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The Masked - Last Chapter


The Masked - Last Chapter

©Godwin Winner & Aghedo Grace

Since the day i went out with Ardo to marcelo's house, Bill's jealousy and over protectiveness have crumbled the little trust he had in me.. He finds fault in almost every little thing that revolves around me.. What i hate the most is when he compares me with his fling.. What's that her name again..? Nama.. No.. I think it's Nadale.. No no no.. Hmmn What's that bitch name? 'Why do i always forget her name..? Hmmn.. Nai.. Nande.. 'Naida.. That's the name Nadia Marsh' i sighed in relief.. 'How dare him compare me with a slut like her.. Someone who Emilio banged and recorded it.. Thousands of people must have seen that video..' What kind of trouble did i get myself involved with by marrying a man like Bill.. My father made the biggest mistake by accepting such alliance and here i am paying for his mistake... He should have known better that not all that glitter is gold.. I won't be shaken by Bill or anybody.. This is just a challenge i must encounter and conquer to achieve and fulfil my biggest dream in life.. REVENGE.. Float in your glory while it last Bill for the time is near when you'll sink in your mistake and ignorance.. This is my promise to you Bill.
"Mia.. Mia.. Mia" Ardo called out and i quickly serve his food.. He nags me more than a child does..
"Hereyou are.." he frowns..
"Here's the ice-cream and cookies.." "chocolate gelato & ice cream.. Cookies and coffee ice cream cake!!!" he exclaimed.. I nod my head in agreement.. I watch him eat hungrily.. Then he digs his finger in his ice cream and licks it clean.. He repeats the same action again and again.. Surprisingly when he digs his finger into his ice cream he rubs it on my cheeks.. Instead of being angry or furious, I feel myself blushing.. I quickly hide my face as i blush helplessly. I know I've always loved little romantic things like this. Shut up Anna. Spoilt kid. What the hell is wrong with me? Why i'm i blushing to such childish behaviour.. He attempted to repeat the same action but i held his hand..
"No more ice cream on my face.. Eat up quickly we have more important things to do.." i released my grip and his hand fall to his side while the ice cream which was already melting, splashed on the ground.. I grabbed the mop to wipe away the stains from the floor. Surprisingly, he grabbed my waist and spun me around swiftly and i hit my body hard on his...
"What's troubling you.. Mia? Don't lie to me please because there's pain behind your smile." he asked holding gaze with me
"you're growing soft Mia.."
"i regret somethings I've done but have come to terms with it because it's part of my sacrifice.. A little price i have to pay to achieve my biggest revenge.. maybe am growing soft.." i sighed
"Why are you growing soft.. Mia..?" he questioned me. Then i repeat the question to myself.. 'Why am I growing soft'
"Am sure I'm no longer in love with him.. I feel pregnacy has so much power after all.."
"maybe but whatever the situation always remember that i will be by your side through thick and thin.. Like your shadow i will follow you through the dark and be your light" My heart thobbed in joy, confidence and trust in him..
"Emilia!!!" Bill's voice boomed from behind me.. Ardo's grip around my waist loosened as we both turn around to face Bill.. Gosh.. Am totally not in the mood for tantrums..
"What the hell is going on here..? You're screwing with my brother in the kitchen even though you're pregnant for me?" He shouted.. My aderline rushed through my vein as anger engolfed me.. We stared at him quietly but angrily as i noticed Ardo's clenched fist..
"Your silence answers a lot of questions in my mind. I've been wandering about the likeness you show to my wife, brother. At first I thought you'll never be involved with a pregnant woman but now I can't help but to ask you.. Is Emilia pregnant with your baby..?" Bill asked while Ardo burst into serious laughter.. Like seriously he's laughing at this moment when he should have smashed Bill's head for insulting me..
"No brother.. I was saving your wife from falling.. My ice cream splashed on the floor and she unknowingly stepped on it and lost her balance.. Like a gentle man, i saved your wife and baby.." Ardo explained cleverly.. Quite cunning.. He immediately let go of my waist..
"Thanks Ardo.." i said and walked away.. Bill tried to touch me as i walk past him but i gave him the best don't-you-dare look and he quickly withdrew his hand.. Ardo you're the best.. I smiled

