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What Does My Husband Want-Episode2


What Does My Husband Want-Episode2

©Amah’s Heart.

Did I mention to you that my husband is the best thing that have ever happens to me? Well, maybe I didn’t mention that at first but I can turn that into song, announcing to the whole world of what Ladi truly means to me.
On the same note, I can vouch for Ladi that the love he has for me is equals to none. He loves me just like I do. It was as if we are couples made in heaven except that we had our tough beginning.
After the difficult beginning that we both had and things gradually changed to our favour, I wanted to draw the curtain of our fairy-tale to an end.
Like a children Disney stories where you will have happily ever after at the end. I remember one of the stories that I do read for my four years old daughter, it has the princess and the prince living happily ever after in their castle.
I could have used such conclusion for me and Ladi’s love story but our own story was just starting. It may all looks like a happy ending counting from where we started from but there was more to come.
Ladi loves the children and wanted to give them only the best. All the things that he was denied off during his childhood, he was willing to give it all to them and even more.
He was a good father and loving husband. He said the three kids was enough for him, he doesn’t want any more kid and I totally agreed.
We both face in raising our three children and managing our God given Business Empire.
After things changed for us, Ladi and I joined hands and got a better and bigger accommodation for my parents.
Ladi expand my mother’s business to a bigger location, unlike what she used to have before.
My mother was not as strong as before but she still manage to go to her shop. She has two sales girls that manages thing in her absence. My younger sister, who graduated and finished from law school still helps Mom sometimes.
As me and Ladi agreed about not having children again. We closed the chapter of childbearing.
I respect all his decision and he respects mine. We wanted to focus in raising our three children and nurturing them into something better in the future.
After two years, Ladi was beginning to keep late nights which was unlike him.
He complained that he suffered some losses in his business and it really affected his financial status.
He was mostly away, I believe he was trying to get back on track which was proven difficult.
I was there for him as usual and gave him some of my savings that I planned using to restock my shop. I gave the money for him to put back into his business. He was grateful as he took the money.
After a month I found out I was pregnant for baby number four.
I had mixed feelings about it and did not know how my husband will react to the news since he made it clear that he doesn’t want another child. The three children we had was enough for us.
Ladi may not like the idea or take the news well but he may not have a choice than to accept it and start planning for our new baby.
When he came back that evening, I served him food and after we went to bed I decided to let him know of the new development.
“I’m pregnant!
I whispered it to his ears waiting for him to react. My husband looked at me like I just released a time bomb in the whole room.
“I don’t understand!…what did you say?
He asked with a puzzled face.
“Baby number four is on the way Ladi. I’m pregnant….
“Is this a joke or what? Miwa…are you serious! Stop playing around and be serious with me. Are you really pregnant?
He sat up from the bed staring at me with his mouth open.
“Yes….this is not a joke Ladi. I’m serious! I just discovered that I am pregnant again. This is not my making, it just happened. I have being very careful after birthing our daughter and we close the page of childbearing but I discovered that another baby is on the way….
Ladi gasped out and later said with a low tone.
“We can’t have another child Miwa. We can’t. I told you and we concluded on this. The three we have is enough. I suffered some business meltdown and all thanks to you for giving me the money I needed to pull back up. I want to really concentrate in my present family…I’m very okay with our three children and I don’t need more. They are growing every day, school fees and other things rises with every of their growth stage. How can you be careless to let this happen? Miwa, let’s focus on our present family, I don’t need or want addition again. I’m very okay with what God has blessed us with…
“So? What am I supposed to do? You make it seem is all my fault… but children are blessing and after this we can close the child bearing page but I’m already pregnant and there is nothing to do...
I said while trying to make him understand that children are gifts from God. Even though we did not plan for another baby but there was nothing to do now that I have taken in.
“Get rid of it. Miwa you will have to remove it…please!
His word was like a hammer to my chest. How can Ladi suggest such horrible thing? He try to talk calmly to make me see reason but all I see is his self-centredness. How can he ask me, his wife to go for an abortion just because he doesn’t want the baby?
“Never! I will never do such abominable thing. I’m a married woman and not the 22years old girl that got pregnant for you twelve years ago. I remember how scared you were back then but we pulled out of all the trouble and our son is one of our biggest blessings. Ladi, I can’t do such…I want this baby to live. He or She has the right to life just like our other three children. Money is not really a problem because when your strength fails I will support you like I have done all through this years. I’m your back bone Ladi. Please think well and let us have this child…
Ladi bluntly refused. He insisted that I must remove it. He can’t afford another expenses for a baby. I assured him that I will help him out but even at that he was determined and refused to see to my reasons.
He later slept off after tossing and turning for a long time. I guess he was also worried but I was deeply troubled at what he wants me to do. He slept off leaving me with my burden.
I couldn’t sleep immediately. I was angry and confuse at what Ladi was asking of me. What is wrong with my husband? How can he not consider me or the unborn child?
I had thoughts clouding my mind.
After several hours passed, I finally slept off.

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