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The Mistake Of My Mother -Episode 2


The Mistake Of My Mother -Episode 2

She laughed awkwardly when he drew her down like that and blinked several times by reflex. The look on his face spoke volumes. He wanted her and was going to have his way-wasn’t she foolish? How could she have gone there by that time when she knew she didn’t want to have sex with him just yet? How could she have gone there without thinking he might want to have his way with her?
Ahunli: “What are you trying to do?” she asked, their eyes interlocking.
Olamide: “Nothing you don’t really want to do”, he answered rather carelessly.
Ahunli: “I don’t think there is anything I want to do other than just talk or better still just go home”
Olamide: “Is that so?” he ran his hand through his afro styled hair.
Ahunli: “Yes! So I think I will start going home now”
Olamide: “If you really didn’t want to do anything with me then why did you come here by this time?”
She could identify a tone of sarcasm in his question and that irked her.
Ahunli: “Well that was because I really wanted to see you. Do not get my intentions twisted cos yeah I want to be with you but not in this manner. Don’t treat me like I am some w---e you picked by the road side” she was defensive, hopelessly defensive.
Olamide: “I really do hate girls like this. If you really want something why pretend you don’t want it just to prove some stupid point? It’s of no use my dear. Want me if you wish, let’s have sex if you want but of what use is postponing what you know you will still do? This is hopeless mehn! I will take you home. Stand your ass up from my couch and pick up your bag” he stood up with hand akimbo looking down at her with a misplaced disgust. He was blunt and didn’t have the time to beat around the bush.
Ahunli: “Why are you talking this way? You are getting it all twisted for real” she said not making any attempt to stand up. She feared he would stop talking to her if she were to leave like that. She feared he would stop talking to her all together and didn’t want to take that risk.
Olamide: “Aren’t you going home again? If I sit down now, I will not stand up again and you will have to go home all by yourself” he knew he was already subduing her and that fed his ego like a pot of weed satisfies a person who lives on dope.
Ahunli: “Well…” she stuttered like an idiot with no mind of her own. How could she not have stood her ground?
Olamide: “Well what? Staying right? Good girl, I will be going off to bed soon. You should be able to find your way into the bedroom when you are ready-it is a small house” he made the decision on her behalf and left her dazed on her seat like a dumbass lady. He was satisfied with the stunt he just pulled and patted himself ‘well-done’ on the back.
She stared at his retreating figure and for some reason and felt excited about spending the night with her Prince Charming. She found herself getting h---y despite herself and when at last she summoned up the courage to join him in his exotic bedroom, she was ready for anything he could request for. In fact she was going to be the one to initiate it first if he didn’t make the move. She was that h---y- How I wish…well, wishing will be of no use right now, the deed is already done.

He stirred when he noticed her come in, half-opened his eyes and smiled…
Olamide: “Come and sleep at the back, it is ladies’ side” he said when she started walking towards him at last. He turned and squeezed her in his arms when she had finally settled down on the bed. she tried to wriggle out of his arms not because she wanted to be set free but because she thought she should at least resist him a while, that is what ladies do not to appear cheap, isn’t it?. When he started letting go of her, she tightened her own arms around his neck on the bed inviting him for more.
Well she did not tell me exactly what happened that night, so I will not be able to describe the act. What she did tell me was that they did what adults know to do best and it felt out of the ordinary for her. He was the best she had ever had, he was good at every angle. What made her head twirl more than it was willing to was the fact that he went down on her- mind you, I don’t know what that means even now.
(Hmmmm but i am sure you all knows it, lols.. or is there anyone that doesn’t?)
The adult stuff they did continue for some months after their first time. When she told me this story, I did not bother about it, I was just listening to an interesting story but thinking back on it now, I must say she was really thoughtless or naïve or whatever name you want to call it. She was the one to arrange all of their meetings. Most times he would even turn her down with the excuse of having other plans. No matter how much she promised herself she would stop seeing him because of how bad he made her feel, she still found herself arranging more meetings and begging to spend nights with him- was that obsession?

