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Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 10


Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 10

Theme: Could_he_be_the_right_me

©Joy Ajuma Moses 

I was accompanied to Lucio's house by two maidens, a guard and my mother. Everyone singing Zoe is fit to be wife
I cried cause that was not what I wanted but nobody would listen to me, not even my best friend.
I got to the house, everyone departed except my maids and the royal guard, the two wives whose faces doesn't look encouraging at all.
I went to the room arranged for me waiting for young girls to visit me when Sassy came in.
She smiled and walked to me “I have a good news for you ” she said
“what news is it? ” I asked and she whispered some words to my ears.
I was so happy, everyone were surprised seeing me happy cause I was actually frowning.
I don't need to frown when I'm the bride, I'm getting married and that's a good one.
My darling husband Lucio has not come to see me.
Few hours later everyone was gone, I was left with my maid but my maids were sent away when Lucio came in.
“my raw gold” he said, I smiled blushing and
shaked my waist like dogs wag their tails when they see their masters.
“I'm happy you finally gave up on that poor boy that has nothing to give you ” he said, I was wondering if he thinks I was having any affairs with Hero.
“I've forgotten about the dead, let's talj about live, let discuss about us but before then let me serve you the water by dad sent me to give you ”I said
“wow, nice of the king, he cherish his friend more than anything ” he said smiling mischievously as if he got plans but I've been told his weakness already.
I brought the local cup and filed it with palm wine, I can't wait to see his reaction....
“wow this is fresh and the most sweetest I've ever thirsted ” he said
“yes, the king himself send it to you and you know what ever comes from the king is good and beneficial ” I said
“yes favorite you have spoken well” he said
“the priest is sipping the palm wine as if there is no other left in the jar, take it fast” I said and he smiled
“woman, you won't understand how sweet it taste, I need to appreciate the king tomorrow but since I'm the groom it is customed I stay indoor with you ” he said
“wow, I'm pleased that my husband will be with me all throughout tomorrow ” I said
“don't worry favorite, I'll give you the best love nobody can give you, it shall be like young lovers and you will be so addicted to me that you will not want to go back to your parents ” he said, I smiled and poke nose.
“your drink has finished, let me add more for you ” I said
“oh my favorite, you are nice and sweet, you fit the position of a favorite not just because you are from a royal home but because you are wonderful, I adore your attitude and admire your beauty hoping you will be mine forever and here you are, my hope became real. I hail the princess, the future queen of this land” he said
“I feel honoured among women, the heart desires of all women is to be called favorite of Lucio but here it goes, he aboundoned them because of the admiration he has for Zoe ” I said, I collect his cup and filed it with palm oil. I made him drink to stupor.
He began to praise me and laugh at anything, I couldn't help but laugh too, I took permission to go and ease myself.
I removed my royal clothes and put it in a bag, the clothes and jewelry are expensive. I sneaked out of the house.
“mission accomplished ” I said to Sassy, she gave me a hi-five and we both laughed.
“now go to his house, tell him to pack out so that you guys can run, my father will recover soon and might kill me but I don't care. I want the both of you to confess your love for each other ” she said, I felt pity for her
“if your father will kill you then come with me ” I said
“no, this is a journey of two, I might get jealous and want to hurt you. Just go, if I die, tell your children about me and let them pass it on to generations for selfless love. ” she said
I wept and pulled her for hug “thank you Sassy ” I thanked her
“don't thank me, run now before the evils of the night begins to manifest. ” she gave me a lamp and I left.
I don't know the road to Hero's house at night, I walked to the forest in fears, I just pray that the God's guides my path.

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