I said, I've never walk inside rain before and I'm scared of rain.
“can I take you home? ” he asked
“don't bother” I said and tried to leave but he said “I care” I turned to him and smiled.
We walked together holding hands, when we got outside it started raining heavily, Hero removed his jacket to cover me.
I was shivering at it continues to rain, he accompanied me to my house but I never allowed him to go in with me knowing he might not cine back alive.
“thanks for helping me” he said
“thanks too ” I said
“for what? ”
“for bringing me back home ” I answered
“I am indebted to you, we will talk tomorrow. May the gods spear our lives” he said
I smiled and wave at him, I turned to go into the house when the rain suddenly size, that means the rain was for us.

(Lucio's POV)
Seeing her with a young boy caused my wrath, I summoned my guards to go after the boy and kill every member of his family.
I will use him as a scape goat to other boys. I thought to myself.
Kill who?


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