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V.E.G.A- Chapter One



V.E.G.A- Chapter One

©Bunmi B. Gabriel

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ashley <<<<<<<<<<<<<

I ran into school holding my backpack straps, I was running to catch up with my friends, they called me out on emergency. I sighted them heaving at my locker, chattering loudly to things I don't care to know.
'Hey girls!' I shrieked.
'Ashley!!!!' They shrieked too, they ran to me like a deer stampede and enfolded me in a hug.
'You guys, what did we discuss about hugging the life out of me.' I gasped. They giggled and let me go. I adjusted my dress and smiled, they were my friends in school, I was the most popular and beautiful girl in Midway High. Only one of them was my real best friend, right from childhood. The rest were either from junior high and senior high.
I'm popular you know.
'So what do you have for me?' I asked cocking my hips.
'You missed Carter's party, it was intense!' Evarone squealed, she was the party lover, they all were. They were 12 in total, I can only remember the names of 6.
'Why didn't you show up? He was very disappointed.'
'I've told you guys, I can't attend parties, my brothers forbids me after what happened the other time.' My very best friend, Samantha came out of the crowd and took my hand.
'Ignore them, they won't listen even if you preach over a million times.'
'We're late for class, hurry.' One of the girls that was reasonable and whose name I don't remember, said coolly.
Now who am I? My name's Ashley, Ashley Mimi Steinberg. I'm an eighteen years old teen in her senior year. I live with my parents, they are workaholics but they love me a lot. I also have three older brothers who loves me more than anything else in the world. Earl, he works with dad, has his own house and wife but can't stay away from mom's kitchen. Dean, never comes home because he believes his parents' workaholic attitude sucks, but he do check on me and finally, the very best among them, the one I love most in my life and not in the brotherly way, Angus.
He's a college student, pretty tall with thick curly somewhat brown and black hair and sparkly green eyes. I know I shouldn't be having such feelings for my own brother but I just couldn't help it, he was more than a brother to me yet I had to keep it in mind that my feelings was an abomination.
'So how's your brother?' Mantha as she insists we call her ask warmly, she was the only one that knew about my feelings and talked senses into my head.
'I have three, which one?'
'Ash, you know who I'm talking about,' she drawled and rolled her eyes. I laughed and gave her a thumbs up. 'So, I'll presume you were up all-night chatting with him?' I bowed my head sheepishly. I tilted my head closer to her ear and whispered.
'I convinced him to send me a photo of his abs, he did and that was what kept me up all-night.' She giggled and covered my face, she sighed. 'He has gotten nicer abs, so hot!' I fanned myself dreamily.
'Ash, remember who he is to you,' she whispered with a gentle nudge at my side. 'Get a hold of yourself.'
'I know but I just can't help it, he's...'
'I know but remember.' She concluded as we walked into class. The painful reality I'd have to live with.
Later in science class, the teacher was teaching us how to turn liquid to solid and back to liquid, like we haven't learnt that before. A paper hit my head, I knew who it was without asking. I sighed, picked up the paper, opened it and read the expected content.
"Why weren't you at my party last night?!" I squeezed it and threw it away. I was tired of explaining. One time during the period Angus came for summer break, I was invited to a pool party, it was an epic one but I got drunk and almost raped by a group of guys from another school. Good thing Angus came on time, he said instinct told him to come drag me home so viola! He saved me and since then, my brothers threatened to cut off my legs if I dare attend any party.
I'm too obedient to disobey.
Another paper hit my head. I puffed and threw it away. Three more papers hit my head before he gave up.
After class, I packed up my books to run before he came but I was too late.
'Why were you ignoring my messages?' He snapped. I sighed and sat down. Mantha smiled and hurried out of the class. 'Answer me Ashley.'
'I've told you times without number, my brothers forbid I attend any party until I turn 22.'
'What are you, 4!'
'They are looking out for me like good brothers do,' I murmured, I hate public fight, the students were already staring. In case I didn't mention, Carter was my boyfriend.
'They are not your dads! Why control your life this way!'
'If my real dad got to know the reason why they forbid me, I'll be grounded for life.' I said with a tired sigh.
'Just hear yourself, they are not around to control you but you use them as an excuse all the time....'
'If you weren't busy fucking my ex friend in a closet at Sanjay's pool party, I wouldn't have gotten in trouble!' I snapped. 'If you'd been with me, my brother wouldn't have caught me in a pretty bad situation.' He kept shut. 'I've forgiven you all the times you cheated but don't tell me how to.....'
'Ashley! Ashley!' Samantha yelled running into the class. I knew what she was up to, she pushed Carter aside and grabbed my wrist. 'You have to come with me! You so gotta see this, Maribelle is trying to twerk!'
'You don't say!' I squealed playing along. I grabbed my backpack and ran out with her, a big ouch to him but I didn't really care. 'Thanks for the save Sam, you'll always be my lifesaver.'
'Yeah I know,' she said smugly. 'That's my job.' We giggled and ran before he decided to chase me.
#hours_later .
I walked into the kitchen dog tired, being the captain of the cheersquads and drama president is hard, especially for a lazy girl like myself. As usual, Earl was eating my lunch for me.
'Good afternoon brother,' I said chucklingly. 'Having lunch?'
'Sorry, I borrowed your food, I'll pay you back.'
'You're always paying me back, you've been paying me back since I was 10.'
'I bride you, don't I?' I rolled my eyes and went to the fridge.
'You know you have a wife, don't you?'
'Yes, why?'
'Why can't you eat her food instead of mine?'
'Nothing, I prefer your cooking, I always have.'
'Earl, what's up? You know you can talk to me, right?' I asked sticking my head into the fridge, I picked out a strawberry syrup and pickles.
'I know, I just prefer your cooking, plus, Elma cooks like mom.'
'Ew! That's disgusting! Why didn't you mention it earlier? Didn't you know this before marrying her?'
'I didn't marry her for her cooking, I married her because she has big breasts...'
'Whaaaaaat? It's true,' he whined. 'I like ladies with big breasts and Elma have the biggest I've seen so far, you should see me in action, it's like the battle of the fittest. Suck or be sucked.' I laughed and shook my head.
'You're very stupid,' he shrugged and continued licking the plate. 'So what if her boobs transforms to slippersaurus?'
'Then I change over, there's a word called divorcology, duh.' I laughed and shook my head again walking to the bread freezer. Mom's idea, mom and Angus are bread lovers.
'You can't just change women like that, why did you marry her if you don't love her?'
'She refused to let me touch her breasts so I married her, it's been four months so in three more months, I'll divorce her and marry another girl with bigger boobs or ass....nay, ass is all poop and no....'
'How old are you again?'
'I can't remember.' He said grinningly. I laughed, poor girl, he would really divorce her.
'You're pathetic. I pity the girl you'll fall in love with.'
'Will, that's future tense so when that time comes, I'll change if God put a padlock on my zippers,' he shrugged, I rolled my eyes. 'Like that pretty boyfriend of yours would be enjoying your booty and booby, you're full work, only hipless.' I rolled my eyes.
'I'm a virgin, foolish man.'
'I know, that's why I'm taunting you but if you dare lose it to that goat, I'll shave your eyebrows and pin you to the sun....'
'That's not a.....'
'Don't argue with the gods, I've spoken. Now do what girls do and beautify yourself, you're going to pick up your second boyfriend from the airport.' I gasped and shrieked excitedly, he called Angus my second boyfriend.
He's coming back!
To be continued.

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