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Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 3


Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 3

Theme: Could_he_be_the_right_me

©Joy Ajuma Moses 

I walked away in disappointment, I like him but he likes Sassy. What has she done to him?

I was still confused when Emilia came to my class, I watch how Sassy and Hero left the class together.

" Why does he even likes Sassy? " I thought to myself

“hope you're not thinking of him again? ” Emilia asked

“of cause I should cause he doesn't like me and he happened to be in this class, he likes Sassy” I said
“why do you even like him at the first place? ”

She asked
“I don't even know why I like him ” I said thinking of what made me like him but no idea came up.

“I'm sure you like him cause he is giving you attitude, just tell me the truth do you love Lucio? ” she asked, I felt like slapping her whenever she add Lucio in my life activity.

“I'm sure you wouldn't like me to send you away, you know I hate him and you're here disturbing me about him” I said

“I'm sorry if I offended you, I just want to say I don't want you to get married to him too, he is too old for you ” she said

“don't worry, eithery dad turn the plans or I leave this village ” I said, she pulled me for hug before leaving.

I wonder why she always talks about him whenever we were discussing, I hate him and that's the fact.

The school culture day is tomorrow so I'll dress so actractive to get him. I don't care who Sassy is to him but I like him and that's all.

I watch how he came back to the class with her, she left fee minutes later. I walked to him again and sat beside him, he changed his position and I followed him. It goes on until he got tired and spoke out, “what do you want from me? ”

I was happy hearing him speaking to me again but sad he was not happy seeing me. “tomorrow is the school culture day how prepared are you? ” I asked knowing he is not from our village.

“may we see tomorrow ” he said in a cool voice and slight smile that doesn't look genuine but deep down my heart I was happy to see the smile.

I did not say anything further to get him angry, I walk back to my position.

(Hero's POV)
I don't know why she doesn't want to leave my way when she is opposite what I like, she is from the royal house and grandma will not be proud if she gets to know I'm making friend with a girl from the royal house couple with her present state of being betrothed to someone else.

After the end of the class I went to meet Sassy, we left school together, pretty surprised that I quickly made friend but i like her ways. She just seems to be special to me.

“tomorrow is our culture day do you know about it? ” she asked
“some how, the princess told me about it” I said

“princess again? ” she asked

“yes” I answered

She smiled and acted some how funny causing me to stumble due to caress laughter.

“why are you acting weird? ” I asked

“cause I smell love, it seems she loves you cause the princess I know doesn't stalk” she said, I felt disgusted, I'm just eighteen and she doesn't even know me.

“please love her back so that you guys will run away some days from my father” she teased, I hate teasing like that.

“it's okay let's change the topic or I get angry with you ” I said
She coded that I don't like where the play was heading to so she changed the topic immediately .....

(Zoe's POV)
I did not allow anybody to make my hair aside my mother, she adorned my body with bead, I love it and it looks good on me.
I just hope I look pleasant to my friend Hero, I learn new dancing steps to impress him, I friend after seeing my shadow I became sad

“princess is always sad” Emilia said

“of cause I'm suppose to be sad” I said

“why are you sad? ” she asked

“I'm sad because I don't have curves at fourteen, my mates have but I don't” I said

My mum smiled and wrap her hands around my neck “my princess you're okay with your figure, imagine your plump friends getting married and after two years they turn old” she said
“mum you can't convince me cause you're not looking old but you have those curves too” I said
“I was like you before until I got married and I'm sure that's how yours will be, maybe in the next three years after your marriage with Lucio ” she said, I let a frown.
“mum must you mention Lucio all the time around me? ” I got angry and left.

Everybody was dressed in their cultural attire though we are one family but different cultures and belief.

Our village is more socialize cause the first white people visited us first, that was during my great grand parents.

Many of the children were named after the white people, my name was gotten from the name a white man gave to our dangerous priestess (Lucio's grandmother).

Emilia is the wife of one of the white men, Lucio was their men also and many other white names given to other sons and daughters of the village.

“how do I look? ” I asked Hero amidst happiness knowing he'll complement my dress.

“naturally you look ugly but the adornment made you look a bit cute” he said and smiled.

Tear drop down my eyes “why can't you say good thing to me? ” I asked him

“cause I want you to stay away from me ” he answered

I was staring at him when Sassy came and pulled him away.

How can I please him???¿¿¿

He is hurting me silently.


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