It's been like ages since this cell became my new home.. For the past three week atleast i've gotten the opportunity to see the sun.. But how long will i still hope for the impossible.. Nils had been doing a great job fighting my case in court but everyday Emilia happens to provide more incriminating evidence against me.. My heart bleads everytime she accuses me.. The wound reopens and deepens as i watch her taunt me for a crime i did not commit. How could i kill my own father.. I hated him that i won't deny but deep down my heart i unknowingly loved him.. Who is trying to frame me..? Could it be Bill..? He's the only one i know have so much hatred and anger towards me.. Why would he do such a thing to me.. He has taken the love of my life.. Is that price not enough for him..
"Alejandro.. It's time" detective Santos said as the guards opened my cell for me and the detective placed the handcuffs on me.. The ride to the court was quiet. Oh! my fate awaits me.. Maybe i should plead guilty, that may lessen my sentence.. The car came to a halt as the entrance was filled with reporters.. I sighed and bend my head in shame.. If my Emy calls me a murderer the whole world must also think like her..
"Remember what i told you dectective.. Not all you see is true.." i said to detective Santos as he lead me inside the court.. My mind was far away as both lawyer and witness came and gone.. I stood still trying to figure out how my father died. I was finally called upon.. My eyes roamed around the court as my gaze fixed on Emy and her new family. At least she's okay and well taken care of.. Her stomach is gradually shooting out. I wish that pregnancy was mine. Shut up asshole.
"Mr Roderico.. Do you have anything left unsaid" the judge asked me..
"Thank you my lord.. My lord i plead guilty.. It was an accident.. I was in deep sleep that day and unknowingly my leg draged the wire that connected to the oxygen with force.. Removing the oxygen mask... My lord when i woke up, I noticed that his oxygen mask was tempered with so i placed it well and left the room.. I request this jury to temper justice with mercy.. My lord.. For the crime i committed was not intentionally" i pleaded clapping my hand together.. I hope my sentences will lessen and i swear i'll make that son of a bitch who killed my father pay with his or her life.. I promise you dad..
"The decision will be decided after this 20minutes break.." This last minutes were one of the worst moment of my life.. Nils was by my side encouraging me.. On my way back to the court room, I met Emilia. She looked so calm and relaxed..
"Whatever my fate will be.. I hope you at least visit me.." i said and walked past her without waiting for her reply. I felt terrible as i stood before the court in anticipation of my punishment.. All i heard was
"for pleading guilty the court has decided to reduce your sentence.. Mr Alejandro Roderico, you're sentence to 10years imprisonment" For a crime i did not commit? Can life be more frustrating?
My relationship with Sandra has began to blossom. She's now officially my girl friend.. I can finally beat my chest and say 'I've found love and love had found me'
I was humming to Burno Mars song 'that's what i like' when my alarm suddenly came on.. Who could that be? My wild cat travelled to LA.. I did not invite anyone home today..I quietly disconnected the alarm and grabbed my revolver which I loaded with bullets.
I decided to check my CCTV camera to know who my visitor was. To my greatest surprise it was Officer Santos, my own brother.
What the heck is he doing here..? He thinks i give empty threats. I angryly marched towards the door and immediately i opened the door, I pointed my gun straight to his head..
"Look who i have here.. The almighty officer himself" I grined evily.. He surprisingly raised his hands up..
"I came here without handcuffs or a gun.. For i came as a brother to meet his own. The least you could do is hug me nd not point a revolver at me" he said and i could see the sincerity and fear in his eyes. His words break through the wall of my defence and I dropped my gun down and hide it at my back and embraced him..
The warmth i felt spread happiness to my heart.. I ushered him inside.. We wine and dine together just like the good old days.. "I have one question san"
"go ahead and ask.."san replied..
"Why can't you be a cop and a brother at the same time.. Is it impossible to be the two at the same time.." i asked.. He looked confused as he debated on what to say.. He opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out..
"Let it be san.. You're an officer to the core" i sighed in defeat..

Life in prison is all about survival.. The survival of the fittest.. The weak die like rats while the strong challenges the mighty and the winner becomes the fittest.. My first day was distratrous.. I was haunted by the weak, strong, the migthy and the fittest..
My fighting skills helped me a lot.. I battled with the fivestar which almost cost me my life but the will of survival kept me going against all odds.. One thing I also discovered was that the more my victory the greater danger i will encounter.
I have made few friends who always watch my back but I miss home alot.. This place is hell.. For the past three months, nobody except Nils has come to visit me.. He had indeed proven to be my brother because he goes through troubles to see me.. although lately he hasn't come by to see me.. I hope all is well with him.. Oh my Emilia.. My love.. She's always too busy for me.. Even when i call her she's either with the doctor or in a meeting.. She always give me false hope of her coming.. Why does she hates me so much..? What crime have i committed to deserve such ill treatment from her. Is it really possible for her to hate me even after loving me for a long time?
"Hey you, you have a visitor" One of the prision guards hit my cell to draw my attention..
I followed quietly as i wonder who my visitor maybe.. It could be Nils.. i concluded in my heart.. At least he remember me today.. As i walked closer to the visiting room, my visitor came in view but it wasn't Nils. It was no other than the love of my life.. My Emilia.. She finally came to me.. I sat quietly as she flashes a smile at me.. My heartthob increased..
"You finally remembered me Emy.." i exclaimed
"am sorry i couldn't visit you sooner.."
"It's okay.. Am glad you came by.. I swear i didn't kill father.. I swear it on my mothers grave, I didn't do it.. Someone framed me.. Believe me please.. I would never kill my own father" i explained to her..
"I believe you.. You're not father's murderer"she said and i smiled.. Am happy that she believes me..
"Did you find the true killer..?" i questioned curiously..
"Yes.. I know who the killer is that's exactly why i came here" joy filled my heart.. I will make that son of a bitch pay for killing my innocent father..
"Who the hell is he..?" i raised my voice as my heart burns in rage..
"It's me.. I killed father" she said through clenched teeth as my heart broke into a million pieces..


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