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Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 1


Betrothed To A Local Priest-Chapter 1

Theme: Could_he_be_the_right_me

©Joy Ajuma Moses 

Twelve_years_later .

(Hero's POV )

I was at the village square where grandma sent me to when a girl accompanied by two girls stepped on me, I pushed her away until she fell.

Her followers were mad at me but she stopped them from doing what they want to do saying it was an accident “please may I know you ” she asked but I didn't say a word

“I'm Zoe the princess and you ” she said this time in a provocative tune.

“oh you're the princess that's why you feel so big to say sorry after stepping on me right” I questioned angrily

“but you pushed me” she said
I've heard of the abnormality of the princess but I've never seen her until today, spoilt brat without manners.

“tell your parents to teach you some manners ” I said
“what????” she said, her girls made advance to me but she stopped them. I wonder what mare girls would do to me.

“does he attend our school? ” she asked one of the girls who shook her head.

" You guys are confused " I said and walked away
Stealing from glance I caught her staring at me several times and it disgust me.

I got all what grandma sent me to buy and traveled back to the forest.

I took my bathe and took a nap.
“Hero!!! ” grandma called one evening, I ran to her wondering what she was up to this time.

“sit down beside me I want to touch you before I speak” she said, well grandma is very old and find it hard to see properly.

“grandma I'm right beside you ” I said sitting very close to her, she touch all part of my body to confirm if it was me.

“check beside the bed you'll see what the white people brought for young people like you and I want you to join them though the village is far from us but I still want you to go” she said
I checked beside her bed and found a slate (Slate is a writing tablet formally used by scholars ). I was overwhelmed with joy but how will grandma get enough cowrie for me to start schooling?
I've always admired how young people like me, hold their slate to school and how tutors look in their outfits of long stockings, pinafore and short trouser, their head are always covered with heart that looks more like umbrella.

“but grandma how will you be able to settle the bills? ” I asked
“don't worry may the day break ” she said trying to tell me the discussion is over.

I went to the room so happy but thinking if grandma might fuck up or try to do something funny to cancel it, I bow beside my bed “I heard there is a mighty god, I believe in it and I pray you never put me to shame in the aspect of school ” I prayed within me.

I stood up and sunk to the bed, what is this school all about that I find so much interest in it? That question needs to be answer after my first day.

How about that sharp ugly girl that asked if I was in her school? She will want to bully me with her rough attitude.

**** **** **** **** ****

(Zoe's POV)
I fund myself smiling stupidly at the guy I met earlier but he wasn't smiling at me, ever since we parted ways I found myself happy.
I'm a sad princess and I use that to punish any elderly man or woman that cross my part, I believe they hates me that's why they allowed the local priest to pay my dowry.
I wonder how life will be getting married to a man old enough to be my father, the worst of it all, all the boys are banned from playing with me, I do all my things with girls.

“princess you're so happy today what is the secret ” Emilia asked me

Emilia is my best friend, she works for me and lives with me at the palace, I don't keep things away from her.

“I met a cute boy at the village square today, I want him to be my friend but he hates me” I said
“My princess, do you realize you are betrothed to Lucio and whoever come close to you you is tempering with fire? ” she said
I stare at her angrily “you are supposed to be my best friend but you are supporting them, how would you feel if you're too marry Lucio as his last wife? ”

“well as for me cause I don't know what you're thinking about, I'll be happy to be the priest's favorite, he will nurture you like an egg, the whole village will subject to me cause I'm always beside him ” she said

“you disgust me ” I said and walked out, she called my name but I refused to answer. I wasn't even thinking of anything other than making the boy my friend and I want male friend.

I have just two years left to get married to the priest and I'm just at grade two, how will it be possible.

I went to the palace to see my father, I hate him so much but I'll never tell him to his face, I'll tell him just one day and after telling him I'll either kill myself or flee from him.

“dad can I talk to you? ” I asked
“yes jewel, your happiness will always be my priority ” he said, I wish those words comes from pure and clean heart, I wish those words are true, I wish those words are not just for consolidation but they are. He will mad at me if I go contrary to his wish.

“I just got to know I'll be sixteen in two years time and I'll be at grade three which means I not be through with my school not that time ” I said

“my daughter school with the way your tutor explained it, is a place for boys, girls only learn how to write and that's all” he said
“dad you're wrong, my tutor had never told me that before instead he wish me to be as famous as Queen Elizabeth of England, he calls me beauty of Africa and wants me to even further my education ”

“no no no, which among your tutors told you this? ” he asked, I felt anger in his voice, dad never want me to go to school cause of male tutors but I've choose to go stubbornly cause I love it.

“I can't recall his name” I lied
“may the day break, he shall suffer for telling you this”

“what do you mean dad”

“go to your bed” he commanded.

(Lucio's POV )
“who the hell is that boy I saw speaking to the princess earlier? ”
 I asked myself
I want to be the one to defile her to have more powers and get more famous, I don't want anybody around her else I'll kill the person.

I'm her legal husband, I don't need to book, I've paid already but just as a puppy needs breast milk to grow before it will be taken away from it mother that's why I left her.

Either she stay away from boys or I take her away so soon, I'm her Lucio and nobody gets glory more than I.

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