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Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 2


Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 2

Theme: Could_he_be_the_right_me

©Joy Ajuma Moses 

Lucio's POV )
“who the hell is that boy I saw speaking to the princess earlier? ” I asked myself
I want to be the one to defile her to have more powers and get more famous, I don't want anybody around her else I'll kill the person.

I'm her legal husband, I don't need to book, I've paid already but just as a puppy needs breast milk to grow before it will be taken away from it mother that's why I left her.

Either she stay away from boys or I take her away so soon, I'm her Lucio and nobody gets glory more than I.

**** **** **** **** **** *****

(Hero's POV)
Grandma's touch woke me up, I murmured and stood up sluggishly “you must leave early to catch up with your mates, this is what I've saved for you, I'm sure it will be enough for you ” she said while giving me a local box, in it contains a lot of cowries, I opened my mouth in bewilderment.

“grandma where did you get all this from? ”

I asked surprisingly
“you don't need to know where I get it from just know that your happiness and bright future is all I'm after, I want you to live in the village like every other human ” she said

Sometimes I wonder why she choose to leave in the forest when other people live together “now get going ” she said

“thanks grandma” I said

“and don't make friends especially with Tue royal house cause they are responsible for our misfortune
 ” those words stroke me dumb, royal house responsible for my misfortune? Then I'll make life hell for any royal property that cross my path.

I took my water can along with me so that I'll fetch water when I get to the stream, the slait was on my head.

(Zoe's POV)
“my princess! ”
“my princess!! ”
“wake up the cock has crew” Emilia voice woke me.
“what? Can't I have my peace in this house? ”

I yielded at the top of my voice.

“I'm sorry my princess, I just want you to inform you today is school day ” she said

“are you going to the stream now” I asked

“yes” she answered

I stood up and stretched my body, my bones making sound like the clicking clock, quack.....

We go to stream every morning in groups to take our bathe,
sometimes we go with local pot to fetch water for mothers while coming back.

The road to the stream was so quiet that one could tell it's to early to go out but we always follow the first crow of the cock, I don't like going to school late.

We got to the stream, we were about to undress when we saw lamps approaching us. We waited to know who it was, they were all boys and it's a taboo for a boy to come to that part of the stream at that time, it's meant for me and my friends to bathe there.

I studied the faces and realized through their marks that none of them are from our village, we greeted them.

“wow beautiful ladies, you even look more beautiful ” the first boy said after using lamp to check our faces, he roughed my jaw and I pushed his hands away.

“be careful ” I find myself warning him but he won't listen...

“I love the way you are and I'll like to make you my wife if you'll accept, I'll go with you to your father ” he said

I hissed and tried to walk away but he pulled my hands back, Emilia tried to fight for me but the second boy hold her.

The boy who pulled my hands carried me to the nearest bush and placed me on the floor, he was on me trying to pull my dress when he cried out loud and everybody ran to see what was going on.

“snake! ”

“snake!! ” he screamed holding his leg while other boys use their cutlass to beat the bush in search of the snake.

“we can't trace any snake here” the second boy said but truly he was bitten by a snake and the bite deep.

The boy was shouting while his friend entered the bush in search of immediate herb, my friends and I quickly took our bathe and ran away.

(Hero's POV)
I forgot to fetch water from the stream until I got to the village and I couldn't go back, I stood confused wondering what to do when a damsel came to me.

“I'm sure you need water ” she asked

“you're really an angel, how do you know ”

I asked

“of cause I can tell from your expression ” she said while collecting the can from me, she appeared few later with the can filled with water.

“thank you ” I said after collecting the water.

“I am Sassy” she said

I look at her in disgust “what do you want me to do about it? ” I asked, she laughed

“don't you know how to introduce yourself or you don't go to school ?” she asked still laughing

“I don't know about it and this is my first time of going to school ” I said

“wow so you're going to school this early, why not stay here and take a rest for a while it's too early cause I also attend school ” she said, I felt relaxed as I accept to rest at her house.

I was there for a while, she serve me breakfast and after she dressed we left for school together, she is cool, funny and nice.

On our way to school we met the bitch, I mean the spoilt princess
“that's Zoe my father's wife to be but I don't like that ” she said
I was confused “what? She's having affairs with your Father? ”

“not at all, my father wants to make her his favorite haven't you heard about this? ”

I shook my head “is she happy to be your Father's wife? ” I asked
“I don't know but I'm sure she likes it but my mum and her co-wife promise to separate them by all means ” she said

“I can't imagine a young girl like her getting married to her father ”
We got to school without Sassy and Zoe talking, Zoe never realise it's me.

(Zoe's POV)
Oh my, he attends my school but I never knew about it, I couldn't talk to him because of Sassy, he is damn cute this morning.

I will get him today, I will try my best to make peace with him, I really need a male friend.

I got to school all my mind was on him, I went to my class with half thought, what if he gets away and I never see him?

I was still lost in thought when the tutor came in, everyone stood up to greet including myself.

“we have a new student ” he said
“new student in grade two? ” I asked confusedly

“yes, Hero come over” he said calling a boy who was standing outside, I opened my mouth wide in bewilderment, he is in grade two as me?

I was so happy, the teaching was so cool as I stare at him several time until break time, I walk to his desk where he was sitting.

“hello Hero ” I greeted but he didn't reply instead he stare at me
“I'm sorry if I've offended you before, I just want to be your friend ” I said but he just look at me until Sassy came in.

He smiled immediately he saw her “why are you smiling when you did not do what I asked you ” she said

“I feel dizzy” he said

I walked away in disappointment, I like him but he likes Sassy. What has she done to him?

I was still confused when Emilia came to my class, I watch how Sassy and Hero left the class together.

Dis kain tin dey pain o

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