Alexis however did not hesitate to keep talking to her about her folly. One night when she went by her house after work cos she was on a three day leave from work- lucky her since their boss hardly gave them permission for a leave, as they talked about stuffs ladies gist about, she kept ranting on and on about her Olami…
Ahunli: “Babez, you wouldn’t believe how good he is on bed. I have never had sex with anyone that good before” she said blushing and giggling from ears to ears.
Alexis: “I guess that is the reason you are so obsessed with him? You really do surprise me sometimes, you know. You are gradually turning to a prostitute without even knowing it. Where is your sense of self-worth? Hian!”
Ahunli: “What do you mean by that? I really don’t like the way you talk some times, what do you mean by I am gradually turning into a prostitute?” my mum hardly got angry but yeah she took that statement quite personal.
Alexis: “You know I will tell you the truth. It seems like I am the only one among the fake friends you pack up and down who can tell you the truth and I will not relent until you have come back to your senses. Ahunli…Joy…stop dragging yourself in the mud the way you are doing. I will cut the ties between us soon if you continue like this, I can’t be friends with a person who wouldn’t listen to me” well you see this aunty? She is a no-nonsense lady.
Ahunli: “I thought you said you will not relent in telling me the truth? Which one is you will cut ties with me now?”
Alexis: “Well the truth is what I am telling you. I will not relent until I get tired of telling you this truth. That guy is deadly. He is not worthy of a kind and beautiful woman like you. He is only in love with himself and the booze. Baby please steer clear of him before it is time to regret it”
Ahunli: “I can’t do that”
Alexis: “Why? Cos of the sex?”
Ahunli: “Not cos of the sex. I actually love him and no matter how much I try to fall out of love with him, the love keeps growing. You know I do tell you my heart is rebellious? It never listens to me. I really can’t help it, right now I am already thinking of how to go see him”
Alexis: “Stop having sex with him and you will see how fast your heart will start listening to you. You can still guard your heart to the right direction, it is yours and you can control it no matter how difficult it seems” she advised.
Ahunli: “Now I am not going to tell you what I wanted to anymore not with the way you are talking”
Alexis: “What is it about? Are you trying to change the topic?”
Ahunli: “Nope! It’s about the same issue though”
Alexis: “Well I don’t want to hear it if it’s about him. I am tired of hearing stuffs about him. He treats you bad, doesn’t call you, and hardly even replies to your chat. The only time he shows one iota of tenderness towards you is when he is inside you, thumping and thrusting away at your dignity…”
Ahunli: “Well that shows me he actually loves me, maybe he is just trying to act tough by concealing it and putting up a bold font. The way he wraps me in his arms at night, the way he kisses my forehead while we are at it…”
Alexis: “Shut up jare. See I don’t want to hear about him anymore. If you think all that is what love is then I must confess you are dumber than I thought”
Ahunli: “Fine by me”
Alexis: “What is fine by you if I may ask?”
Ahunli: “That I am dumber than you think of course. If being dumb will give me what my heart desires the most then I am a happily dumb lady. Thanks for the compliment”
Alexis: “Suit yourself, abeg”. She hissed.

On her way back home that day, she was not happy because Alexis had succeeded in putting doubts in her heart. She decided in her heart to stop updating her about her escapades with him. what baffled her about him though was that despite how much they had had an intercourse, he had never professed love for her neither had he ever tried to make her his in the name of relationship. She wanted him to be fully hers so much that she started courting the thought of getting pregnant for him.
The next day when she went visiting him, she decided to bare her heart to him…
Ahunli: “There is something I want to tell you Ola” she said unsure of herself. He looked up from the eba and okro soup he was eating, wondering what it was that time around.
Olamide: “I am all ears” he said, looked down again and kept eating.
Ahunli: “Don’t you have any feelings for me at all? We have been at this for like how many months now?” her heart was beating violently against her rips as she awaited his response.
Olamide: “Is this what you want to talk about?” he shrugged.
Ahunli: “Not really, but it will lead to the important one. Just answer me”
Olamide: “Aren’t you happy with the way we are already? We are friends who have stuffs to offer each other. I’d rather feelings aren’t involved. Feelings wreck things up, feeling is a b---h and I am not ready to let her lay hands on me just yet”
Ahunli: “Hmmmm so you are trying to say you don’t even have one single feeling for me and we can’t officially start dating?”
Olamide: “Like I said, I love the way we are already. Why do we have to give a name to something that is already perfect? Let’s not define our relationship and just leave it the way it is. Tagging this a relationship will definitely destroy what we have right now”
Ahunli: “So you even know we have something? So why is it that you don’t ever make the first move to call or text me? Why don’t you ever make arrangements for us to meet?”
Olamide: “Stop asking dumb questions, can’t you see I am eating? I still know my table manners if you have forgotten yours . Well in other for you not to start perceiving me as a heartless human,I will answer that question: it is because I know you will call anyway so why do I need to call? I know you will make the arrangements. I am just leaving you in charge of the whole thing” how sugar-coated his tongue was, she fell for him all over again with the reply she got. What he told her was close to what she wanted to hear.
Ahunli: “Oh I see! Then let’s have a baby?”
Olamide: “A baby out of wedlock? Are you out of your mind?” he dropped the m---d of eba in his hands.

To be continued!
How dumb is Ahunli?
Is it really her fault? or is it because of what she feels for him?
I know a lot of ladies have been to this part before, kindly tell us what usually makes a lady acts so dumb when she is helplessly “in love with a guy…
If she really wanted a baby, should she have asked him first? Don’t you think she is really crazy? Well, Will he agree to her proposal.

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